How to win with Bad Teammates | Esmeralda Gameplay | Mobile Legends Guide | Eng Sub

How to win with Bad Teammates | Esmeralda Gameplay | Mobile Legends Guide | Eng Sub

what are you going to do if even from the start your teammates are already trashtalking in this mobile legends guide you will know what to do when your teammates are trashtalking from the start it also includes how I use Esmeralda in this game but before we start if you want to join our weekly giveaway what you need to do is Subscribe, Like every video and share it also comment your ID# and In game name but the most important thing is to finish the video I will announce the winner every weekend if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell ok, let’s go! in this game Esmeralda is open it means I was first pick and I won’t be able to adjust to my teammates pick that’s why if you’ll notice our line up, 2 marksman and 2 mage but luckily we have a tank but even if it’s like that, it doesn’t mean we already lose just like what I say on those who asks me how to handle this situation just do what your ROLE is expect that if your line up is like this there will be someone who will trashtalk on your team this is the emblem I chose, this is good because Esmeralda really needs mana now, because we have 2 marksman and 2 mage, there will be someone who will fight for 1 lane this happens because they don’t know how the right picking I will try to make a picking guide to help you understand the basis when picking now, you need to understand that Esmeralda is not that strong in early game and because they have Franco, I need to wait for him to come out before I go out when I saw him on the map it means we can already clear the wave remember that what I need to do here is to get level 4 first before getting into a teamfight I’m going to fast forward on the boring parts here, it’s important for me to last hit the crab to get level 4 you will notice that I didn’t use my 2nd skill yet because I’ll use it to last hit you will notice here that 1 min 17 sec, I’m already level 4 because Thamus is only level 2, it means we can go at him already that’s the advantage when you reach level 4 early you will notice that I used my ultimate on bush, because it’s easier to catch enemies if they can’t see you here, you will notice that my ultimate is near it’s cooldown that’s why I hide on bush so I can easily catch the enemies another thing you need to remember, before using your 2nd skill you must use your 1st skill first but the most important thing is you need to make your 2nd skill hit everytime your 2nd skill hits, the cooldown of 1st skill reduces that’s the reason why they can’t kill me but aside from that, even if we are already in mythic Hayabusa doesn’t know his basic combo if he did the basic combo they could’ve killed me if you want to know the basic combo of Hayabusa you can watch it on my guide, secrets when using Hayabusa now we can already take the turtle you will notice here that Granger is going to trashtalk with the enemy on the early game he was trashtalking with the teammate now it’s with the enemy if you are not used to trashtalking, and also to not ruin your game it’s better to just ignore them there are players who does that to ruin your game here, after taking the turtle, I expect that Bruno will take the mid lane but because even in the picking he didn’t adjust that’s why he chose to fight for the buff instead of farm this is the attitude you need to avoid guys as you rank up, your game should be a team game not for solo while you are still on the low rank you must train yourself to make your game a team game don’t prioritize yourself, you must prioritize your team now, after taking crab we need to think on the next objective we need to take that’s what you must always think, what objective you need to take here, you will notice there’s a teamfight on bottom lane it means we can already take the top lane but I don’t know why Masha still tries to defend this even if we can already take it remember guys, if you can’t defend the tower it’s better to give it up instead of, you defended it but you died and it was still destroyed after clearing the wave we can already back but if you will notice, Franco is alone in top and because he is alone we can already kill him if you will notice I was able to set properly and hit my ultimate if you want to know how to catch enemies easily you can watch the “how to catch enemies with Tigreal” guide that I made you will know there different ways to set properly and because we were able to kill them, we can take their tower again after taking 2nd tower on top, 1st tower on mid is what’s left meaning that’s the next objective we are going to take after taking the mid lane, Turtle is open meaning we need to take turtle next Tigreal is doing a good thing here, from the start he doesn’t stay away from me that’s one of the things you need to remember when you are using a tank if you want to understand what Tanks should be doing I made a tank guide that you can watch you will know in that guide the different things a tank is doing here, you will notice that 3 enemies will come I was about to go back but when I saw my teammates coming that’s why I fight also notice that before they reach me I already used my 1st skill that’s good to already reduce the cooldown of 1st skill before using my 2nd skill that’s another way to make the 1st skill cooldown faster if there’s a Esmeralda on the enemy team what you need to do is stay away from her 2nd skill remember that if you don’t get hit by her 2nd skill, her 1st skill cooldown will not be reduced now, this is my item build if you want to understand how to build items properly, I made an build guide part 1, 2 and 3 that you can watch now, we already destroyed all their 1st and 2nd tower but because the game is still early and we still can’t finish it, we just need to get stronger while we are getting stronger, we also need to reduce their farm that’s why we need to take all their jungle creeps here, we can already take the turtle but Chang’e was caught we were forced to fight but the problem is I made a mistake I wasn’t able to click on my hero lock that’s why my hero was going inside the tower but even if that happens my teammates was able to kill the enemy the trade is 2:3 and my teammates was able to take the turtle here, because I have a huge lead that’s why they are scared but because Hayabusa will get caught by Tigreal and we are able to kill them it means we can already end the game you will notice in this game that I just did my role I reached level 4 early, joined teamfights and take objectives I’m not thinking about my team having 2 marksman or we don’t have a fighter what I think about in this game is we need to win to do that, I just need to do what my role is but not all the time you will win if you do your role the only good thing about that is the chances of you winning is higher when you do your role I just want to remind you guys that our 1000 Diamonds giveaway on facebook is not yet done it means you can still join and because you finished the video, I want the winner of our weekly giveaway is the one who watch the full video for me to know if you really finished the video, you need to find the keyword on this video you need to comment the keyword + ID# and In game name but you should not comment here, comment on our latest weekly giveaway one comment who has the keyword will win our weekly giveaway so if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out

