Huskers All Access, Sports Nutrition – an NET Sports Feature

Huskers All Access, Sports Nutrition – an NET Sports Feature

♪ MUSIC ♪ LINDSEY REMMERS: Our objective is really just to make sure the athletes
are fed and nourished so that their bodies can do whatever
they need to do on the court. We’re here to feed them,
heal them, hydrate them, refuel them, teach them about
nutrition and their bodies. So that way they can go
out and perform at their best. Nutrition plans are
specific person to person and by position. You aren’t going to see a
lineman’s plan similar to a receiver’s plan. That’s just not
going to happen. But, this o-lineman
versus this lineman, their plans might be
different based off their individual needs and their
individual goals. So, that’s what we do when
we sit down one-on-one with an athlete is we’ll
figure that out, figure out their daily routine,
what they like to do and then put that all together
in a plan for them. (Drinks being poured) We work a lot
with the trainers too. You know, if someone
is injured or sick or something like that. It’s kind of like this
all encompassing circle. You know, we are part of
the performance team, between the strength coaches,
the trainers and ourselves. So it is a lot more than
making shakes and landing every day. You know,
(laughter) it’s about teaching them how
to feed their bodies. Teaching them how to
use the training table. ♪ MUSIC ♪ It’s called the
training table, that’s where the athletes come
and eat lunch and dinner. And we’re open twice a
day for lunch and dinner, fortunately, for them. So, ours is designed to
coordinate with our meal plans that we make. You’ll walk in there and
we have all the food groups kind of
grouped together. We have Step 1, vegetables
and a salad bar, Step 1 fruit all together. We have what we
call the carb bar. It’s the Step 2 foods. We have all the proteins,
the hot entrees together. So they come in and they
can just go round and make sure they’re getting all their
food groups on their plate. But there is also specific
food labels for every item. Those are even color
coded, red, yellow, green. Green is go, yellow is
okay maybe and red is not all the time
type of foods. They can use them that way
or if they get a meal plan for us, those labels
coordinate with the meal plans. Because we don’t believe
in writing up a menu every week and then just
follow a menu. I want them to learn about
food groups so that way when they graduate here,
they know how to eat. You got a meal plan
say, a player needs 5 carbohydrate servings
at lunch, right? So he goes to the carb
bar, looks on the label, one scoop of mashed potatoes is
maybe one and a half carb servings and
so maybe he has to do a little bit of
math in his head. And then just go around
and get all his food groups on his plate in
the right portion sizes. So that’s pretty much how
it works and so dinner is our enhanced meal
for athletes and we have some special foods
out at dinner like tart cherries which are really good for
inflammation and recovery. Super, super
lean meats, you know, like strip steaks
or something like that. It’s right after practice
so we want to put even higher quality foods in
right after practice to help that recovery
a little bit. So that’s basically the
training table where the chef, the manager and
myself kind of collaborate with the menus and the
food items and things and we’re constantly
enhancing it, constantly making something
a little bit better.

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  1. Looks like a lot of those big guys are eating the wrong foods! One guy had is plate loaded with just French fries! I'm so glad frost is back, Nebraska football was just losing everything it use to be. From nutrion, lifting and the game, it all changed in a bad way. But we will be back. I'm so proud to be a husker once again!

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