I am Bread Gameplay – Bagel Race – NEED FOR SPEED!

I am Bread Gameplay – Bagel Race – NEED FOR SPEED!

how many bagels can we make that’s a
lotta bagels holy crap look at all those bagels the bagel floating oh my goodness bagel
is floating will come back to I am bread this is the newest update in a brat it
we got the bagel race we got zero g, zero gravity we play that last
time but we’re doing the bagel race day I
think the need for speed Gaby and we’re gonna raise in the kitchen we
can play dates video games stud hit guys have a confession to make and a
bagel this morning for breakfast all so it might give me a little bit
unfair advantage here they had a bagel for breakfast week Paul
alway will go on he new there’s something I figured out you can press be to go to last
checkpoint Gary dried Italian be 4i record the video Justin wanna NYSE related note I was doing all did someone just about there okay do
keep let’s do this always given as up give us updates on our time the hold
gold year is to do this is vast ans passable advances Bailey possible boo am Bowl cramps all we had a seep is sees okay dole stop now the that’s good let’s trade dead because I had to
restart the air I don’t want it you know wanna have guessed to do these restarts let’s go hate all
year baby I want you this right happy all side plate bro keep rocky play alright dude this is this is good all
this is good baby week act is week at the aliens no whole 30 we had a good start but not a good banished alright here we go baby all
we’ve ever we got a Wii when your bagel in your
grace new get week get weeded out all that we got cut sharp cut here hahaa see the state Supreme give you free tips
know here we gap we got problems there world wall wall are we in the zero gravity Gavin do
the things floating here it’s floating bagel flow the bagel floating oh my goodness bagel
is floating were in zero gravity wow okay dude that was awesome where the two
halves all when you reset its place is a bagel dude how many bagels can we make oh my
goodness we can make a mini bagels or it and making me hungry on making my mouth water all their looks
good that’s a lotta bagels holy crap look at
all those bagels would you like bagels I love bagels today only mention I had a bagel for
breakfast this morning okok I’m getting distracted let’s get back to
game dice what is your favorite bagel pink am it’s your favorite bagel my
paper bagel just everything babe everything Babel back to you by paper baking with
everything baby everything at bagel that is my favorite
bagel it has so many good things has everything hurt that’s why they call it
the everything bagel all year pay me cool man bagel its biggest hi baby now here we go what is our problem why can’t I get up
here all we did this happen all this is our
pride baby no restarts kill restarts just speed GSB am I’m and others see my previous best times 35 best time he
was thirty for up one more try one more try and they will move on to
the next level were in the kitchen a cue from with the next level is is it the
bedroom no the living room Arial let’s see all
behaved dude if this doesn’t make a whole day to
see all those slice bagels I don’t know what to do old of the whole cross a bridge sharp turn crush it no go up this ramp court this rate with
no problems at all old yes all no problems at all do this is it this is it goal no weaver et 22sec is some Asia ridges where back to the
checkpoint I know it is see here in two years sound grabbed all this is the ball they had that
stupid layup in okay forget all right here we go I don’t really feel
like I have the need to speed right now I know I need it but we’re not using the
speed future net you not going right fly right fly straight bagel play straight go-between all Rep do his gap his get junk all over ’em all crevice
let’s go in there and I think he go here and then into miss being in what is that thing a crack where is this thing could always the dog bed all this is a bad run up 43 deck in boom EU we could just do with want to begin a just to get a feel for
the world get a feel for the layout hold crap that was fast so I had the need for speed back here we
go you gotta roll it on its side at least our role in it and a move if you start
bawling and the not side that we lose a speed had ago this ramp all year okay okay now it up there yes all that’s almost half the time is less
what I’m I see dude okay I’m seeking the seat okay in school we aim for aids guess what guess what the goal was for
school and that’s what the cialis grazing as a bagel I went straight A’s baby
gimme straight A’s up when it comes to being a bagel I went
straight A’s put me on the Dean’s List have been a bagel all we flew too fast he would go I said I want dean’s list am going to
get teens less if you guys don’t know I dean’s list
that mean straight days do it come on come on actors books over it’s not a great start well I realize
what my problem is to get straight A’s you have to get at
least one day we’re Jan for jim got a big jam hope you
like gays I love AZ about to get a right now and
after that another eight straight A’s and told demonstrators okay
he got we get sp we at that me police believe
baby going on here a break blade yes all they
could have been better all baby here we go for Hugo all your ego P we go baby I’m ABI okay adderal okay I’m happy with that this
the best score we’ve gotten it’s not straight A’s it’s not one day
it to be its clubs but me and I was almost
perfect come on well maybe we will get straight A’s
eventually if you guys wanna see more hit that like button and that’s right if you haven’t already
ate this was so much fun I can’t wait for more updates like this
game is dis she’s a groupie find exciting game I
hope they get so much for watching I’ll see you next time they have found me ultimate challenge
it’s likely it’s like to get together instead pay
what’s the hardest thing %um impassable that humanly possible although I K a bread be spread he’s
toast in outer space

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  1. I liked blueberry bagels toasted with cream cheese. That's until I had to go gluten free…. 😭😭😭 I still like them but my stomach… Yeah not so much…. Oh well, I'll just have to search for gluten free bagels! 🐸

  2. Potato bagle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 wath the hell is this🍖

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