Hulk Hogan’s Manga Mania 2!! More WWF / WWE Pro Wrestling Comics From Japan!

Hulk Hogan’s Manga Mania 2!! More WWF / WWE Pro Wrestling Comics From Japan!

Time to come back and visit another chapter
of Hulk Hogan Manga! One year ago, I introduced this crazy little
comic to the world, and it quickly became the most requested sequel that I should do. It’s funny as only 2000 people watched that
video and 5000 people asked for more! Well, unlike Vince McMahon, I hear what the
crowd wants and so I’m bringing it! If you missed the first video, go check it
out and if you did see it, here’s a refresher. The series known as Yappa! A-Hogan Yo! ran in Japan during The Hulkster’s
first WWF title run BROTHER! It is crazy! Borderline obscene and extremely funny. It features Hulk Hogan and other WWF Superstars
who were popular in Japan, as well as the best Japanese stars too. Everyone is over the top, but A-Hogan, as
they call him is nuts! Truly insane! It must be all them roids oh wait shh shh
never mind I said that. A-Ho, by which they get the name A-Hogan,
is a Japanese word that kind of means like stupid, or buffoonish. It’s a little close to A Hole in spelling
and in meaning but I don’t think Hogan acts like an A Hole in this manga, he’s just
kind of dopey and driven by his first impulses, while A Holes are more calculated and purposefully
mean. At least in my opinion. Anyway, the stories were weekly, and pretty
short. They don’t connect but usually end in a
great punch line. So I’ve chosen the best 10 from volume 1,
published in 1984 and 85. It’s not as super crazy as future volumes,
it keeps things mostly in ring, as the author hasn’t really developed things much in the
beginning, but it’s still going to be a wild ride, so buckle up!!! Story 1 We are going to kick things off with the very
first story of this book. It is the very first one after all and I am
sure if I didn’t include it people would be asking about it. Wondering if there was any origin story or
not? Like If there was a story of how Hogan got
to Japan and all that. Well, sorry there isn’t. None of the comics have any continuity and
could really be read in any order. Though they are timely and various non-Japanese
wrestlers will show up while they tour Japan and disappear afterward. Anyway what is the very first story about? It is just a standard match, Hogan squares
off against “Kyushu Riki” Hogan takes a pile driver and a sharpshooter! However in true Hogan fashion, he won’t
go down clean!! In fact Hogan hulks up to break the sharpshooter! Leaving Riki frustrated as all get out!! We don’t actually see how the match ends
but we do see the aftermath where Hogan is layed up in the hospital in a body cast, ready
for a sponge bath! Story 2 The REAL TIGER? 27 The Apter mags in Japan have the headlines
drawn up, the battle for the TRUE TIGER! Tomorrow!! Super Tiger VS Tiger Mask! Super Tiger reads the headlines with anticipation. He takes the mask off and hits the showers. Andre the Giant sneaks in and puts it on. Spoiler here, no one realizes it’s Andre
and thinks its the real Super Tiger! So Ander goes to gee Tiger Mask and he’s
shocked by what he says and asks how he, meaning Super Tiger, goto so big literally in a day! Andre pats him on the head and says ”good
luck tomorrow” Oh and Andre looks more like he’s 19 feet tall instead of 7’4 or whatever
he was. With Tiger Mask pounded into the ground, he’s
just stuck there until someone helps him out. Then Hogan walks by and instead of helping
Tiger Mask out, he takes the mask and puts it on! By the way, were these guys ever seen without
their masks? I thought not, but maybe this is what they
actually looked like. Super Tiger comes back to get his mask and
from behind he thinks someone took his mask! But then Hogan turns around and Super Tiger
thinks its Tiger Mask! Hogan throws him into the wall and takes off. The next day either is too scared to face
each other from the beatdown they had the day before. Story 3 The Secret Plot To Slay The Giant
4 In this story, Andre the Giant is taking a
nap in Hogan’s room. When Hogan comes in, he’s naturally mad,
and devises a plan for sweet revenge, in a twisted way. Hogan picks up Andre and carries him out of
the room, and takes him to a different building. Now how could Hogan just dead-lift Andre the
Giant, one and B why doesn’t this wake him up?? Andre wakes up later in a room where everything
is 10 times his own size, meaning Andre the Giant is now Andre the Midget! (or little
person, if that offends I am genuinely sorry). This naturally freaks Andre out. Wouldn’t you be too?! He runs away wondering what the heck just
happened to him! It turns out Hogan moved him to a giant stroke
warehouse filled with this oversized items. Why did Hogan just have this on standby? How do you even find wrestling boots that
are 30 feet tall? Well who knows! But Hogan is outside laughing his butt off
at Andre. That is until the warehouse manager shows
up with the bill! Story 4 It’s Hard Being A Superstar 8 Hogan is on his way to a TV studio to film
a commercial! He’s pretty duded up too in a nice tux. One of the few times in the manga he looks
serious and cool. Riki shows up and asks him what it’s all
about. Hogan says he will star in the commercial
with Chiemi Hori. I have to stop an explain, this is an actual
real life celebrity, Chiemi. And I had heard the name before but not much
else, so I though I would write a funny joke and say how she was really hot back then but
is all old and decrepit now. But I went to look up a picture and she was
like 10 years old then! So now I don’t what to say. Oh and here she is now. Actually not bad. I mean I’m in my 40s so yea, I’d go for
it, especially if she saved all her money. Anyway, He waves off Riki telling him beat
it, he has no time for him as he is after all a super star. At the studio Hogan is enraged that he was
lied to and Chiemi won’t be in the commercial. So who will it be? Killer Kahn and Bruiser Brody!! The commercial is for a hair loss cream! With Brody as the “before” and Kahn as
the “after!!” Hogan is the middle! Well it was about 1984, and it must have been
before Hogan had it in his contract that you couldn’t make fun of his hairline. Riki watches on from home and has the last
laugh. Story 5 Where Is My Mind? 24 Andre The Giant is out on a date! The girl is having a nice time and as the
date ends, Andre asks for another one. But before she has a chance to answer, a mysterious
man delivers a kung fu punch to Andre!! The girl, scared to death, runs away. Andre winds up in the hospital where other
