hello youtube my name is pxelguy and
we are having a pixel perfect day today a really popular question is our topic
for today how to win races in real racing 3? guys
i’m going to give you five tips to win races easily if you want more tips like this
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tip number one: don’t battle the AI I know it sounds strange and you might be
asking if I don’t battle the AI how will I win? no no I’m talking about wheel to wheel battles
where you may contact and damage your car let me explain unfortunately the games AI is really
dumb and has no awareness. it doesn’t care about you going side by side in that shicane in Laguna Seca. the AI car will turn in and you are
getting smashed just dont risk that! always pass them where they are slow or maybe
on the straights and also don’t hit them in rage it will be ninety percent you who
gets f*cked up. AI cars seem to be more heavy or glued to the road when I rage I
mostly regret deep remember to use race restarted twice maybe you’re not as if
your purse research at the end of the race it doesn’t get rated research will be
the same and most important their move the same it comes handy after a starts
because you will what will happen had erased f1 cars fair
at the start the same thing happened a car’s fun and the others collide it took me four starts to figure out
where I can do it absolutely you can check out a race right at the
top bunk so use restart wisely if there is just too hard or impossible to win
just restart the entire game instead of just we’re starting the race so it gets
regenerated tip number three care for your call I know it seems pretty obvious but is
actually not doing that race with an answer is card because its performance
drops a lot most of the time you have no chance of winning the whole
also look after your car racing to sort of performance could be a top tip number
four always try to meet performance require even if you find yourself being
the next to his half of them you can five cars that are much faster spend
that money on your car rightly so that you could become rich by
the way I have a food here dedicated to this copy about becoming rich in mercy
free and you seem to like it a lot tip number five do not drift this game’s
physics are built for track racing and it does not favorite drifted our slides i moved to uncontrollable and
cost a lot of time so the fun doesn’t work try to drive like in DTM or formula
1 me all the a taxis and carry the most speed through the corners so guys these
very my tips for you today if you enjoy the video don’t forget to smack you like
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  1. If you slow down the bots enough you can win plenty of races in an unserviced car. You can get the AI down enough to even win speed snaps/records in a trashed car.

  2. maybe it me but i had trouble hearing you, you mix was not very good, too much car sound. will try to see if i can do what i think you said…

  3. Here's my tip just buy the mechanic each race and only him in career and take all short cuts and fuck up the car it doesn't matter because you have a mechanic to fix it free if you win

  4. Record with a better microphone in a closed room, I meant cut off the external noises. You could also reduce volume of the gadget, coz sound effects ain't important than the information you are giving, sorry if, I was harsh

  5. of course drifting is not worth it because it's supposed to be a circuit racing game not a street racing game where you can do whatever you want

  6. A tip for drifting I use on turns just let the car slide do not break you slide farther. It's simple when you see the car. I don't use assits I hate the break assits so much.

  7. rr3 still manages to bit grid autosport interms of graphics despite the fact that it has a lower space consumption….feral tried with the f1 16,they got beat clean by rr3,now grid….

  8. I always try to get as close as I can to first place in the first lap it makes it easier to win the race

  9. If they're easy ones you win races with and unserviced car then you don't have to wait for it to be serviced (we can sometimes take up to 5 hours)

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