Hulk Hogan’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

Hulk Hogan’s First and Last Matches in WWE – Bell to Bell

– [Zach] Howdy, I’m back. So to celebrate, let’s look at the guy a lot of you have been
requesting, Hulk Hogan. It’s tempting to share
my Hulk Hogan impression with you guys but, I won’t
indulge in that cliche. See, not going to do it. So, let’s go onto the video. Alright, so Terry Bollea, better known as the immortal Hulk Hogan,
brother! (growling noise) It’s funny because I said
I wasn’t going to do it. Alright, anyways, Hulk Hogan
didn’t actually start getting into wrestling until he was sixteen. One wrestler he admired the most during his early years was Dusty Rhodes. But it was Superstar Billy Graham that Hulk Hogan took the most influence from. Really? I couldn’t tell. Interestingly though, Hogan found his way into wrestling through music. When he was in his early
twenties, Hogan played bass guitar for the band Ruckus, in Tampa, Florida. Jack and Gerald Brisco, who
wrestled as the Brisco Brothers, were in attendance at
one of Hogan’s concerts. They were impressed by
Hogan’s physical stature, and suggest he get into wrestling. And in 1976, Hulk Hogan did just that. and was trained by Hiro Matsuda. He trained for over a year and in 1977, wrestled his first match. Hulk Hogan would go on to wrestle all across the United States,
which include working in the NWA. In 1979, Terry Funk introduced
Hogan to Vince McMahon Sr., the father of the Vince McMahon
we all know and love today. McMahon was impressed with
Hogan’s look and was actually the one that came up
with the surname Hogan. Hogan was already using the name Hulk, but McMahon wanted him
to have an Irish name, so that’s when the name
Hogan started being used. Anyways, in November of 1979, Hulk Hogan would have his debut match in the WWE. Hogan’s first time in a WWE ring was on a show called Championship Wrestling and was actually the WWE’s first show to be nationally broadcast. Hogan’s opponent was already
in the ring, Harry Valdez. Who basically was just a local competitor. Hulk Hogan was accompanied
by Freddie Blassie, and didn’t get much of an entrance either and didn’t even have any music. But, this was the 70’s and wresting was much different back then. Hulk Hogan also looked a bit different. He wore long blue tights
with red knee pads and boots. Once the bell rang, Hogan
hulked over his opponent, pun very much intended. He started the match off
by displaying his strength, by shoving Valdez down a couple of times. Valdez did manage to secure a headlock but Hogan was able to lift the man off his feet and toss him across the ring. Hulk Hogan then got a bit more serious. He hit Valdez with a knee and two powerful slams onto the ring. He then followed up with a leg drop, a move that would become
a trademark of Hogan. The rest of the match
was more of the same. Hogan slammed his lifeless
body into the the turnbuckles and continued to hit him with some strikes and a number of strong moves. Hogan ended the match via submission and the ref called for the bell. Hulk Hogan continued to hold
Valdez after the bell rang. Submitting himself as a heel or villain. So, Hogan won his first match in the WWE in under three minutes. It’s interesting to see
that even in the 70’s debuting wrestlers had basically the same kind of match we see today. Nothing special here but
it’s interesting just for the fact that Hulk Hogan would go on to become one of
the biggest stars in wrestling. Hogan, actually didn’t stay
in the WWE for too long. As in 1980 he would leave
for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and later start working in the AWA. Hogan returned to the WWE
about three years later, in December of 1983. And this time was a baby face, or hero. Vince McMahon had bought the WWE from his father by this time and decided to make Hogan
the face of his company as he moved forward on
taking the WWE nation-wide. To solidify Hulk Hogan as the top star, he won the World Heavyweight Championship in about a month after making his return, in January of 1984, which he would go on to
win another five times. Hulk Hogan continued to become
a bigger and bigger star throughout the 80’s and had a number of classic rivalries and matches. But in the 90’s, Hulk Hogan’s
popularity began to die down and even when he made the
jump from the WWE to the WCW in 1994, the level of star
power he had in the 80’s, just wasn’t there. However, that all changed in 1996, when he joined with
Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and formed the New World Order. And this brought in a
whole new side of Hogan. Gone was the red and yellow
and in was the black and white. The nWo was a huge success for WCW, and really changed the game. It allowed them to overtake WWE in TV ratings for a good amount of time. But, like before, the popularity of the
new Hollywood Hulk Hogan didn’t last forever and Hogan’s run in WCW came to an end in 2000. But about two years later, Hulk Hogan made his return to the WWE at the No Way Out pay-per-view
in February of 2002. Retaining his Hollywood Hogan character, Hogan didn’t stay in WWE for
too long because in 2003, he quit the company due
to creative frustrations. He wasn’t gone forever, as in 2005, Hogan was inducted into
the WWE Hall of Fame and this led to a feud with
Shawn Michaels which ultimately evolved into their infamous
match at SummerSlam 2005. He made a few more appearances but on July 15th, 2006 Randy Orton would respectfully challenge
Hogan to a match at SummerSlam. Hogan accepted but later in the night Orton attacked the
Hulkster in a parking lot. So much for that respect. Anyways, this is where we find
Hogan’s last match in WWE. It was August 20th, 2006. And the match was built as
Legend vs Legend Killer. Hogan was dressed in his traditional yellow and red, Hulkamania attire. The crowd was very pro Hogan. Not only during his entrance but throughout the entire match. This is weird, but the match started the same way Hogan’s first
match in the WWE did, with him shoving his
opponent across the ring. Randy Orton would use
a couple of headlocks to wear Hogan down but the Hulkster always found a way to break out of them. Finally, Orton got the upper hand by using a classic heel tactic. Orton didn’t do much though, just hitting Hogan with
some kicks and punches. This allowed Hogan to once again regain control over Randy Orton. And something odd happened. The good guy, Hulk Hogan
actually bit Orton in the head and then preceded to
poke Orton in the eye. This was of course kayfabe,
or part of the story so I’m guessing the reason Hogan indulged in some dirty tactics like
this was because Orton had been flirting with his daughter in the lead up to the match. This isn’t likely at all
but it’s kind of a call back to his first WWE match, where
Hogan was wrestling as a heel. Jim Ross on commentary
even references this. – [Jim Ross] Fans, long time fans, saw Hulk Hogan’s early days in Madison Square Garden, in
the early days of the AWA. They remember the Hogan that
would not adhere to the rules. – [Zach] These heelish
attacks on Orton continued for a bit and at one
point Hogan even scared the referee out of the ring. Randy Orton got the advantage on Hogan. After attacking Hogan’s left
knee which had a torn meniscus, Orton would continue
to work on Hogan’s knee but missed a cross body from the top rope, which allowed Hogan to
get some punches in. Until Orton dodged the signature, big boot and countered with a drop kick. Orton then hit the RKO
and went for the pin. Unfortunately for Randy, Hogan’s foot was on the
rope so the match continued. This lead to the finish, where Hulk Hogan, in classic fashion,
hulked up and ran wild. Hogan hit Randy Orton
with a few straights, a big boot, and a leg drop, which got him the pinfall and victory. This match isn’t anything special. Hogan got the majority of the offense in, so I never felt like
there was any struggle. Honestly, the thing that was
the most interesting for me was the heel tactics Hogan used. As a final match, it
didn’t feel grand or epic, it just kind of felt like
another Hulk Hogan match. And maybe that’s what everyone wanted. The crowd certainly ate it up. But for me, I would like something more. Not terrible and I do
like seeing a wrestler win in their final match. So, it has that. Anyways, Hogan took a break
from the WWE for a while but he was still active
in the wrestling world. Appearing on other shows and
even doing a tour in Australia. In 2009, he would sign with TNA and it’s debatable whether
or not that was a good thing. He left the company in 2013
and made his return to the WWE in 2014, working in a
non-wrestling role, of course. In 2015, Hulk would be
terminated from the company due to racist remarks he made, which were leaked online and
he’s since been less active. However, Hulk Hogan may
be returning to the WWE. Recently, news has been
surfacing that there are plans to bring Hogan back into the company. Hulk Hogan was also
recently inducted into the Boys and Girls Club Alumni Hall of Fame. So that makes it even more likely. We’ll have to wait and
see what happens and maybe by the time you’re watching this video, Hogan’s already made his return on RAW. Thanks for leaving the request
and watching this video. And if you want more, take a
look at the last episode we did on Paige’s first and last matches. So with that, I’m Zach from Tap Out Corner and that was, Bell to Bell.

