How To Win Big On Football Bets -(How To Bet On Football)

How To Win Big On Football Bets -(How To Bet On Football)

How To Win Big On Football Bets How To Win Big On Football Bets How To Win Big On Football Bets How To Win Big On Football Bets

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  7. I have done this and picked losers of 4 in a row every other week! Lost thousands! Look at opening week 2018 the browns covered against the Steelers. The browns haven’t won a game since2016 yet they covered the first 2weeks ! Who would pick them bums. The bucks 10 point underdogs with a back up quarterback beats drew Bree’s at home yet! Betting is for fools You never win

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  19. I bet 500 bucks tonight that there was going to be at least three goals in the Barcelona match and at least two goals in the Napoli match and I won 400 bucks, Napoli match was 2-1 and the Barcelona match was 3-1 so it was a nice little double, hehehe

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  27. I’ve tried this method on roulette and lost all my money. Yes the probably you won’t lose every game is true but you need a massive bank roll. I betted on red, and kept doubling up each time It landed on black, the ball landed on black 13 times in a roll, the bet started from £5, by the 13th bet I have totally friend my bank account. You need at least £10,000 bank roll to apply this method or at least have a chance of succeeding

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