How to Play Squash

How to Play Squash

How to Play Squash. Squash is a fast-paced game, so keep your
eyes on the ball and follow these simple steps. You will need A squash racket A squash ball
A squash court and an opponent. Step 1. Hold the racket with a tight grip. Hit the ball onto the front wall above the
service line in the squash court. The ball must bounce in the quarter court
where your opponent is standing, unless they volley. Step 2. Your opponent returns the serve by hitting
the ball before it bounces on the floor, called a volley, or after it has bounced once. The ball must hit the front wall below the
out line, but may hit the back or side walls first. Learn your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Step 3. Alternate hitting the ball with your opponent. Step 4. Change servers when the ball bounces more
than once, bounces before hitting the wall, or goes out of bounds. Give your opponent room to take their shot;
if interference occurs, it is a let and the point is replayed. Step 5. Give a scoring point only to the server. The first player to nine points is the winner. Squash matches usually have five games. Did you know Squash originated in London in
the nineteenth century.

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  1. 100000'0000''00000000 veiwer jkjk i dont think there is a vid on youtube with that many views if there is please tell me and tumb this up

  2. seems like how cast has out sourced their business, more indians then americans feature in the videos these days, some cost cutting

  3. @lOkanl you'd be suprised XD when there's not much to do where u live but a free gym with that type of court and free renting of gear, and you've done everything else to do, you'll do that XD tho its alot more fun just to invent your own rules or play with the echoing sound with small instruments or objects XD

  4. for those who find this difficult. it is honestly not at all. its a quicker version of tennis but with a wall hitting the ball back and the opponent by your side rather than in front. maybe they explained it too quick for the noobs :/

  5. obviously you've never really played this game.. atleast not vs someone who's as good or better than you..

  6. This is not wall tennis , this is squash , . Howcast ' s explanation for squash was mostly for begginers who want to learn to beat their 55 year old father . You will understand the sport more if you undergo proper training and for those who call it wall tennis and say it's easy , friendly reminder that you play cards as a sport

  7. "Squash is a fast paced game so keep your eyes on the ball." proceeds to show fast, randomly-cut camera angles that induce headaches

  8. Basically handball with tennis rackets and a smaller ball and five hundred added layers of difficulty. Seems about right.

  9. Loved the video. it was as fast and dexteriouse as the game it self. Its fast and hard but allowed for really good sportsmanship.

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