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  1. My apologizes for the audio issues in this episode. Our editing software likes to rib us from time to time. -Zach

  2. I saw Hogan's heel tactics as him saying "okay ya little piss ant, you think you can go around and "kill" all these fellow legends and hall of famers?!?!? " And was in a fight for his life of sorts

  3. actually he was called the incradible Hulk Hogan at first and at first he was a bit chubby and had a hairy body which also was later cahnged

  4. You dont sound like a Hulkamaniac or you probably didn't experience Hulkamania in the late 80's, liked the video, not the commentator

  5. Update they did bring Hulk Hogan back for one time a crown jewel this year is Saudi Arabia that's dig that brother

  6. It sounds like you have never seen a Hogan match before. He used heel tactics all the time even way before his nWo run. Its in almost all of his marches.

  7. Hogan, when I think of him I think of lies, steroids, drugs and stealing Billy Graham’s gimmick.

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  12. Hogan always did those moves raking the back scratching the eyes. Heel stuff as a babyface. I remember thinking as a kid it was strange but I never put more thought into it than that.

  13. Hogan always resorted to dirty tactics in his matches. Even when he was the top Babyface in the golden era. He would eye gouge, bite the forehead after 9 punches in the corner, etc.

    Ventura would lose his mind on commentary every time.

  14. I strongly disagree that his popularity began to die in the 90s. Hogan was always a rock star. If he didnt go to wcw there never would have been an nwo. Wcw never would have been popular. We never would have had an attitude era. Wrestling would look very different today.

  15. Hogan won 6 WWE championships not 5. His 5 was WM9. He won his 6th against Triple H a month or two after WM 18 in 2002.

  16. I'm not sure what type of juice he was on early in his career but he was noticably bigger than later years.  I think the 320 lbs announced weight might have been a bit of an exaggeration but not by much.  He looked really puffed up compared to the later 80's and early 90's.  I'm guessing whatever he was using back then either got banned or he had to stop using it because it might have killed him.

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