Human Growth Hormone and Baseball

hgh was invented by doctor dan rudman when his parents began to age prematurely in the
seventies and originally it was used for children prematurely in their seventies yeah but I’m talking fragile frail I don’t just mean get older i mean they couldn’t get out of a chair okay when they were seventy two or something and it had been used to treat children that have that aging progeria disease it’s progeria yeah and it had been successful and then it had been used on children who had borderline dwarfism ’cause it makes you grow and then he decided to use it with older people by the time he discovered it and was able to
do tests his parents had died and he tests on people between sixty and seventy
something and he found that HGH increased muscle grew hair thickened skin increased energy increased libido did everything it was like a wonder drug but he only researches for six months and his caveat was HGH makes your human growth cells growl multiply including the the dormant cells you have as you
get older including your cancer cells so if you have dormant cancer cells aging is a way to protect you from dying of
cancer in other words as you age your cells die off well the cancer cells die off too that’s why you may get old and wrinkled
and feeble but you’re also getting less chances of getting cancer as you get old so he was worried that this HGH would cause cause cancer so he recommended that it be studied
for years and years before it was used naturally that didn’t happen it became an anti aging drug a lot of young hip guys take it for sex because it’s uh… promotes sexual activity but the big hidden thing was vast increase in energy levels for people over
forty what do starting pitchers need energy perfect drug for roger clemens testosterone is not a perfect drug that
builds muscle you know that muscle’s not necessarily what
you need as a starting pitcher but increased energy you imagine a guy in his early forties his legs start getting wobbly
in the fourth or fifth inning take HGH and they don’t get wobbly anymore do you think that barry bonds took that stuff I don’t know how do you go from 168lbs to 228lbs
when you’re forty of muscle I guess you’ve answered that question you talk about carlton fisk when he was i think thirty six or thirty eight an old man for a catcher and in the winter of nineteen eighty
four he took up weightlifting big time a brutal workout schedule leave him literally wobbly right and my question is if fisk could build up tremendously uh… greater muscle and endurance just by doing that nobody’s ever associated fisk
with drugs why couldn’t that have happened to bonds and to clemens as they claimed it did well because it’s more hard work i don’t know I don’t why I mean but you don’t think it did happen with fisk I don’t know anything about fisk
I don’t mean fisk there was no HGH in those days I know he didn’t take HGH he could’ve taken steroids i don’t know uh… shortcut jose canseco biggest drug user in baseball laziest guy in baseball he never liked to work out so he took drugs instead

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