How to record shows, sports, events, and movies with YouTube TV | US only

How to record shows, sports, events, and movies with YouTube TV | US only

With YouTube TV, you never have
to miss an episode, movie, or game by recording them to your library. First of all, it’s important to note that recording
doesn’t take up any space on your device. and you can record
as many programs as you like. Remember, you still need to be connected
to the Internet to view a recorded program. To add a program to your library,
tap the plus icon next to the program title. This will record
all current and upcoming airings. Your live TV recordings
will be saved for 9 months while on-demand programs will vary. To remove a program from your library just select the Remove icon
next to the title on the program page. The show will no longer be recorded but your recorded programs
will still be available until they expire. When you’re ready to watch a recording,
visit your library by tapping the Library tab. Sports recordings are usually extended
30 minutes beyond the scheduled end time just in case the games run long. But sometimes, YouTube TV
will detect the specific end time of the game and extend the recording until then. All other recordings are extended
1 minute past the scheduled end time. If you add a show to your library all upcoming airings and reruns
will be recorded automatically. Remember, you can’t record a single episode but with YouTube
taking care of your recording space why not record them all? If you’re a sports fan, you can
add your favorite teams to your library and any games available
in your area will be recorded. On some occasions,
certain sporting events may not be available. For one-off events, like award shows,
just add the event to your library. If you’ve added a program to your library you’ll be able
to watch DVR recordings by default so you can skip ads,
and pause and rewind your recordings. Sometimes, recorded content
may still have unskippable ads due to network requirements. When you’re on the Home tab
of the YouTube TV mobile app long press on any program’s thumbnail to open a menu that includes options
like adding a program to your library. If you add a program to your library
while an episode is in progress your recording will start
from the time you added the program. If a rerun of the episode airs your partial recording
will be replaced by the full episode. That’s it. Remember, subscribe
to our channel for more tips and tricks. Thanks for watching!

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  9. I've added a show to my library but it is NOT putting new recordings in the "New in Your Library" section. Something's wrong because it used to work. Now I have to go to the "Shows" section, open the show up and search on and on for recent episodes, which brings me to another complaint. Why on earth don't they list the episodes by the most recent. Instead they are in there any old way and you have to go on and on down the line to look for the one that was on last night rather than the one that recorded a month or two ago. That's just ridiculous. Someone at YouTube needs to figure out how to make that happen; it's one of the biggest flaws IMO.

  10. I cannot find an add/remove button on any of the screen (Library, Home, Live) only the wording add to library or stop recording??

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