I tried to edit an ENTIRE video on iPad Pro…

I tried to edit an ENTIRE video on iPad Pro…

– [Jonathan] Yo guys, Jonathan here. So this past Friday I
thought it’d be a good idea to edit a video from start to finish on the iPad Pro. Plot twist was it was a time sensitive Kevin Kenson video that we
were trying to shoot, edit, and get up all on youtube
the exact same day. – He has no faith in me. – [Kevin Kenson] I have some faith in you. – Like, 5 out of 10, IGN? – [Kevin] Eh 4 and a half. – [Johnathan] This was
shot on a Sony A7 III in 4k with a mix of 120 FPS slow-motion video. Transferred directly through
USB-C to the iPad Pro and then edited in LumaFusion, which is hands down the
best option out right now. Also, quick update, the iPad Pro review is taking just a little longer than I hope but I promise it will be worth it. Stay tuned this week. For now, let’s go to watch me either successfully edit on the iPad Pro or fail and fall on my face. We’re gonna start with the Kevin clip. Drag it in. Here we go. The one thing I’ve learned
is the Apple Pencil essentially becomes your mouse. So, for those that want mouse
support this is your mouse. That’s the way you gotta
look at it on the iPad Pro. What I would like to do
is get the audio levels just balanced first so I don’t
have to deal with that later. Oh, you got like everything on here. You got a compressor. Let’s try that out. – Featuring not only the
Switch with the special design, a dock with a special
design and special Joy-Cons, but also a copy of the game
and even this little Poké Ball controller we’re gonna
get to a little later. Before we break down everything that came in the box, I wanna talk about the box itself. – Not bad. Kevin’s gonna hate me for
playing his voice that loud. – Oh that’s cool. – I wanna talk about the box. – On.
– and on the back of the box instead of having
– Off. – A bunch of boring info with
contents and legal stuff. – They put all that stuff
on the side and instead… – Hey they said we got
the same haircut Rich. – Oh yeah, we go to the
same barber that’s why. – Ethel is not on Instagram. Shout out to Ethel, she’s amazing. – Comes with a copy of the game, and also this little Poké Ball.
– I think I could get like, I think I could get it a little
louder, just a little bit. – This is the final one of
the year and I would argue, quite possibly the best.
– That’s healthy. – Also the largest because there is a lot of stuff going on here. We have not only a special
edition Switch but a special ed– – Now I want to put out one thing, anyone who’s edited video, now this is a 4K clip. Anyone who’s edited on a MacBook Pro, you know those fans sounds
like a jet engine taking off. It’s quiet. I guess it’s kinda like a look
into my work flow in general. What I usually like to do, like if I have a talking head segment. Is to one, kinda color grade
it and get the audio set so I can just chop,
chop, chop, chop, chop. And it’s ready to go, so,
audio’s done with Kevin. I think I’m gonna try and give it just a little bit of a look. Out of the camera the Sony
looks amazing I think. But, we’re going to tweak it,
just spice it up a little bit. They got some color presets, anti-green. I wonder how that looks. Ah, that’s not bad,
that’s a little too much. Usually with the way we shoot we have so much green around us. We have plants and trees
and the floor is green. I’ll typically just pull
out a little bit of green. We can actually do that in
the basic color correction. What I’m gonna do is just
pull a little bit of green. Usually with the sunny
stuff we don’t need to. I’ma go like…minute. What I’ll probably end up doing is maybe give it a little more contrast. Pull out the shadows. And if you want to, you
can actually use LUTs. – This little Poké Ball controller we’re gonna get to a little bit later. But before we talk about
any of the stuff in depth and what I think of them, I want to talk about the box. – Steve that looks better, huh? – Which one? – Color correct on.
– Yeah, definitely. – Give it a little bit of brightness. Oh, that’s nice. Damn. You guys are gonna know, but I guarantee you when we
upload this to Kevin’s channel no one’s gonna know it was shot on a A7 and also edited in iPad. You can get really in
there to the wave form. Alright, so I think, what was
the command, B, was blade. And then command X is delete. – Today is the day Pokémon
Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu are finally here. With them we– – ‘Kay let skip that.