wrestlers have been attacked too! Nobody seems to know what’s going on. Down the street Hogan is seen walking out
of an adult theatre, the one he says he goes to every day and is also attacked by a Kung
Fu kick!! Who is the mysterious man? Oh my god its Jackie Chan!! Hogan flips out saying that he was going to
get revenge for what Jackie Chan did to his friends. Jackie Chan says no way, he’s too fast to
be defeated and will give Hogan brain damage, just like he did to Andre! The two fight! Hogan takes a kick to the skull, but seems
fine! Then Hogan reveals his secret! He cant get brain damage because he doesn’t
have a brain! Thats using your noggin! Time for a station break! I kind of used up all my Japanese Hulk Hogan
commercials last time, so here’s something else! When we come back, RIC FLAIR, will be In Action!! Break! Story 6 The Dreaded Figure Four!! OK this one is gonna be good! Because it’s got the Nature Boy!!! And I just like his design, its a little kawaii
but you can tell right away its him! Ric Flair is making a opponent tap out from
the figure 4 and after the match all kinds of Trim is lined up with a ticket for Space
Mountain in hand! Hogan can’t believe it! How could Ric Flair get so much trim, he thinks
to himself?! Back stage Hogan approaches Flair and asks
him what’s up? How can he get trim like Nature Boy gets?! Flair says simply you got to be a handsome
as him! Hogan says he’s got that covered and shows
off the 24 inch pythons. As a side note the words on his muscles say
strong, but the star covering his ding dong says weak! Flair says Hogan might be strong but who cares,
he’s BALD!!! Flair says it starts and ands with the hair. And yea back in the day he had an awesome
coiff!! They go back and forth about Hogan not having
enough hair and Hogan saying that he does but eventually Hogan loses it and demands
Flair teach him how to get hair style that will bring in the trim! As Flair and hogan blow….dry each other
and brush hogan’s golden horse shoe. Haha its his nose, Flair’s nose is just
killing me I cant take it. Anyway the finish up and and Flat gets ready
for Space Mountain!! And he shows off Hogan’s new hair to the
throwaway, reject trim from Flair he hopes to get! They all run away in horror as the best Flair
could do is style a giant number 4 onto Hogan’s balding head!!! Story 7 You Call This Hot? At a downtown Tokyo TV Studio Beat Takeshi
is hosting a talk show where Hogan, Andre and Brody have been invited to come talk,
flex and show off! By the way Beat Takeshi has a steaming turrrrrd
on his shirt for some reason. On the show the wrestles will go through some
physical challenges. This first one is to see who can stay the
longest in a super heated bathtub! All three dive right in and Beat Takeshi starts
the timer. Brody can’t even last 2 seconds and jumps
out immediately. He confronts Beat Takashi to tell him the
bath is full of acid! Of course Beat already knows this. It is a Japanese game show after all! Hogan and Andre mock Brody saying the bath
isn’t even warm! Brody, well, I’m not even sure in this picture. It looks like he’s taking a whizz while
spinning around like a garden sprinkler. Sorry, No idea! Andre starts to feel the pain and jumps out,
leaving Hogan the winner! He steps out of the bath to claim his prize,
only to reveal his lower torso has dissolved away, revealing a bare skeleton! Story 8 The Strong Warriors! The Road Warriors Animal and Hawk (called
Manial and Pork in this story to avoid copyright issues) are in the ring against Bruiser Brody
and Stan Hansen. They take down the team to become the new
world heavyweight tag team champs! So what Brody and Stan somehow had the title
before this? The announcer is going crazy with the excitement
of a new title reign, not quite Michael Cole putting over The Miz Circa 2010 but its up
there! and he mentions that the new champs also have the largest biceps in wrestling
measuring 63 centimeters! That equals 24 and 3/4 inches! So I think you know what’s next! Hogan jumps in the ring to protest this claim
saying his pythons, 24 inches according to WWF lore, are the biggest in the industry! He raises the bar and says he measure 67 centimeters! Or 26 1/3 inches! Then Hawk and Animal get into it with hogan
over their measurements of chest, torso, and lower occipital pertuberance! The wrestlers then reach into their pants
to pull out…. Their 5th grade report cards!! Oh my god what a swerve!!!!!!! The Road Warriors did pretty well in some
classes, while Hogan, is beat yet again. The live show ends with Hogan in the ring
crying over his shortcomings! Story 9 My Dinner With Andre Hogan and Andre go to Hogan’s mothers house
for Sunday Dinner! Or course this kind of visit necessitates
a suit! Not only is Hogan’s mom at the house but so
is his grandmother!!!! Andre can’t believe how big of a woman she
is! They sit down to eat and the first course
is pancakes the size of a car, eating, naturally with giant knives and forks! After this Andre declares he couldn’t eat
more, but Hogan’s grandma ain’t having it, insisting he eat more, giving him a giant
sausage. When Andre says he just can’t eat more grandma
gets angry and starts forcing Andre to eat more giant sized food! Eventually Andre just leaves and the Hogan
family says when it comes to size, they are the Ichiban! But then what suddenly feels like an earthquake
shakes them to the ground as the house collapses. Andre brought HIS mother to join them! Story 10 Return to Sender Ok the last one, saving the weirdest one in
the book for last! Giant Baba is cooking mochi in the locker
room. That’s a cake made from compressing freshly
cooked rice, it makes it chewy and tastes great on the grill. When Hogan smells it, he steals it! well, actually his fu-man-chew, which is sometimes
alive does it for him. Hogan said they tasted great. Baba says that was his mochi and Hogan needs
to give it back. Baba shoves his hand down Hogan’s throat
and out his nose in search for them! Then he shoves his hand all the way down and
goes right through Hogan’s posterior oraface!! Still not having found the mochi he climbs
into hogans mouth and then Hogan soon after expels him! Giant Baba has been turned into a giant piece
of you know what! Hogan then mashes Baba’s face for what he
did, and I guess because baba and the mochi were wholly digested they have become one
and so the mochi he was going to eat is now part of his body? Hogan leaves and says there ya go, you got
it back! Thanks for watching, and yes, there will be
a part 3 next year if I can find another book cheap enough!

