Hypnose pour se muscler : se motiver à faire du sport (3D 360° 4K)

Hypnose pour se muscler : se motiver à faire du sport (3D 360° 4K)

Hello, my name is Christophe MARLARD, specialist in wellness and fitness, patrician certified in hypnosis and sophrology. You want or need to contact your subconscious in order to motivate you to do sport ? I guess you’ve already taken care to settle down comfortably, So it will be better for the experience we have to do. And you are also insured That you have a quiet moment just for yourself. So let’s just start, look at the picture. You advance in this tunnel which is very bright, which is filled with light, an extraordinary tunnel, A beautiful tunnel. Fix the center of the picture, there, at the bottom of this tunnel. Let yourself go deeper and deeper, farther and farther away. Obviously: you breathe, therefore, continue to breathe while fixing the end of the tunnel. Just by just paying a little more attention to your breathing. You are in a position that suits you, and you know That you can trust your body that will keep your stability, your balance, Even if you completely relax. Even if you go so far that you forget everything else. Alors, si ce n’est pas déjà fait, laissez-vous donc allez dans ce voyage à travers ce tunnel, on the way to more motivation to do sports. Eyelids begin to blink, let them go until they close and remain naturally closed. It is not to close them voluntarily, it is just more pleasant that they close themselves. You just leave them closed and she’ll close by herself, for a moment, And if you started by closing your eyes, You feel like it can be curious to have eyes that close deeply, Behind the closed eyelids, as if to push you to the bottom of you, more and more, With each breath, and let the body, for example if the chin comes towards A chest or if the head goes back or a little on the side, the shoulders that relax, Or the jaw that opens just a little. And just having a barely conscious afterthought, So that the body remains comfortable, like a protective and reassuring (envelope) The goal of the game today is to go to meet your subconscious to motivate you to play sports. And it’s curious as an idea when you think about it. Because the unconscious, it is always there. Necessarily. It is he who makes us live, Which makes our heart beat, which takes care of the breath even when we think more. It is he who makes our sleep, the digestion, the good temperature of the body. For example, We know that without the unconscious one could not walk; Without our unconscious, we could not run. Without our unconscious, we could not do sport. Car notre inconscient, il est toujours là. It is he, the unconscious, which triggers all the actions that one thinks oneself to do voluntarily. There when I talk to you my unconscious verifies every word before they come out of my mouth and your unconscious mind makes them understand your way. For example, there is the beating of the heart, you come to feel them, you know that your heart beats. But do you feel it? The unconscious is just things that are not conscious in us. This is how you will get to know your unconscious. And you can talk to him. Ask him for things. Ask him to act for you. When we regularly do this kind of experiment, To make the unconscious conscious, through the journey, one enters more and more in oneself. Without really realizing it. This is just what is called hypnosis. The unconscious can do funny things. The unconscious is your deep mind. Your biggest you. It is in you. It is you. And we can not go anywhere but in ourselves. Be motivated to participate in sport. This is a very good way to experience self-hypnosis. We must not believe that we control everything consciously. Our conscious mind is not even 10% of our overall mind. The unconscious is shy. Like a little rabbit at the entrance to his burrow. he hide. It’s like that in everyday life When you see an unconscious movement in someone, if you tell him the movement, the little movement disappears; he hide. Fortunately, you can recall it As a small animal is gently recalled. We must inspire confidence and calmly call him And by force the unconscious again points the tip of his nose. And you can become friends Vous allez répéter mes suggestions. Vous allez lui répéter des suggestions. Des suggestions qu’il écoutera. Any suggestions he will hear. Suggestions he will understand. So start by listening and repeating the following sentences. Repeat each sentence now I am motivated to play sports I am naturally motivated to get back into shape My motivation to train is growing day by day Sport is vital to me; I wait to train with impatience I am a healthier person every day I exercise very regularly I love to play sports and enjoy I remain motivated throughout my program My training sessions revitalize me I am a naturally motivated person to play sports Repeat: I am motivated to play sports I am naturally motivated to get back into shape My motivation to train is growing day by day Sport is vital to me; I wait to train with impatience I am a healthier person every day I exercise very regularly Your unconscious understands all that. So let it. Remember that the only ones who fail to succeed are those who gave up before they found their treasure Persist, be tenacious, even if it takes three, five or fifteen experiments You are sure of yourself, full of confidence An extraordinary day, do all the best to do All that now in you. I believe in you. You believe in yourself. Everyone believes in you The universe believes in you. And this universe expects only one thing, that you make a wish The wish to be filled with energy, the vow to move forward You achieve through sport. So now you take the time You arrive there at the exit of this tunnel How do you feel in front of this sun? What vibrates inside you? It will be time, at your own pace, to incorporate that sun that is there in you, that will shine I will be able to count from 1 to 5, that 5 you can open your eyes, In full form, filled with energy, ready for an extraordinary day You are extraordinary, you are an extraordinary person. Be the magician, The magician of your life. Take things in hand, do what they have to do. You have the strength. Your unconscious knows what to do. Allow it yourself. Allow it yourself. Allow him to do what is best for you. Because now, at 1, you feel this sun A 2, you feel this sun that is more and more present And at 5 you will be fully there because at 2 you feel that light, that energy, The sun that grows more and more. Car kept at 3, you are more and more present A 4, you come back again and again and again You feel all this learning, all that you have just lived. To 5 you are fully there. 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 and you open your eyes. Here and now. How do you feel ? Now I will ask you to keep this motivation. You can maintain it, you can boost like that every moment. It is advisable to repeat the exercise several times to make it more effective Here. I hope you enjoyed this video and allowed you to see that yes, it is possible to lessen your stress and lessen the agitation of your thoughts. Hypnosis and regular meditation make you feel more free and at peace, and have more energy to live your life more fully. If you want to learn to meditate and / or practice hypnosis, I invite you to contact me via my site: christophemarlard.com. Finally, a small like, sharing and / or subscription to my channel encourages me to offer you new free video sessions … With that, I tell you soon and the pleasure of getting to know you.

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