Humble Racing Bundle | Low Budget Gaming

Humble Racing Bundle | Low Budget Gaming

hello and welcome to low-budget gaming
and welcome to another quick look at a new Humble Bundle now this one released
a few hours ago and this is the humble racing bundle and as you can guess by
the name it’s all about racing basically this is a Codemasters bundle so as you
know Codemasters makes a lot of racing games so for the $1 tier you get f1 race
stars now this is a sort of Mario Kart type game with f1 drivers and cars this
is then you have f1 2011 f1 2012 and you have toybox turbos this could be fun
actually I’ve never heard of this one before but this looks nice for the
middle tier which is the beat the average tier so if you pay more than 7.50
you also unlock grid 2 f1 2014 f1 2015 then you have the season pass additional
content for f1 race starts you get 60% of dirt for you get 40% of f1 27 DLC
for f1 27 DLC for Dirt 4 DLC for dirt 4 again team booster pack this car was
here and you get some more stuff in 6 days and 20 hours about 7 days and
finally in the final tier you get a micro machine World Series f1 2016
dirt rally more DLC for 2016 f1 more DLC for grid 2 and yeah that’s it so a lot
of DLC and a lot of similar stuff here so for once I’m not too impressed now
the reason for this is car games they have licenses and their licenses soon
expire so Codemasters has made a lot of car games but
unfortunately a lot of them the license ever have expired so they can’t sell
them any ones for example you don’t see dirt 3 here you don’t see grid the
original one you don’t see something like dirt 2 or dirt showdown and the reason
is their licenses expire after a few years so even here if you see you don’t
have f1 2010 you don’t have f1 2013 now you’ll see why is 11 and 12 year here and 13
not here 13 had some older cars older f1 cars from the I think 70s 80s
I haven’t played it but that’s what I heard and so I think their licenses must
have been a lot shorter for them to expire even if you see here 2010 isn’t
here so my guess is about seven years is what the license is probably worth so
yeah so if you are interested in f1 and all these games definitely grab them
because they will probably disappear in a few years at least these two I’m
guessing another two or three years they won’t be around so yeah I always
recommend getting the $1.00 tier because you get excellent value here for the
middle tier I would just say maybe wait till this 6 days and 20 hours the one week
and see what unlocks here because at the moment there isn’t that much here in the
middle tier because if you are not planning on getting F 1 2017 or Dirt 4 for
for example and this DLCs are not really you know they are a bit pointless I mean
this is good like if you already have them then you get a quite a bit of DLC
and if you are planning on getting them then you get good discount but if you’re
not then what you end up is f1 race stars f1 2011 2012 2014 2015 so a lot of
similar stuff and if you are a fan of racing in Formula One then you probably
already have these so yeah I was sort of a little bit interested in this one
because this is a very Mario Kart type game but it has a lot of DLC so if I
just buy this I’ll be missing out though I’ll need to buy this as well which
would be 7.50 which would be a bit too much then yeah it’s a bit meh but yeah
like I said get the $1 tier that seems fine and for this maybe wait for the
next 7 days and see what unlocks and then see if it’s worth it
but it’s alright I guess if you are a fan of racing so anyway those are my
thoughts on this bundle and yeah it’s good to see another bundle because of
the autumn sale I think they were waiting for the sale to end before
releasing a bundle so we have one and yeah check it out if you are interested
in racing games and I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. If you paid for the tier that is worth $7.50 or $15+, do you get the games from the other tiers e.g. if you pay $15+, do you get the games from the $1 and $7.50 tiers? I am new to Humble Bundle so I am not sure how the tier system works.

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