Chop time. Chop city. – We’re getting another
special edition Switch bundle. – That’s the end point, I’m
going to hit that point, blade. Next talking point. – And some of the things
are really neat ideas as they actually also– – You know what kinda
blows my mind with this if you use Final Cut or Premiere
on a desktop or MacBook. In Final Cut you have
the option to play back full quality or optimize media. Both look really good. Courtney, come check out the playback. – This little Poké Ball controller we’re gonna get to a little bit later. But before we talk about any of this stuff in depth and what I think of them, I want to talk about the box. As for the system this is
– It’s really smooth. – The most thorough special
– Yeah, it’s crazy. – edition Nintendo has done so far, all the ones we’ve had in the
past they’ll do things like maybe something on the dock,
maybe something on the Switch, maybe something on the Joy-Cons. This one we’re getting all three. First I want to look at the Joy-Cons. – Kev, we’re chopping. – [Kevin] Yeah? How’s it going? – Amazing. Command B. Kev, you’re a one take wonder sometimes. – This looks good, I think
Nintendo could do better. – Ooh, shots fired. The audio, everything’s good man. – Still a cool bundle but I just think that’d be one extra cool thing. Especially for old school
fans of the series. – For those that have been following me, I’ve been putting a lot of
work into this iPad review. I wanted to kind of put my
money where my mouth is. Is that the saying? This is smooth man. – Can I do (mumbles) – No, not yet. It feels like… – Like it’s the future? – This is the future. – As just a little collectable,
it’s really awesome. – Damn, Kevin’s got some length. Pretty much the base
cut right now is done. We did a couple alternate takes with different focal lengths. Just kind of cropped in on Kevin. Right now I’m just gonna go through those. The base cut right now is done, about 3:45 without any intro music
montage kinda thing. – The classic outro for
every special edition box will be like alright
cool, we have a (mumbles) I’m gonna go play it. (Jonathan chuckles) Finally here Pokémon Let’s
Go Eevee and Pickachu are out and they-
– Man, I will say. Sony A7, hands down…
I’m sorry, I’m sorry? – You ever hear bout the (mumbles) – I know you got a GH5. – And it’s the best. – A7, A7. Next, what I want to do is music time. There was that one track that I liked. (upbeat dramatic music) This track it’s not for Kevin but its… It’s kind of dramatic-y. Wait for it, wait for it. That piano. (relaxing techno music) I think this is the track. This is a good track. Musicbed. – [Male] Don’t give them the source. (laughing) – I keep some of the tracks for ourselves. – I can hear Kevin’s
voice over this right now. (relaxing techno music) I like waiting for the drop. Hey guys, Kevin here. Today we’re doing the Pokémon Go. – Pokémans. – Pokémans? Here we go. Oh. – It’s kind of a subtle drop. – That’s a good drop though. (fist hitting palm) It
doesn’t punch you in the face. – In the face! (laughter) (relaxing techno music) – Today is the day-
– Oh! You know we have that
beauty shot of Kev too. – In depth on any of those though, I wanna talk about the box. – Yeah, put that on in the beginning. – Chop this in. Yeah, we’ll try that. All that for a little shot. – Not only a special edition Switch, but also Joy-Cons and a dock. Before we go in depth
on any of those though– – Jeez, this is gonna be ridiculous. Oh wow, that works. – Before we talk about
any of the stuff in depth and what I think of them, I wanna talk about the box. (inhales)
– Pacing is on point. (clapping) – This little Poké Ball controller we’re gonna get to a little bit later. Before we talk about any
of this stuff in depth and what I think of them, I wanna talk about the box. As for the system, this is the most– – Oh we’re so close. – This little Poké Ball controller we’re gonna get to a little bit later. Before we talk about any
of this stuff in depth and what I think of them, I wanna talk about the box.
(inhales) As for the system, this is the most thorough special edition Nintendo has do– – This is what I do all
the time when I edit. – I wanna talk about the box. – Do I any moves here? I do, thank goodness. (relaxing techno music) – That’s dope with this beat in it. – I wish you could nest and compound and speed ramp and speed ramp ya know? – Mm-hmm. – Probably shorten that up a little bit. (relaxing techno music) Matt, this is amazing. – [Matt] Is it? – Its f– I almost cussed right now. (laughing) Dude check– – [Matt] I’m coming, I’m coming. It’s effing amazing? (relaxing techno music) – Today is the day, Pokemon
Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu are finally here and with them we’re getting another special
edition Switch bundle. This is final one of the year and I’d argue actually possibly the best. It’s also the largest because there is a lot of stuff going on here. We have not only a special edition Switch but also special edition Joy-Cons– – Probably throw some brawl
here after but, ah so good. – Before we get started
talking about any of this stuff in depth and
what I think of them, I wanna talk about the box.
