How Wii Sports TRIGGERS You!

How Wii Sports TRIGGERS You!

Nathaniel Bandy Warning!! The following video is over-exaggerated. Most opinions shared aren’t accurate to my real thoughts and feelings So don’t smack me in the nuts with a wii-mote Okie-Dokie? How Wii sports Triggered You Triggered! The packaging for Wii Sports is awful. All you get is this paper case and not an actual box. I know there’s actual boxes out there but this is what most people have. Put my wrist strap on? Pffft! Please! You cant tell me what to do. I have to press A AND B? Why not just 1 button? This is overly complicated. Oh wow only 5 games. I know this is just a tech demo. But isn’t it just sad that the best selling nintendo game is so underwhelming. Motion Controls. I mean c’mon I kinda had to say that. The idea of exercising, and video games, Put together. Isn’t what I like. I’ll never forget when I first

57 Replies to “How Wii Sports TRIGGERS You!”

  1. 3:23 legend has it that if you look close enough you can see 12 racers do Wuhu Loop on the bridge

  2. What triggers me about this is the TVs I broke by accidentally throwing a Wiimote at it trying to pitch a baseball.

  3. Not gonna lie the tennis game where you need to break the target and the breakable wall is in the back is low key awesome

  4. 3:21 Wii Sports Resort came out before Fruit Ninja… so technically, when you play Fruit Ninja you’re supposed to say “Am I playing Swordplay?”

  5. How dare you even slightly criticize this god game. This was my childhood.

    The regular one and Resprt were, anyway. I never played Club.

  6. I have this game with the cardboard case so I had to put it on top of my othe Wii games I got so the disc won't break

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