Hey guys! In this video series we’re going
to be showing you everything you need to start a gaming channel on YouTube.
You don’t necessarily need to be a good gamer to have a successful channel. In fact, a lot
of people watch channels based on the personality of the gamer they’re watching or the production
value of their videos. In this series, we’re going to leave it up to you to add your own
creativity and personal flair to your channel and we’re going to focus on the technical
stuff. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be
releasing a bunch of tutorials showing you how to start your gaming channel using free
software, covering things like: recording gameplay footage in OBS, getting your audio
just right in Audacity, creating picture in picture and green screen effects in HitFilm
Express, and a whole lot more. Before we get started we’ve teamed up with
AMD to bring you guys an exclusive prize draw. Download the latest version of HitFilm Express,
our all-in-one editor, compositor and VFX software from the card on-screen or the link
in the description and you’ll be entered in with a chance to win an awesome gaming PC
courtesy of Armari and AMD. Today we’re going to be looking into the
first step: recording your footage. There’s are a lot of options when recording your footage
and in this seriese’ll be focused on PC gaming specifically but if you are recording
on a console the process is somewhat similar. To record our screen we’re going to be using
OBS, which is a free open-source program designed for recording and streaming. You can download
it at Select the installer for your operating system, then once downloaded
run it on your computer. * We are going to be recording the voiceover
today as well but we’ll be covering that in a separate tutorial as there’s a lot
to cover in getting the audio right. * Once it’s installed, open up OBS. Let’s
go into the Settings, Video tab. The Base Resolution should be set to the same size
as your monitor. If you want to output a smaller resolution in the final recording, you can
set that in the second field. You can change the recorded frames per second in the last
tab here. A black screen and no source means that OBS
doesn’t know what you want it to capture. Come down to the plus icon under the Sources
window and select Display Capture. Click OK. If you’re using more than one monitor you
can select which one OBS will focus on. Checkmark whether or not you want to capture the mouse
cursor, then press OK again. If you don’t see anything, check the troubleshooting link
in the description for more info if you have 2 GPUs in your computer.
If for some reason your capture isn’t filling up the screen, you can use the red handles
to grow and reposition it. You can also right-click the Display Capture and go into the Transform
section for quick adjustments. Control F will fit to screen quickly.
It’s worth mentioning that there is an auto-configuration wizard if you don’t want to dive into OBS’s
encoding settings right away. It can be found under Tools, Auto-Configuration. Note that
this doesn’t assist with your scene or source setup.
If you have audio playing and see the colored bar jumping, that means that OBS will record
the sound that your computer plays. Click the speaker icon to turn it off mute it.
Let’s go into the OBS settings and make sure everything will come out looking good.
Under Output, the first thing you want to look at is the Video Bitrate. Under Output,
come down into the Recording section. The Recording Path is where on your computer the
footage will go when you stop recording. Change this to wherever is most convenient for you.
Next is the Recording Quality. You’ll need to test the options and find what works best
for you, based on what kind of quality you want to see and how much disk space you have
for large file sizes. We’ll leave the Recording Quality to be
the same as the stream, and the format to mp4, since this is a common format it’ll
be compatible with a lot of editing software. For the format, we recommend using either
flv or mkv. This is because those formats won’t lose the data if something goes wrong,
like your computer shuts down or OBS crashes. HitFilm can’t currently read these formats,
but there’s an easy fix. In the Advanced section under Recording, checkmark Automatically
remux to mp4. This will also create an mp4 which can easily be read by HitFilm.
With all of our settings optimized, we’re ready to begin recording our screencapture.
If you’re not looking to record a voiceover alongside it, go to the bottom right, under
Controls, and click Start Recording. When you’re done, hit Stop Recording.
The screen capture can be found in the location you specified in the settings earlier.
Remember that when you download HitFilm Express you’ll be entered into our prize draw to win an exclusive gaming PC courtesy of Armari and AMD. The deadline for this prize draw is September 29th, 2019. We really hope this first video has helped get you started with your YouTube gaming channel. Join us in the next video where we’re going to make the audio sound perfect. We’ll see you then.

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  1. Great guide, just what my friend needed to help get him started. i couldn’t be assed to compile and summarise all the information for him so thank you for making a video with all of it in

  2. For me I'd have streamed CS:GO/Apex Legends however the reason Fortnite was chosen is down to popularity and it appeals to a wider age range, this works with both YouTube for avoiding age restrictions for FXhome and the YouTube algorithm as Fortnite is still the most streamed game to date;

  3. Man, why does everyone use obs?, if I only install obs my computer starts getting the blue screen of death every few minutes. well thanks for the video anyways.

  4. When I was editing my videos with hit film this would have helped a lot… I guess it's better late than never right? ??‍♂️

  5. I know I'm early but recording and editing audio with Audacity is annoying. Investing in a decent DAW like Reaper is totally worth it.
    Audacity's edits are destructive. You can send your output to a vfx track and modify things like the equalizrer on the go. If you change equalizer settings it modifies the audio file.

