Hulk Hogan’s World Championship victories: WWE Milestones

Hulk Hogan’s World Championship victories: WWE Milestones

Only the immense power of
the Hulk could save him. [APPLAUSE] He’s starting to shake. He’s gotta reach down inside for
that little something extra. Look at, he’s powering his way up. He’s made it to its knees. That takes the effect away from the hole. Hulk Hogan now stands up with The Sheik
and rams him into the top turnbuckle. [APPLAUSE] The fans are Going wild and i”m
so excited, I don’t even know how to talk. I wanna watch the match. Keep going up,
Hulk Hogan he drops a big leg on him. He’s down for the leg two, he got him. [APPLAUSE] We have a new champion. Hulk Hogan lowered the boom
on the Iron Sheik. [NOISE] If he hits this, is over. Puke-o-mania will die right here. Savage perched up there, and the elbow. He got it! He nailed him. He got it, cover and match. One, two, no! The Hulkster’s out of there. I don’t believe that. [APPLAUSE]
That adrenaline is starting to flow. This place is going crazy. [APPLAUSE]
Nobody’s ever got that from [INAUDIBLE]. Absolutely not,
this place is going bananas. The Hulkster is hulked up. [APPLAUSE] All those moves. He’s impervious to that thing. Look at the look on his face. A block and a right hand and another one. I can’t believe this is happening. There’s the big boot. The boot. And a leg drop. One, two, three. [APPLAUSE]
This makes me sick. He did it. I don’t believe it. The new World Wrestling Federation
Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. This entire building has become unglued. [NOISE]
Uh-oh. What’s this? He’s not gonna plant that
flag on the Hulk, is he? No, come on. Give me a break here. It’s not over yet. [APPLAUSE] Come on, Hulk. [APPLAUSE] He seizes the Iraqi flag. Hulkster tearing it to pieces. [APPLAUSE]
Slaughter comes in, look at this. Here he- That may have been a mistake. Look at the- Get up. That adrenaline flowing right now. [APPLAUSE]
That’s it. It could be it. Here comes the warning. You’re not gonna do that to me. You’re not gonna do that
the United States of America and the thousands of Hulkomaniacs. Irish Whip into the Big Boot. No, no- Hulk with the leg drop, the cover. One, two, three. He got him! He got it. What a comeback! He did it for
the World Wrestling Federation and for the United States of America,
[INAUDIBLE] on Sunday night. [MUSIC] History once again made
here at WrestleMania. No question of it, a three time winner
of the World Wrestling Federation title. Hulk Hogan. [MUSIC] Undoubtedly the most memorable
match in Pay-per-View history and you are part of it, wow. [MUSIC] My god, what’s he doing? [INAUDIBLE]
of the Undertaker. Scoop from behind. My god. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] That’s not right! That’s not right! It’s all over. [APPLAUSE] No no no. [MUSIC] The Undertaker has been beat. [APPLAUSE]
We need one more second. We will put out the new WWF
heavyweight belt right now. [INAUDIBLE] says they’re gonna put
the WWF title on the line right now! Come on, right now. Ready to go, let’s do it. Mr Fuji says they will put
the WWF title on the line right now against the Hulkster. [NOISE]
Look at it, Bret’s telling him to go. Go get him.
Go on, go win the challenge. Bret Hart is telling Hulk to go for it. He’s telling him, go for it, big man. [APPLAUSE]
Hulk Hogan’s in the ring! Ding, ding. The crowd wants him to go for it, and now
Fuji reaching back into his kimono there. And has got more of that salt or whatever. The eyes of Yokozuna. Hogan knocks Fuji down. Hogan with a clothesline,
and down goes Yokozuna. Hogan, [CROSSTALK]. Hogan to the cover- No! Hooks the leg. [INAUDIBLE] Hulk Hogan. [MUSIC]
Hulk Hogan. I can’t believe this, Hulk Hogan! The winner of this match and new World Heavyweight Federation Champion,
Hulk Hogan. [MUSIC] Well, he gave it a shot. I’ve seen this. I’ve seen this so many times, Giovanni. The Hulkster on his knees. Watch, he’ll start the head moving. He’ll get the hair shaking. He’s got the adrenaline. Hulkamania is alive. [APPLAUSE] It’s just Hogan and
Flair go on, Mr. T made sure of that. Down goes Flair. Hogan is still going, he is still going. The Bigfoot! [APPLAUSE] No Please, no. No way, come on. No, please don’t go easily. One.
No! Two.
No! Three. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] Shaquille O’Neal in the ring with the Hulkster as he has done it again! [MUSIC] [NOISE] Hulk Hogan,
right hand to the top of the head. You take the steam out of the giant. I don’t know about, look at this. Well he’s got to do that,
he’s got to get up on his high. Come on. Not facing the Giant as a matter of fact,