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  1. The wait is over! The annual end of summer tradition is here! Let's all call Wrestlecrap and see if they will feature it! Please leave a comment on which of the 10 stories was your favorite!

  2. I haven't heard the lady part referred to trim since the 80s. Also loved the medical terms for the body parts, reminds me of Gorilla Monsoon's commentary.

  3. I wonder if Mrs. Baba had anything to say about that first commercial?

    As for the third CM, that New Japan card was held on July 30, 1982 at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagoya, and it featured a WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship match between Tiger Mask (the original, Satoru Sayama) and Bret Hart, as well as Antonio Inoki, Adrian Adonis, Tatsumi Fujinami, and Greg Valentine.

  4. I'm saddened by the lack of Momoko-chan and anthropormorphized schlong in this episode. I'm good without more Goatse though.

  5. Man I am in tears. I absolutely demand more.
    I wonder what Hogan would think about this one.
    And forties?!? Damn now I feel old.
    Great vid neverthless

  6. YES! IT'S FINALLY HERE, BROTHER! I KNEW TRAINING, SAYING MY PRAYERS, EATING MY VITAMINS, AND BELIEVING IN MANGAMANIA WOULD ALL WORK OUT SOME DAY, AND THAT DAY IS UPON US! LET US ALL REJOICE IN THE GLORY OF THE ONE TRUE BROTHER, BROTHERS! Alright, that's enough caps lock infused excitement, I'm just really happy that this channel exists, I found out about it shortly after the original upload of the first volume, and you put out consistently interesting content, even the things in which I have no prior knowledge of or interest in tend to give me an appreciation on the subjects that I'd never expected to have. You do good stuff, and I hope you find the success you want to with this channel. Keep it going, I'll keep watching! From Detroit, take care and best wishes!

  7. huh well some of the early stories at least seem a little more relatively normal compared to the first half? also oh! at 9:11 lol! didn't realize I've been hanging out here enough to make the leaderboard but yay, I suppose. 😛

  8. I wonder if any of the people in these manga actually knew about it. Then again I suppose you'd be somewhat used to this sort thing if you were a celebrity, although this seems like a more standout example of weirdness.

  9. hahahahahahaha, amazing stuff!! having grown up in the 80s and being obsessed with hulk hogan and the WWF, these stories just crack me up to no end…man that was great. thanks for this!

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