oh yes yes yes it’s been emotional but I’m back with a bang today we’ve got beat for 20 early I’m pretty sure everyone who has EA access has actually gone early but today we’ve got B for 20 early it feels weird I’ve made a video in ages let alone with pack opening but today we’re here with one mission and one mission only that is to get someone at least away three raids but I know it’s probably not gonna happen but we’re gonna try anyways what’s that Oh watch manage backups see ya please who is he in the mood are in a rack oh sure I’m back together not knowing other pronounce names it’s a different year but it’s the same me Ilham Andy heal our amend it alarum Andy yeah a pre rated my first sort of tunnel player to flashing lights in the middle are we go flag that’s good French second please me Baba no fuck is he Robbie oh no I haven’t gotten 83 yeah I’m still trying to beat 83 it’s been a few packs we’re gonna I mean look at the state of this guy man looks like a girl we have going to beat and eighty we’re gonna be here oh it’s a flag though is it 82 rated at least dude it’s not you’re gonna do this a girl it’s a fucking girl my bad about good twice you can see the players that are gonna come out more often than the other players this bitch has come out twice already another water oh my God he’s black oh we have found the blackest player on FIFA 20 it didn’t take us long that’s me Jesus it didn’t take us long but we finally found someone who is the same color as his hair he’s the same color as the Roy in underneath the that’s crazy he’s so black we’re gonna keep him anyway just because just just because I respect this guy we’re gonna keep him yes look like we’ve got black CDN who is he Oh Oh interest garlic no no no no what my getting hot for we still haven’t got past a rebate we still haven’t got past it it pissing me off it’s usually rate it seems to be the cutoff point and they’re like no Bob no you’re a dickhead you ain’t going any higher than mine it’s weird Stan a pick me bro I’ve had 383 rated players and twice they’ve been the same planner no man oh my goodness look at the state of his head why like why is his top of his head completely flat that no that just went weird Madeline’s always had a normal shape it’s not even the normal album Naldo was always had a normal shaped head and all of a sudden it looks like somebody’s hit me over the head with a shovel why is it the top of his head flat that makes not okay it has a flat hey not surely if your heads that flat you have hay or you put hat on or something because that just looks weird yes this is gonna be one of those flags see I’m such a boy yes yeah already planned thank God Oh Oh my religious fun thank you whoever because it’s been a minute you know it’s been a minute we’re getting closer to that 86 plus rated now so we’ve got 83 let me put the same 83 then we’ve got a different 83 and now we’ve got a point so we are moving on up in the world and I like it and I like this I’m liking this game so far Bruno Fernandez welcome to the squad cuz you’re gonna sell oh yes we’re gonna flag this is another flag right Belgian who is it though is it gonna be some avoid keeping who’s a fucking Cagliari my golden boy could use rain what happened to snow no no no no no no no no no bro why not why is my golden gone shit man wasn’t he like 85 reeds no no no you can’t I mean I know he’s still probably gonna be worth something but what’s happened he lost his pace bro or did he lose his pace he also saw some fish he was better than that he can’t be a day over 16 man what the fuck oh he is young he’s he said he’s 20 no no no no no I want this guy checked out because there’s no way you’re telling me he’s nearly the same age 25 bro we need a day over 16 honestly too flat oh yeah we got another flag we got another flag it’s Holland it’s a center back then but I’d love that I knew it was a bad bike obviously but we’ve got the bridge the bridge all aka the fridge we like to call him he’s pre shit and he always catches you out because you sort of like a mini walk out or on this game half a tunnel he’s gone full time knowledge half a tunnel so yeah meet the fridge and we don’t need him at all this is someone I think this is someone it’s Han Ian I don’t know I’m not sure Roma it’s something ancient Egypt let’s be honest each Sheikh fights something it’s not me with me pretty much here out the window just yeah but it’s something is it in form yes if anyone else gone in for today no so fuck you only a nobleman noble I’ve just spent 12 thousand people points to get a shitty inform so you should like this video please like this video on its icon sweating my balls off my ball literally it just got that they soaking admit I miss mailbox but that is well that was a big importance just to get an 82 rated inform which hopefully will sell for a bit about that’s one good thing that cook about that if he actually tells and inform isn’t inform he looks great no he doesn’t I’m chatted shitty look shit but it could be great a teacher what he’s an easy second attacking mid I’m trying to sugarcoat shit yeah he said Sally he’s an a2 rated said an attacking me with 77 page which is teacher he’s good it’s actually all around quite a decent player hold on I got it no that’s someone different holy yeah oh my goodness I’m gonna have to do the blackest team on FIFA because yeah take in the pit that’s someone else bro to the afternoon forum cards you wouldn’t see anything you just see a black cards that is actually crazy bro he’s very shiny black his cheeks are shiny I can’t tell if he’s not here or not I don’t even know but that is another one of the blackest players Danny