100 Replies to “Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. Remember when all movies had licensed games? I wouldn't mind having that done today with better tech and graphics!

  2. I feel like we should have gotten this during the previous console generation. Still, cool to see something from Ice Age. I wanna go watch the original movie now.

  3. I miss movie tie in games. Yes most were bad but there are always amazing gems like Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2, X-Men Origins Wolverine and Over the Hedge

  4. So this is being developed by
    Just Add Water the Oddworld devs? I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually competent.

  5. …… are they actually remaking this old game? Because of this is the same Ice Age game from the PS2 I only have a few one question. Why? I used to own that game and it was really really boring and dull. There wasn't really anything of interest in it to begin with….. Oh well let's see how they'll improve this one. hopefully this time we'll actually get to defeat the enemies instead of stun them. What's next are going to recreate the Robots game?

  6. Who asked for this??
    The old scrat platformer game was actually pretty dope tho so I guess I'm not surprised ?

  7. Sony please bring more stuff like this. PS1 and PS2 were stacked with awesome 3d platforms.
    This one kinda feels soulless a bit

  8. My favourite ones have to be this one (even though it’s not out just yet, and Ice Age dawn of the dinosaurs.

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd…the gameplay is 100% dogshit. You can clearly see it in this trailer alone. Lol. Poor IceAge.

  10. O my soul i was actually shocked when i saw this, didn't think they would ever make these type of games again. My nostalgia is overflowing now… as a kid i loved the ice age 2 game on ps2. I'm going to lie if i said this didn't make me smile.I missed these kind of games and it looks so beautiful might just get me a copy!! ❤️..

  11. What is this a licened game in 2019? i mean the game based on the 2nd movie was actuly alright but why are we suddenly getting this out of the blue ?

  12. Kind of gives me a Spyro vibe. Was never a fan of Ice Age but it looks like it just fell out of a time capsule. Would definitely purchase.

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