How to Wear Black Lipstick | Makeup Tutorials

How to Wear Black Lipstick | Makeup Tutorials

Hi, I’m Patricia Longo and I’m a celebrity
make-up artist. I’ve worked with models from Sports Illustrated
like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson to Alec Baldwin at 30 Rock. All those things that experts do that the
average person doesn’t know how to do, we’ll learn how to do it on these videos. Black lipstick usually give a goth look, almost
like Lady Gaga these days. If you take the black eyeliner and use it
like a lip liner and you shape your lips with that first. And then, you put the black lipstick on. But when you do black lips, it’s a very goth
look, which means the rest of your face should be pale. No blush, nothing else. Just those black goth lips. And you can do smokey eyes, as well. And that gives you a Lady Gaga look if you’re
going for that.

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  1. A tip for those that are trying to learn how to wear black lipstick. DONT LISTEN TO THIS WOMAN!!!!!
    Lady Gaga? Goth? Black lipstick should only be for pale skin? Oh no. She should just stick to celebrity make up look. Leave the goth make up to those that know how it works. I'm Hispanic that wears black lipstick and there is no way that I'm going to pale my face to wear black lipstick. You can wear black lipstick with any skin color. Just learn how to make it work.

  2. I see what she means, but this video was too short for her speech to make real sense. Clearly, when you wear a black lip you can make it look goth, or not. It depends. And no, miss Gaga does not come to mind, but this is not important. What is important is, that wearing a black lipstick will not NECESSARILY make you look goth, no more than a blue or burgundy lip. It depends on the rest of the makeup and also, very importantly, your clothing. Clearly, if you wear all black (as I usually do lol) you can end up looking goth. But if you, for example, wear blue or pastel pink or burnt orange, you should be able to avoid the gothic look.

    Not that there is anything wrong with a gothic look. I used to love it, and still do, but it is just difficult to pull off for most people.

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