[Music] basically I twisted my knee they took me here in an ambulance and the messed up thing is that I have a crack so now we’re just gonna check it not gonna lie that’s quite a lot [Music] today we’re gonna learn how to recover from a sports injury because most athletes in our case football players suffer some sort of an injury during their careers and very important to know how to deal with those setbacks for you to bounce back and get back on the pitch stronger than before and to help us out we’re gonna hear advice from the one and only Eden Hazard as well as myself because for the past two years I’ve been dealing with my knee injury that has so far taken me through two surgeries and months and months of rehab so this is how to recover from an injury [Music] number one rest when you’re out injured the only thing you want to do is get back on the training ground but keep in mind that whether you’re fresh out of surgery or just strain your muscle a little bit resting is the crucial first step in your recovery and sure you might be able to push through the pain and continue practicing but you’ll most likely end up making the situation worse for yourself day one of recovery I’m not gonna lie I made quite a lot of pain today even the smallest movement hurts like good advice here is to pay attention to the level of pain if the pain doesn’t seem to go away over time that’s basically your body telling you dude it’s time to rest and let’s be honest here for most of us active footballers resting is one of the hardest things to do but it’s the first step in every successful recovery period so don’t be afraid to take some time off I have to ask you about your injury I know you had a little setback with your ankle so how does a professional footballer actually you know recover from an injury what’s the first step first you need to run because when you don’t have injured you don’t know how to deal with it yeah you just need to learn to be you know like your patient because as long is along injury three months and then you just need to focus on the recovery you know we have a lot of physios so we can work in the booth way with Chelsea that’s that’s quite good [Music] number two rehab rehab is hands-down the most important part of recovery if you don’t rehab your injury properly chances are you won’t get back to your old physical level now proper rehab doesn’t mean exercising once a week no you need to dedicate time for your rehab exercises every single day basically how my whole physiotherapy thing works is I go in there twice a week and then the exercises he shows me I need to do the next couple of days the rehab process usually focuses on two main areas one increasing range of motion and to rebuilding strength to the injured area of your body and depending on your injury this very annoying period can take anywhere from just few weeks to a full year but the sooner you start and the more dedicated you are the better the end result is gonna be now if you’re experiencing an injury that is not healing do some research on physical therapy facilities around your area these places will be able to help you with a rehab plan and get you started I have a problem with my knee only thing I hope is that there’s nothing wrong with my knee otherwise I’m gonna have to get another surgery that would suck number three stay focused and stay positive I know we’ve all heard this phrase a million times it’s such a cliche but having the right mindset is a major key during your recovery period sure you’ll have plenty of days when you’re feeling down and it sucks not being able to do simple things such as walking or even kicking a ball and the worst thing is that you still ten more months away from your full recovery but don’t worry it will get better look how much thinner my left thigh already is trying to round yourself with supportive people who want to see you succeed and while you can’t be out on the beach helping the team use this period of time to also focus on other things in life that make you happy and keep you busy really really you’re gonna make me do this hold my beer hold my beer being sad losing focus and feeling less motivated always results in lack of training and Rehab and lack of training and Rehab always leads to a prolonged recovery which is the last thing anybody wants so stay on the right track even though you’re doing the same damn exercises week after week it’ll be worth it how do you stay motivated throughout the process because it is tough when you can’t play yeah because you miss football and you just want to be back on the pitch that’s the only thing I’m just looking forward to be on the pitch you know with my teammates the fans I just want to be there with them no matter what it’s all good we’re making progress and it’s amazing to be back on the pitch number 4 minimize future risk while this might seem obvious a lot of people he’ll do too much too fast stop their rehab and end up getting injured again remember that even though you’ve done your rehab for the right amount of time don’t rush into things especially when you’ve been out of action for months and I know it’s hard for me personally patience has been the biggest challenge during my recovery because you want to do so many things you’ve always done but have to hold back and knowing your limits is more important than ever when you’re slowly starting your normal training again and to prevent any further injuries from happening try and identify how you got injured in the first place did you do something wrong did you not warm up properly and is there something you can do to not let this happen again these are important questions to think about because it’s first when you’re injured that you truly start appreciating being healthy don’t break it muster and that wraps up today’s video I honestly hope you never have to experience a serious injury in your career but even if you’re watching this with a broken ankle or have a major surgery coming up in two months time don’t worry take responsibility stay on track follow these steps and the recovery will be worth it in the long run make sure to subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos and share this episode with your friend that needs an extra push on his road to recovery and with those words arm outs


  1. broke my fibula while playing soccer. basically i jump and land with one leg but i slipped and sat on my other leg then i heard a loud crack sound, it was so pain but i tried to stand up and walk but i could't walk so ambulance came and in hospital i put on a plastic cast for 2 weeks, changed a new cast and have it for 3 weeks, now im off the cast and i can walk again but cant play sport and its been 2 weeks now !!!!!!! soooo depressed.