DeCosta this is gonna be a oh yes that’s someone I don’t know I think that could be another inform you know I think that’s another inform you know no it’s the Harrison oh we’re not doing that anymore but still oh my god oh don’t say they chatting chicken or big balloon full oh brother it’s just not Christian someone away on the face they’re people I do thank you action you actually done may I’m sweating look at this fear me bro I am sweating my bald cheeks off my button stinks my balls are dripping my neighbor’s can probably me I don’t give a fuck I just I added some by the way everyone yeah hope you can hear as well hi guys man oh oh boy nice we’ve done it we’ve done exactly what we came to do today we bought a good plan yes blacks enroll these 12 Christian Erickson’s on the market and I’ve got the 13th one well I probably don’t have the thing one but I’m gonna sell you any waves it sounds bout me he’s gonna go for minimum 300k in like a week and I’m fuckin buzzing yes in fact um deserve a like you’re alright you’re a hater and you’re just jealous oh yes sort of a good player another good player Brazil GM who is it Oscar Oscar De La Hoya no if we raised up were talking about doll you know he’s all scared is he still got skills that I thought also ask him fuckin around the knee you know whatever what is he in the Chinese Lee he was at all sorts of weird shit nah man skills hold on a bhaskar even ever had five-star skills or am I just making that up anyway Oscar yeah I don’t really know what to say he’s not enough no way he’s got 29 paise that’s not even possible how can someone black as well a black player on people have 20 lipase you were born with at least 70 pages you’re black and you’re telling me I was 29 but if someone in the area’s racist someone it’s up to something and I want to find out what there’s no way it’s even possible to have 29 pace that and be a professional footballer you would literally walk past him no that’s some bullshit that is I don’t respect that yeah that’s now yes so let the flag another flag they’re coming out now English goalkeeper you did say you lost that goalkeeper you not said I’d have a helmet goalkeeper you were lying 83 Mary Pickford though he’s not hydrated butterfingers they call him he’s not high rated so you kinda lied to me boys I was once told I would get high rated goalkeeper and I was given Pickford that is 100% a made-up person they’ve just gone on Google Images looked for a fat drunk guy and slapped him on the front of a car for shits and giggles because there’s no way he is doing anything in professional football yes yes we got some one lads flag it Spain okay it’s a senior Bush gasps let’s see who is that I don’t even know rod Rodri okay okay we’ll take it 85 rate it will definitely take it Rodri you know what thank you didn’t have an absolute scooby-doo who you were no idea but we’ll take it yes so number one another one another one they’re coming up now Belgium goalkeeper cause we’re on every one and every Palmilla mini lay absolutely shit once again absolutely a pilot shit but I’ll take it fuck for that we’ve got the number one yes yes thank you EE your may upset that I’m spent I don’t even know how much money I’ve spent here what we are I’m at about a hundred and forty quid later and we have got another inform it took me I don’t even know how much how much that’s taken me together but oh my goodness that is that is what we’re talking about oh my I didn’t even nod yes I never inform Portuguese send it means wolves I don’t I know if I know examples in you I’m nervous now vote he know that little shit I knew it wasn’t Ronaldo but when you see when you see the Portuguese patch you couldn’t point blank no 1,000,000% some kids literally tell you eh someone from here you say this is not Ronaldo so meeting you back your brain still tells you this might be Ronaldo even though you blatantly no it’s not Ronaldo and it does it every year every year you know I knew it wasn’t what it was when Aldo because the wolves sign come out a sewing made me think maybe we’re now who’s gone to wolves I don’t know straight away we got a Spanish player striker who is he that’s back sorry that’s back straight away all the taking we’ll take it just what the doctor ordered no actually his pieces gone shit I’m pretty sure he had amazing pace before why is it why is he gone slow he’s still lately five rated so I loved that but I swear he was really fast before today we have it adds quite a successful pack opening if I’m honest we go Ericsson we got a couple of 85s we got a couple of 80 floors a couple of 80 fries we even managed to bag ourselves to informs on the first day remember the first day pack luck pack weights whatever you want to call it usually a little behind we managed to pack some of the blackest players on the game which is sick if you enjoyed today please I ask you leave the lights on today’s video that that’s all apps just leave a like show me that you want more pack openings one light will equal one rating to mine Golan’s people 20 because that is absolutely shit like what happened to it I’m really disappointed with that but anybody else hope we’ve enjoyed a lot we’ll speak to you tomorrow literally I’m going to keep on making more people 20 content every day catch you later lads [Music]


  1. Back with the clickbait videos and using other people’s packs and videos and pretending their yours

    No wonder your channel is dead and you can’t get 2million subs

  2. Gonth ive watched your channel for six years bro. Why you always talkin about how black other dudes are? Your chattin shit mate.

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