– [Matt] Oh, nice cut. (relaxing techno music) – [Matt] That’s crazy you were
able to do those speed ramps. – Yeah. – [Matt] Flawless speed ramps, it’s crazy. – Look at the scrubbing too. – [Matt] Dude that’s awesome. – It’s insanity. Look I was (sigh) (Matt laughing) I was already… this kind of
changed my mind on everything. – [Matt] Okay. – No, because I feel
like I was positive with the iPad Pro in the sense of again I feel like everyone’s
looking in the wrong direction. With photos people default to say Photoshop isn’t here so it must suck. Drew showcased Affinity Photo. – [Matt] It’s almost like
there’s another section you gotta make for your video. Everyone’s looking at it
as a laptop replacement when it’s an alternative. You’re looking for traditional methods when you should be looking
for alternative methods. – [Matt] People are trying
to put hay in their car and going why doesn’t this work? Well it’s not a horse you idiots. (laughter) Are you just grading manually in here? – No there’s a whole– – [Matt] It’s got a LUT
library kinda situation? – It supports LUTs, you
can do color grading. I pulled green down, did
the contrast, saturation. Check this out. If I wanted to option A, you can copy every single attribute. If you just wanted to do that. Then it’s a matter of, option
A, you can paste individual. It’s crazy. – [Matt] Like a real editing program? – Yes.
(laughing) What started out as a terrible
idea has got me hyped. – [Matt] My favorite thing going on here is that you’re charging your
iPhone with the iPad right now. (laughing) – Multi-purpose. We’re out of battery banks. Dude, the other day I had to
charge my mouse with the iPad. (Matt laughing) – [Matt] You can take all night
on this thing if you want– – Oh no, I don’t need all night. I need three more minutes.
– [Matt] I just don’t want you to feel rushed. – I’m on the home stretch right now. – [Matt] Okay. – I like the in and out points. – [Male] When you’re not using an iPad how long does it take you
to edit a video typically? – I guess it depends. I feel like depending
on the complexity of it. We’ve done videos from
start to finish in a day. We did something recently that was turned around in five hours. The last MacBook video I think. From start to finish,
from shooting to editing I think was like five hours. The longer things, like in this case the iPad
review’s taking a lot longer ’cause it’s just a lot more into it. I feel like we’ve also been working on multiple projects at the same time. It’s finished up right now. I’m about to export. I’m gonna time it. The final cut is four minutes and 44 seconds. Yup, people are going to go crazy. Jonathan’s saving Apple again. For real, this is legitimately useful and you can do some crazy stuff on this. Without further ado, I think it’s time that we export this. Rich you got that stop watch going? – I do now. – If you guys are in the chat right now, four minute and 44 second video. I’m gonna guess that it’s
going to be real time or potentially a little better. What I love about LumaFusion
is there’s a bunch of baked in, preset useful resolutions. It even supports 2:1. All this is actually pretty on point with what is optimized for YouTube. The bit rate’s nice, we go the
frame rate, the 3084 x 2160. Kevin is not 2:1 yet so that’s why. We’re not at 3084 x 1920 Export duration. That’s the final project length. Space needed to export and
the estimated file size. Which is pretty much right on point with a compressor reset. For those watching or just
tuning in this is not iMovie, this is LumaFusion which is hands down the best option right now. I’m going to… We’re off? We’re off. Start that. Man it is chugging, holy mother. Update, a minute thirty. It’s bouncing back and
forth between real time. I think the big lesson here, I think everyone just
kind of looks you know, on the bare bones level. They try iMovie out, they try Adobe Rush. Because that is not pro then they assume that the
iPad Pro can’t do things. Four minutes and 22 seconds,
four minutes and seven seconds. I think, you know, kind of like I assumed, it was gonna be just about real time. Matt didn’t think it
was gonna be real time. – [Matt] I did not, no. – Oh, close. So it’s gonna be just
a hair over real time. Four minutes and 43 seconds. – [Matt] How long is the actual video? – Four minutes and 44 seconds. So it’s gonna be a hair,
just a hair over real time. We’re at four minutes and 53 seconds. We are on the home stretch. It’s gonna be about five minutes for a four minute and 45 second clip. And we are done. – Alright, 5:05.
– Damn, 5:05. (inhales sharply) That’s all I’m gonna say. (techno music)

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