  2. I tore my acl and meniscus 2 weeks ago and up until now I honestly have felt awful just sad and depressed after watching this I’m full of hope and can’t wait to begin my comeback.

  3. Tore my acl a 2 weeks ago. I need surgey. I was playing in UPSL soccer league. ANd im not going to lie im 21 and depression hit me pretty hard. I havent had surgery cause i dont have insurance. So the proccess for me will be around 10-11 months before im able to step on the field again, and im just thinking that its my dream is gone. But all this is just going to make me stronger. Im going to get back up and im going to push myself to greatness.

  4. how can these professional players have a problem when it's sure they will get better. They have plenty of money and back up from their team.Money talk.s.Here I am stuck with no money to buy medication for starters 🙁

  5. I’m a 14 year old goalkeeper who suffered a meniscus tear in my right knee. Currently I’m about 4 months post operation and starting to get back into normal activities such as passing an dribbling still no jumping and diving until February sadly!! To anyone that’s reading that’s hurt wish you a speedy recovery!!!

  6. I have had an injury for nearly 3 years in my heel and because of that I have a knee injury in both knees which I have had for 6 months now

  7. I injured my knee. When i jumped i landed bad i play basketball not football but its the same i havent played for 2 months and i want to play really bad. The doctor said i would be able to play in 1month if i rest good but after 1 month first i would train for like a month because i dont want to get injured again. Thank you for every advice in this video.

  8. Maneee I broke my clavicle on the 26th of October and got surgery on the 11th of November and it’s been ass not being able to play again , High school season starts next month and damn being Injured sucks

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  10. I suffered a cartilage injury on my knee in September 2017 playing football and had to have surgery. Today I was allowed to have a little 2 minute run for the first time! Now, I'm more motivated than ever to get back on the pitch!

  11. I am 11 years old and my left knee acl is torn I am still recovering from it and the worst part is I have to rest and miss my training

  12. I just had Acl reconstruction surgery 6 days ago…!
    I’m really optimistic and I just want to start my rehab.!
    It took 5 years for me to finally get the surgery done but now that it is done, I feel relieved rather than depressed. I just hope everything from here on goes well and I never have to go through this again.!

  13. i say cleats instead of the sock like ankle thing they should istead make it a anckle guard .. do i make my self clear

  14. thank you for uploading this video its really going to help me, but the thing that shocks me is ,I pulled the muscle behind my knee after giving a long pass just because I didn't stretch, silly mistake

  15. I broke my ankle two weeks ago and will be out for at least another 4 months ? this video is really helping me- thank you ♥️

  16. I just brok my ankle 2weeks a go and I can't even walk…. I broket Wahl playing football ..maaaan theirs 4months to go ….

  17. So I injured my knee if I did indeed tear my ACL and mcl I will just be greatful to start playing again, but not gonna take it as serious as before

  18. I was at a soccer practice and when I kicked the ball I felt something in my quadriceps. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be that player who always complaint about how they are hurting somewhere so I hardly finished my practice even if I felt the pain growing. I didn’t play for two day but I played again with my other team. I had warned my coach I got lightly injured but that I should be fine now. I started warning up and took a shot: I held my tigh from the pain but told my team I was fine. I played 5minutes and took another shot and collapse on the groung from the pain. We hardly beat the weakest team on the ligue. I could hardly walk after that day. I didn’t play for a week and didn’t feel any pain at all at this point until we started warming up. In the game I took a shot and once again held my tigh from the pain. I stopped playing and we lost 4-1. It was the first defeat of the season against a preatty weak team. I played two days later with the same team against one of the best team in the ligue. I had told my coach to make me play defence so I would not have to kick the ball and maybe I would be fine. The first goal got in because I wasnlt able to kick the ball away but I kept playing through the pain. Finaly we won with the help of two new players. I didn’t play for over two weeks and didn’t feel any pain but my leg had gotten weak. I did the chair for 3min in PE and I was so sore I thought I got injured another time. After I had a practice with the team I was playing with when I got injured and told them about what happened and that I was comming back from it. I played and even took shots without any problem. I practice two days later with the other team, took a shot and once again held my leg from the pain so I took it easy for the rest of the practice. I finaly went to see an osteopathe and he told me I would be able to play two days later wich is today. Sadly he was wrong. More over I am scared to pass the ball: it’s impossible trying to do something when for the last month and half, when you do that mouvement, you feel as if you were stabbed in the leg. My injury is starting to hurt me mentally and physically. Also I don’t know when I will be okay but I took a an appointment with a physio but it’s hard to cure an injury you don’t really feel.