the giant is hulking up on Hogan. Look at this. It’s a little bit of Hulk Hogan medicine! Yeah, turn around and deal with that. Yes, how about this? He’s throwing it right
back in Hulk Hogan’s face. Shake your finger, and there you go. Back hand chop, and again, The Giant sends Hogan the Bigfoot! Got him with a Bigfoot,
will he drop a big leg on him? [INAUDIBLE]
Hulk Hogan. Chokeslam, coming for the Chokeslam. Too much time. Calling for the. Didn’t you know this would happen? Turn around. Paul is up and The Giant has him. The Giant throws him in. He gotta get loose from him. WCW, we’re the guys. We’re the guys that, WCW. Steve Nash out here now. Nash- My goodness. Nash has the megaphone of Jimmy Hart’s. And we’re gonna get a Chokeslam on Hall. There it goes. He got it down! Watch out, turn around! The referee trying to get Hall out,
Nash gets kicked. The megaphone goes down. Chokeslam him! He did a Chokeslam the megaphone,
watch out! [CROSSTALK] Chokeslam gigantic Nash! Hulk has got the [CROSSTALK]
[SOUND] He laid him out! He laid him out with [INAUDIBLE]. [SOUND] We got a new champion. We got a new champion. We got a new champion. Unbelievable. Hogan’s a winner. Hogan’s a winner. Hogan is
the WCW World Heavyweight Champion again! [APPLAUSE]
Lex Luthor’s gonna rock him right now. No doubt about it,
he’s getting backed up Sting! Sting is out! Sting is here, guys! Sting is out holding him up,
Sting and Hogan in Luger! He the back! He caught the back. Sting and Luger! One, two. No! [SOUND] The winner. [MUSIC] Sting hit Luger in the back. No. [APPLAUSE]
Here it comes. I’ve wanted to see this all my life. Savage is gonna win it. He put Savage on Hogan. [NOISE] Get Patrick up. Here comes Bret Hart. [NOISE]
Bret Hart went to, [SOUND] Bret Hart nails Big Sexy. [NOISE]
What’s he doing? My God, what’s- What is he doing? Bret Hart pulled Hogan on top of Savage. What’s he doing? Bret Hart, one, two. Hogan wins the world title. You’ve got to be kidding. [SOUND] Taking their time on each other. [APPLAUSE]
Nash trying to get him to hook up at least by
shoving the man in the cover. Let’s see if that gets
a reaction from Hollywood here. [APPLAUSE]
He’s been in so many big matches. He has. What was that about? One, two [SOUND]. What just happened here? [APPLAUSE]
No. The lights are gonna go off for Hogan. And they do. Chang retained his title. He’s gonna retain it. Referee did not see it. Chain wrapped around the fist
of the Macho Man Randy Savage. Savage going in and one,
Kevin Nash is here! Kevin Nash is in the building. He’s in the house. In Jacksonville. He pulled the referee out,
the former world champion. Setting him up. Yes. Come out of nowhere. Kevin Nash! First Sting, then Nash. And now Hogan! Where’s the referee? The referee is- One, two, three. We got a champion.
Yes! We got a new champion,
a new world champion! Hogan has done it again. And the crowd is on their feet. My goodness. Truly one of the most exciting, over the top electric moments that
we witnessed on this program. Hogan does it again. Not a person in their seats. This crowd is all on their feet. And look at Hogan. He just realizes it now. He’s the heavyweight
champion of the world. [APPLAUSE] Hogan had the match won, quite frankly. Uh-oh. [APPLAUSE]
Hogan’s trying to hulk up here. Yes, he is. My god, can it be? Do you think it’s gonna happen? Is this really happening or
is this a dream for Hogan? Is the perception a reality? Hogan now sending The Game for
the ride, and hits him again. Hogan, with a big bump. The. And the leg drop did not score. The Game avoided the leg
drop on that occasion. Hogan going to the well a second time. But The Game avoided contact. And Triple H, going downstairs. Triple H loading Hogan up. No! The Pedigree. Hogan’s head is faced through
the [INAUDIBLE] with a Pedigree. This one is gonna be over. Triple H is my god,
the Undertaker just struck the referee. What the hell? The Undertaker just struck
the referee right in the head. I don’t think the referee
knew what hit him. The Undertaker didn’t want
Triple H to win this match. [NOISE]
God almighty. [APPLAUSE]
Triple H knocked down and look at the Undertaker. He’s pulling Hogan over
to the cover to the leg. And Hogan says no, I don’t want your help. I don’t want your help. [APPLAUSE]
Look at this. Hogan [INAUDIBLE] right hands. Clothesline on the Undertaker. Look out here. The leg drop. Hogan got the leg drop. The referee’s there for the count. One, two, three. [APPLAUSE]
My God. Your new undisputed
World Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. Look at that!
Witness the rebirth of Hulkamania! Hulkamania is alive. Hulkamania is real, that is reality. Can you believe it? Can you believe it? Look at this.
[LAUGH] Is it perception, or is it reality? Tonight, it is by God reality.