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  2. Your Teamates Are Not That Bad I've Seen FAR WORSE Than Those Teamates…
    As in They will not ADJUST everytime i hook an enemy they will leave me to die
    I Wish I Could go back to legend ;_;

  3. @8:22 @8:22 @8:22 <~~ keyword 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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  4. Ang mahirap pag tank o support ka at mga bubu damage dealers nyo. Ung tipong kahit gano kaganda ang mga set mo as a tank eh wala pa dn kung walang map awareness ung damage dealers.

  5. Master the basic panotice po idol gawa po kayo video kung ano mas mahalaga i max yung emblem o bumili ng hero? Legend rank po ako thank you idol💖😊

  6. Master pwede po ba manghingi ng konting guide.

    Dahil ang role ko ngayon ay tank, mostly mid ang sinusuportahan ko. Paano po gagawin ko kapag ang nag mid ay weak early game (lalo na ang mga MM), hindi sila guaranteed na makakapatay early game kahit na mag lvl 4 na sila kasi nga low damage output pa sila. So ang nangyayari po ay pumupunta ako sa ibang lane para dun mag support, tapos naga gank ang MM dahil nga daw iniwan ko (minsan wala rin sigurong map awareness at hindi maingat)

    Ano po magandang solusyon dun para makapg farm sila ng maayos and at the same time, makatulong sa ibang lanes.

    Salamat po sa guides nyo XD

  7. Ign: Quintessa
    Id: 373165875 (9698)
    Super thank you dito kasi di ko magets bkit hirap ako mgesme simula ng ninerf sya at least ngaun alam ko na objective ko thanks you so much

  8. Bro di naman sa hindi nila alam ang tamang picking. Sabi nga ni batman “They know, they just dont care” mga cancer nga kasi.

  9. really helpful thanks po kuya kasi always ako nagaadjust kadalasan tank ang pina adjust saakin paano best pick ko balmond no.30 balmond sa local rank na hhehehehehe

  10. 150380467 (3228)

    Kahit ano reply ko hindi ko makita yung keyword eheheh sorry tangga lang ako ehehehe

  11. Galing talaga lods bibili din ako ng esme tapos gagayahjn ko kung ano ang dapat gawin ng esme pa level four muna wag muna makipag team fight

  12. medyo matagal na ako nanonood sayo pero ngaun lang ako magcocomment, just keep up at pashoutout din kung maari😊

  13. Yan mahirap pag Pa mythic Or Legend D mga marunong mag adjust. Kahit pala ganon Kailangan Gawin yung role mo at magagawa mong manalo😍 Thanks sa advice master.


  14. Ang mahirap kapag dalawa ang mm sila pa yung dalawa na may retri tas ikaw tong carry na di makakuha ng buff at crab.

  15. tanga pag mythical glory kana never mo magagawa yan hahahah kung gnyn line up ng nakakalabaj namin 7mins tapos agad

  16. Yan yung gustong gusto kong hero. Kaso sad lagi siyang ban. Hahahaha!
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