  19. I have a question and i want an answer please
    2 weeks ago i was playing football
    I did not warm up and i started shooting the ball and crossing then the back of my thigh started hurting every time i cross a ball
    For the past 2 weeks i was resting and putting the ice under my thigh and putting a bandage around it please help
    I want to get back on the pitch

  20. I am a goalkeeper and my right hand wrist injured. I have been out for remaining matches ? ? ?

  21. I just had surgery a week ago and it definitely sucks not being able to play the sport I love, I'm trying to be patient with it but it just sucks, its probably the worst thing that ever happened to me yet.

  22. Very inspiring…..but I'm facing a situation right now…..I really need help cause I just had the worst game of my life…I need help to change my mentality ..I'm really down right now… please help with a Footballer Mentality video?????

  23. got hit by a metal rod while playing after 4 month got ankle ligament tear grade 3 on another leg trying my best in rehab now !! 🙂

  24. I injured my hip flexors recently, it isn't much but it sucks not playing. The reason is because I didn't warm up at all before football, and I was frustrated not getting good shots, so I put all my anger on my leg and so I sprained it or something like that. I only had to sit out for a couple weeks but it still sucks not to play for even a day

  25. any tips from musculoskeletal strain knee injury?? i want recover fast tbh resting makes me bore.. can't workout, can't practice.

  26. Hi, I’m a 13 year old girl soccer player.
    6 weeks ago, i was at soccer practice, we played a game, and i was just about to score, and i fell… my patella dislocated. And at that moment, i knew that i wasn’t gonna be able to play for some weeks. It was like all that i’ve been working for the last 8 months was gone in 2 seconds.
    I’ve f*cked something up in my right knee, and i may need surgery.
    I hate resting, but i know i’ll have to:/
    I’m gonna see an orthopedic surgeon soon, and i’m about to die because i’m so nervous for the answers.

  27. “Today we’re gonna learn how to recover from a sports injury…”

    “Number 1: get the injury…”

    breaks leg

  28. I am suffering from a knee I since 1 year and 1 week currently . I twisted my knee in a football match and my knee often gets stuck and locks which doesn't seem to go awayy

  29. Thanks man I was out with a dislocated knee for a hole year it really helped man but when I came back to my first match I injured my ankle but I watch alot thanks man you legend

  30. I have a metal plate in my ankle and I enjoy playing soccer but it hurts when I kick the ball, if I take out the plate will it eventually stop hurting?

  31. Recovering from something like a
    cruciate ligament injury. Made me harder and stronger. I missed one season but now I am in full beast mode and ready.

  32. fractured my ankle, first ever injury ive been through. Not gonna lie, i feel like shit mentally, i dont want to lose game time and all the progress ive gained

  33. I also twisted my knee and I can still walk but the bad thing is, if I try to shoot a football, my knee got so weak and then I fell, what should I do guys? Should I sit at home do nothing or go to the hospital??

  34. Recently I broke my fibula unluckily while learning a cork, I was so goddam close lmao. Mad respect for you athletes who pull through this shit, stay strong

  35. I didn't rest or gave up after a twisted knee and ankles I continued and kept on going and going my teammates needs me and I can't let them down like last year I can't just sit and rest and watch my teammates lose

  36. 6:27 Now i have that knee injured but not to bad.What i want to say here is THANK YOU to Unisport for upload this video. Because i'm just a kid player on football

  37. I’ve just torn my acl so I’m going to be out for at least 9 months and I used to play football everyday so hard not being able to play football

  38. My jaw was ripped off,
    had a blow on my ear.
    And wid a knucklebuster on my stomach.
    My butts had lost the control

    But then too i am so interested in playing football right now

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