Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 Review: Welcome to Sports 2.0

Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 Review: Welcome to Sports 2.0

When I was live broadcasting the Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 (Amazfit Stratos) launch event in a Facebook group which was created by Xiaomi fans I got huge mixed feedback Some said they don’t like the new design, they hate the buttons, the ugly bezel. Some said something like “Hey, shut up and take my money” I have been using it for the last couple of days and here is our view about it In this video we are going to cover the industrial design, the user experience and our conclusion, enjoy! The moment I took the watch out of Amazfit box to be honest I’m not impressed by its ID it looks heavy and bulky despite no matter the CEO of Huami brags about how good the design is And it seems not too friendly to girls at least Asian girls not too many colors to choose from as well But is that settled? Let’s compare to the first generation Amazfit pace and Ticwatch E. OMG, the Amazfit Stratos definitely merits a closer look On the front, the Amazfit 2 adopts the current trending smartwatch design it features a 2.5d glass touch screen plus three physical key design The screen is 1.34 inches and the resolution is 320 by 300 I’m really shocked by how good it performs under both the direct sunlight and the dark environment. The keys are made of 316l stainless steel They got great tactile feedback And one of the great things about having those is you can control your watch even when you are wearing gloves. Move to the back, we see the 4 charging contacts which was also made of 316l stainless steel the glass reinforced poly-carbonate shell and most importantly the Heart Rate sensor the protruding design gives protection of the sensor light inside To the right, we got two holes for barometer pressure measuring. Luckily the strap is replaceable Overall, the whole carbon fiber texture finish gives you a rugged, business stylish impression. The more you look it the more you like it. As regarding the ID language from its predecessor, it’s a huge upgrade with this business style. Obviously Huami now is aiming at all people, even you are not interested in sports, you can still have one. There is another version of Amazfit stratos which is 2s a relatively higher end one that comes with 2.5d sapphire glass the stylish leather strap and a fancy package Basically those are major differences Long press the upper key to power it on The first time you turn on it will ask you to scan the QR code and download the Amazfit app to fill in your personal information The upper key is main for power and choose items from right to left the middle key is to activate and enter to next step and the bottom is mainly for checking the notifications in case you want to know more tips about the keys I’ve already made a video about it on Sami Luo channel you can go and check it out Now let’s move to the most important part Think about it, what’s the point to have a sport watch? Because it either offers as a great monitoring tool or an analysis tool to help us know better what’s going on with our own body But for Amazfit 2 it even goes far beyond that It cooperates with the Firstbeat corporation (Firstbeat is a company that providing athletes sport data professional analysis technology.) gives you a professional training plan For each exercise, it offers the physiology index data Like the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), exercise effect (TE), exercise load (TD) and the body recovery time From our view, that’s the best part and out stands most of the other sport watches For other features like 50-meter Waterproof, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep monitoring, Bluetooth music, it has 4 GB of internal storage notifications it has all… Overall the interaction is intuitive you can get familiar with it in a few hours even without checking the manual. So in conclusion: Is it good enough to update your sports gear or worth the money? Absolutely Huami Smartwatch 2 brings us to exercise era 2.0 Now it becomes really smart! Not only to record your data but also to train you by offering professional data analysis to tell you which is the best way to make you healthier. There is only one downside though Right now there is only Chinese language available However, We confirmed with the engineers from Huami that they are working day and night to get the English ROM out so you should see it very soon. Or you can leave any comment down below about this smartwatch [and we’ll get it resolved] My name is Sami. Until next time, stay tuned!

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  1. Very nice appearence, but the software and hardware is pretty much the same of the pace. Do you prefer these or the ticwatch E?

  2. 4:02 look at the bicycle next to that guy on the right side. The pedals are moving but nobody is riding that stationary bike! Spooky. #hauntedGym

  3. Is there any international or english version of amazfit 2 as well as in first generation of amazfit watch?

  4. Will there be the option to manually convert the Chinese version to the English version as it was possible with the Amazfit 1?

  5. Is there any major difference in comparison to amazefit 1 as in performance or display battery life touch sensitivity !

  6. What kind of material is made of (Amazfit Stratos) where the strap is inserted? plastic, carbon fiber or ceramic? I bought amazfit pace because the strap insert in ceramic. Thank you in advance.

  7. It looks very large on your arm. Is it much bigger than say Samsung Gear S3 for example. Also can it sync with the Mi Fit application? Im currently using Xiao Mi Band 2 and Xiao Mi Scale and i like the Mi Fit App very much. Thank you.

  8. an issue this watch comes with the Chinese language version to get the global version is through the upgrade or will be released a global version

  9. What's the lowest cost I can get this one? It will be helpful if u tell me the Malaysia price as well. thank you.

  10. Hi, can you try to translate it to english? you will need to run this two commands with a computer and your watch connected by USB:
    adb shell
    setprop persist.sys.language en

    There is guide for doing this to a previous version, I want to know If this method is still valid before buying one:

    Thanks! great video

  11. How do notifications pop up on this. On the Amazfit 1 it was just the first line of the notification and not very good when I had the watch.

  12. Very nice watch indeed. Definitely need that English update though!
    I would like to know the name of the application for windows phones. Please!

  13. No compren nada de geekbuying es una estafa, te cobran por envio rapido y al final ni llega. Ademas que no tienen atención al cliente con el idioma correspondiente. ASI NAAADA DE COMPRAD Y NO SE DEJEN ENGAÑAR

  14. If I buy it with Chinese version would I be able to upgrade it with an English language after or I will be stuck with the Chinese.. 😨

  15. hi! thank for reviewing. how about the english version? could this one be able to updated english firmware version or we must buy another? 🙂

  16. Hi! Nice review!! But as you call it full review, may I suggest some missing information? I would love détails on swimming mode !! Testing of heart rate sensor in a pool, what kind of information are collected in this mode : count of pool lengths? Detect different types of swimming? Etc..

  17. Hi,
    Want to make sure, that's really use Firstbeat Corporation? Can we sync with desktop? Thanks for answer..

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