100 Replies to “Hulk Hogan’s World Championship victories: WWE Milestones”

  1. Hogan has never beem a great wrestler. He did always the same thing. He was the classic USA character for USA stupid fans

  2. Ridiculous that they edit out all he weapon shots to the head. Own your past, it's not like the original footage isn't out there.

  3. 2 hhh's that refuse to lose their titles clean 🙂 and by cutting the chair shot they actually just showed exactly how it is done lol 🙂

  4. Hogan: The GOAT…said no one ever.

    Flair: The GOAT…said a lot of stupid people.

    Bret: The GOAT…said a lot of Canadians.

    HBK: The GOAT…said a lot of homosexuals.

    Undertaker: The GOAT…said anyone with half a brain.

  5. He was an egomaniac (IMO), he also back stabbed (Jesse Ventura trying to set up a union to get wrestles some fair pay?) and in private he had some really weird issues. But you cannot deny this mans legacy, he was awesome in the ring and that makes him a legend. No matter what you may think of him in a personal manner.

  6. Hulk hogan will always be one of my favorite legends I loved the heel version of him in the nwo. Definitely a man that changed the entire face of wrestling. ?

  7. Truly terrible the way Sgt. Slaughter sold out to the Arab terrorists like that. I bet it was something Dr. Mindbender and Destro of Cobra came up with to alter his mind.

  8. If hogan didn’t leave wwf then nobody else would have existed
    Hogan would have retired in wwf without leaving

    He would have been in the way of the rock etc

    Warrior likely would have stayed also

  9. Gotta love how they edited Hogans music it was originally Voodoo Child back in the day so someone must not of been able to get the royalties for it ???….

  10. Pause @ 15:09 that look you have on your face when you're going to be the next one to win the title and you know it already 😉 <3

  11. I realized this was all about his victories… but otherwise, even though I am a Hogan fan and despite him ultimately losing these, I would also list two of his greatest matches as both the Warrior match at Wrestlemania VI and his match with the Rock at Wrestlemania X8. He really had to work and bring out his A-game at both of them. And after the losses, it was a show of respect between the combatants.

  12. Hulk Hogan's NWA World Heavyweight Championship reign in 1979 and his two AWA World Heavyweight Championship reigns are not recognize.

  13. 0:00 Iron Sheik in Madison Square Garden, January 23rd 1984
    1:02 WrestleMania V vs The Macho Man, April 2nd 1989
    2:42 WrestleMania VII, March 24th 1991
    4:28 Beating The Undertaker On December 3rd 1991
    5:02 WrestleMani IX , April 4th 1993
    6:30 Ric Flair at Bash At The Beach, July 17th 1994
    7:37 Hogan vs The Giant at WCW Hog Wild, August 10th 1996
    9:41 WCW Road Wild, Hogan Beats Luger, August 9th 1997

    10:10 WCW Nitro, April 20th 1998
    11:02 Nash vs Hogan, January 4th 1999

  14. Hulk Hogan would defeat undertaker, kane, lesnar, strowman, reigns, rollins and all others if he was in his prime. Would everyone agree?

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