I Lost My Friends Because I Don’t Play Sports

I Lost My Friends Because I Don’t Play Sports

This story has been sponsored by The Art Institutes When I was younger I had a lot of friends and after school we would hang out all the time and do a ton of really cool and fun stuff like go explore the woods and ding-dong-ditch people It was a lot of fun. But when middle school came around they all started doing a ton of sports and got really really crazy about it And I just really hated sports and so slowly they just stopped hanging out with me. And every time I tried hanging out they would all have sports to do. And in school they would only be talking about sports at lunch and stuff. And I could never add to the conversation. And so I just started like on the weekends not hanging out or doing anything because they could never hang out. So I just started playing a ton of Xbox. It got so bad that while I was in school, they would barely even talk to me or say hi in the hallways because they were so occupied with sports we kind of stopped being friends One time I tried inviting them all over for a sleepover so we get off fun again but they said they couldn’t because they all had practice and then later that night I saw some post of them hanging out on Instagram so I guess I just didn’t want to hang out with me anymore. So my best friend’s that I had for my whole life were like nobody anymore and they just completely forgot about me. I felt completely ignored and so alone. I didn’t fit into anything and I started to feel really bad about myself. I started staying home more and more
on the weekends and after school cuz, none of my friends wanted to hang out cuz they all just kind of forgot about me to do sports. So I started watching a lot of YouTube and I started watching a ton of channels that did really cool film stuff and animation and really cool stuff like that. one day I was really bored so I got the webcam on my computer and started making like stop motions which is a really cool way of animating with pictures and then And then also started to really like like live action film self by myself in my house And I started to really like it and I kind of got good at them sometimes I would show my parents them. And they said the were pretty cool and stuff so my Mom signed me up for this program for like film I and I went to it and it was really awesome because you’ve got to use like really like high quality equipment and really learn about film and get in depth with it and it was really cool and there are also a lot of really nice kids there that I became friends with they were all into film. My favorite part is directing the movies we make there and I feel like I finally found what I’d love to do. Things haven’t changed much for me at school because most of the kids only love sports. Even though I miss my old friends I’m really glad that I found my passion… …something that I really love doing all the time I’m really happy now We want to thank the Art Institutes for sponsoring this story and supporting our creativity to animate your stories. So how many of you storyboothers are super creative? Maybe you like to make movies or cook or design interiors or animate just like we do. We want all of you out there who have a creative passion to pursue it and that’s why we’re so excited about the Art Institutes The Art Institutes offers courses that can help you pursue your creativity and passion. There are so many different courses to choose from, from fashion to gaming to visual design in Media Arts there are choose from from fashion to gaming to endless options for igniting your creative spark. You can take courses either online or on campuses across the country. If you click on the link in the description below you can check out all their course options and see what’s a a match for you So go for it. And remember, never stop pursuing your creativity. Go give art institute some love by clicking the link in the description below and you will see how they can help you turn your creative passion into a reality.

93 Replies to “I Lost My Friends Because I Don’t Play Sports”

  1. Once my Friend who is a boy, He lost his friends cause he wasnt playing Mobile Legends

    Only filipino can understand

  2. I lost my friends cause i dont have a nintendo switch but now i have but they have a new console its called ps4 pro so they stopped being friends with me i dont copy anymore what they have but they play roblox so i played it was fun so thats my favorite game

  3. I never had a embarrassing moment but I can tell you my fun moment me and my family was at a baseball game

  4. Bro.. I know what you mean, My friends don’t talk me to me anymore..
    And I don’t know why. sad.☔️

  5. 1:33 I feel the same way now but my friends still love me and want to talk to me but they don’t don’t feel like hanging out with me!!

  6. Yeah you're right I don't like sports gear all my friends are still here I hope your friends will still be there for you

  7. I love animation, filmmaking, stopmotion (I kinda don't do it as much) tweening, directing, and making stories, I'm turning 10 in 4 days but I'm going to 5th grade, but what I'm saying is that little program he likes, I would love to be in a program like that! I hate sports too like this dude as well. XD..

  8. Something similar happened to me as well, I played with 3 kids: Connor, Laith, (I think that’s how u spell it) and Cacid, us 3 would play together but sometimes instead Laith or Cacid would play football and then we just stopped playing (btw I hate sports and football is the one I hate the most)

  9. The only sport/hobby i do is horse riding.many people says « you should start real sports. And i really like video and stuff like that so yeah!

  10. only way that i dont love sports that you can get hurted or died i watched on yt that some sportists died while playing so its scary

  11. I really miss my old school because my friends there would hang out with me no matter what but then I started a new school where I got friends too but I lost them next semester because they would only talk about fortnite or football which I hate so much!!! I really miss the old days when fortnite didn't exist and you could play roblox or minecraft… 😔
    Now the friends I have at my new school are fake friends spending their money on something useless like vbucks!!! 🙄😑

  12. I am actually the opposed of your story I love sports but my other friend are not actually in to sports like I am

  13. I can relate. I’m athletic enough to play them but I’m just like really scared of the other people because I feel they would say I sucked

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