How To Ride Through The Trees | Shred Hacks

How To Ride Through The Trees | Shred Hacks

look at this this is magical the magic of the forest I love tree writing [Music] at the beginning of the season I spent my life in the trees because that’s where I’ll be getting the perfect board control getting stuck in the woods is a bit annoying so if you carry speed that will avoid any problem and then there is the bulldozer butcher mode which will allow you to go through any kind of big bushes so for that you need a lot of speed you need to put your helmet on and you need to just throw your board in front of you [Music] in the would always take spare beanie spare Google’s spur net warmer and spare gloves so that way you can last the whole day [Music] tree writing is quite fun and pretty inoffensive it feels but there are still a few potential dangers which you might want to look at really it’s easy to get stuck in the woods and if you’re alone no one is gonna know where you are so try to write always with someone keep some eye contact noise contact quite dangerous too for those guys you fall headfirst and if it happens don’t panic don’t try to to move too much because you’re just gonna make it worse try to hang yourself and use the tree to get out and most of all try to get help from someone else so once again stay in connection with the others at the beginning of the season when the snowpack is thin there could be a lot of things under the snow which you can heat like tree stumps metal poles or anything like this so stay light on your feet maybe try to stay above your board so that if you have to go and hit something it will just bounce through and then be careful as a snowboarder to not let your knee hang outside and get caught onto something because this could be the end of your snowboarding [Music] so there are a few objects that are mandatory for you safety so first of all the helmet like hitting a tree with your head and not having anyone know where you are at is a very easy and common thing number two having a communication device so which is your telephone being able to call for help super important number three digital map in the forest everything looks exactly the same and sometimes you could be above exposure or lost so if you want to explore nice to use a mapping system so to know my position is very up I press on the arrow tells me exactly where I am and I know I’m very close to the lift I know where I’m at and last but not least so you have the traditional whistle which is pretty handy too to let people know where you’re at and then there’s the digital whistle which will send your position to the rescue and let them know where you’re at just trigger it and they’ll know you have a problem and they’ll come and find you [Music] pretty good part of the book it is to have a skier with you to make the trail using poles is pretty handy I love you yes you will have a massage yes you will have a massage tonight time to get in those trees enjoy as much as you can go faster and faster and you’ll see you’re gonna get light speed turning and control under your feet you’re gonna wake up and get out there into the montains feeling so strong and so fast and you’re gonna have a blast [Music] you

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  1. I'm really scared of going too fast and hitting a tree. I always ride on my back leg, through the steeper sections which makes my leg tired, but then i can't control where I'm going or i end up going too slow and have to dig myself out. How do i fix this so i can control my speed, but be going fast enough so i don't get stuck?

  2. The thing with riding deep powder is if you're riding with too much weight on your front foot, you're going to end up digging in your tip and getting stuck.

  3. Ola red bull tenho um sonho de me tornar um free running professional séria um privilégio muito grande fazer parte da red bull…..tenho meus videos se quiserem ver….

  4. and don't go if it's frozen (unless you go slowly and have very good control of your board) bause a small bump that you though you would flatten out like snow might make you bounce in a tree, this is super dangerous !

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