    I use Audacity at work for the odd bit of audio works (couple of times a year) but for my Video work sideline, I use Reaper, makes my life so much better.

  6. Hey guys! This is a great tutorial! Obs has helped me a lot. For the hitfilm express gaming PC giveaway, does it only apply to new hitfilm users? Or anyone who has downloaded the software?

  7. it would be a good idea to changes the base canvas size to the resolution you'll be streaming at. all of that is rendered on the graphics card, so the less scaling it has to do the better.

  8. My friend has been using OBS to record clips and Google Drive to share them with me, we have noticed that they can take many hours, even up to 12 or more. And was wondering if there’s a better and quicker way to share those clips so I can edit them?

  9. Hi, btw. You should never use display capture, as it eats resources like crazy. If you have Slower PC, you can try recording on a GPU, in a software that came with it. If you don't have a gpu, then use Gamecapture in obs, setting the game to fullscreen. YOU SHOULD NEVER USE DISPLAY CAPTURE.

  10. Hey I can't wait to see the next video! I loved it!

    I also have a YouTube Channel where I make Stop Motion videos with Lego and I would appreciate it if you could check out and perhaps tell me your opinion!

    I hope you have a good day!

  11. So people who already use Hitfilm can't enter? And people who aren't even interested in the giveaway enter as well as they download Hitfilm?
    Really could use the 500 GB SSD in the PC for my recordings XD

  12. Great software! I was able to stream Youtube easily and without the need for a video capture card. Thank you!

  13. Nice.
    A few challenges I encountered and overcame while using OBS on a laptop with an integrated 1060 GTX are:

    – In case the game recording is black, right click on the OBS icon, and select and define the default GPU. If you record something from a browser, and it stays black, the desktop might be rendered via the integrated GPU. Same thing, select the integrated GPU then.
    – I had issues with recording using display capture, thus I'm using "Game Capture" or "Window Capture". You might need to add an Audio capture source.
    – Disabling preview reduces the time to render a frame by a factor of three, thus I eliminated loss due to render lag. Right click on the preview, disable it.
    – If you use an NVIDIA card, try using the new NVIDIA NVENC encoder. Under Output, set output mode to advanced. Select the Recording tab, pick the Encoder.
    – While you are here, Hitfilm had issues with my recording, so I set rate control to CBR, using a bitrate of 30000, and added a key frame interval of 1. No need to process the recording using Handbreak.

    Hope this helps.
    – Ray

  14. As I understand it, the better option is the "Game Capture" source as "Display capture" is more intensive?

    Only use "display capture" if game capture fails to get anything for example, games like Apex, Division 2, Black Desert all fail to capture using Game capture method because of Panda Anti cheat (in my experience).

  15. Yeah I use OBS only because NOTHING ELSE IS FREE AND WORKS. For me OBS records at extremely low quality and idk if it's the mic or OBS but the mic is also recorded horribly. I don't know if it's my PC but OBS just isn't for me, if anyone knows any free screen recorders that are good for low end PC's please tell me one

  16. I've been doing youtube for 2 years and have been recording game footage with fraps and webcam with OBS. Only with streaming do I put both in OBS. Is there a way to record separate files in OBS for gaming and webcam at the same time?

  17. would use OBS but it doesn't work on my PC I plan to find a new recording software so I can record and upload game play on my channel it would be appreciated if someone could reply to my comment if you have a good recording software I can use without my PC shutting off. Thank you. 🙂

  18. Hello! I recently downloaded hitfilm 13 but it is not installing.After i click on installer it showed "This installation package could not be opened.Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package." Please Help me.

  19. For years I've been using OBS to record all of my video tutorials (including ones on HitFilm) I really like how well it works. The only thing I wish it had was a pause button. If I need to stop for a second the only thing I can do is stop recording, then start again. Which makes multiple MP4 files.

  20. The base canvas should NOT "per se" be the display resolution, but instead the resolution of your game window.
    Leading to number two: Why would I choose "display capture" over "game capture"?

  21. I downloaded HitFilm Express today! Does that mean I entered the giveaway? Just curious, not really the reason why I downloaded it. I just needed a COOL video editor software. :3
    I have OBS Studio and HitFilm Express. I am happy with it.

  22. Started editing few months ago glad i choose Hitflim Express.Downloading the new version excited to see what's new 😀

    The software makes me fell like a pro already but my device discourages me a lot. Hope I can win the giveaway to experience the full potential of Hitflim

    Fingers crossed.

  23. Nice. It did help get me started. I recorded Skyrim VR with me and Lydia infiltrating a Dangeon on the way to kill Alik'r (that won't leave a Redguard woman alone). It captured audio as well, and I am very happy with quality despite 2k res and 20 apps open. My youtube channel will blow up with all kinds of gameplay. Thanks. p.s. – for anybody I recommend 16 GB system RAM and 11 GB VRAM, CPU can be just i5.

  24. I wish I watched this video earlier ☹️ I could do with that computer so bad. My pc is terrible and i can’t edit in hitfilm ?

    Amazing tutorial tho!!! ❤️

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