How to Play Indoor Soccer : Shooting in Indoor Soccer

How to Play Indoor Soccer : Shooting in Indoor Soccer

In this clip we are going to talk about shooting.
There are many different ways you can shoot the ball. But we are going to focus on two.
One is using the instep of your foot. And this is basically used for placement. This
is so you can put the ball to the left, to the right, maybe a little up in the air, and
up into the corners or what-not. We are also going to be talking about using your laces.
And what this does is it generates a lot of power. It might not be as accurate but if
you kick it with your laces and get good contact on it, the goalie has a lot less time to react
to your shot. So a shot that is not as accurate can still get by the goalie whereas using
your instep is much more accurate pinpoint, but just not as much power. Now when kicking
with your instep, what you want to do is approach the ball with your foot opens so you can direct
the ball corner to corner. When you kick with your laces, you want to make sure that you
land on your kicking foot, as demonstrated. Along with shooting with your feet, you can
also use your head. Now you can use either the front of your head or the back of your
head; it doesn’t really matter. Also, beyond using maybe just like your legs obviously,
you can use any part of your body like in here: your chest, like the very upward top
part of your shoulder; and you can’t use any part of your arms, so pretty much where your
shoulder starts you know you can’t really use any of that. But like I said, top of the
shoulders and your head and anything down here can also be used to score.

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  2. wtf? TALKING about football is easy, i can yap bullshit about it all day, you cant play for shit. STOP making bullshit videos, my 2 year old can teach me what you just did, waste of time video.

  3. I hope the retards know that he they didn't use the instep but they used the side of their foot instead…… What a disgrace to americans i'm even ashamed

  4. I hope you know, your instep is your laces…..not the inside bottom of your foot, and also you ALWAYS want to head the ball with your forehead…any place else where (side of head or back) will do damage to your brain. 😉

  5. ur surely american dudes, cause u fucking suck at football… the europeans will allways be the best football player than americasn

  6. @9BLAZED9 have you even seen a soccer match.
    these players are all white and are some of the best players in the world

  7. @sk8cool619
    dont dis that. it takes some skill to do that. i bet u couldnt do
    any better.


  8. i think out of everyone in the world Americans are the LAST that should teach fútbol…
    enserio esto es mierda mi primo de 6 años juega mejor que estos boludos

  9. "where your shoulder starts, and your arm, you cant really use any of that"… what a joke. and it does sort of matter whether or not you use the back of the head then the front

  10. @andyfayuk
    we're not all incompetent. i'm sure there's one or two Europeans who know how to explain American football quite well.

  11. I'm generally quite proud to be an American, but, wow! Just wow! Classic tutorial. This is going on my favorites list fo sho.

  12. Why do all the damn Brits on here gotta be talking trash. Just talk about how bad Americans are then think that you'll never go pro either because i can guarantee that almost all of you are just insecure children trying to find a sense of power on the internet.

  13. Are you guys really saying Americans suck? Wow. Im pretty sure you stupid kids couldn't take any of our pro soccer players. Unless your comparing them to other countries that are good like demsey to messi then go ahead and say we suck but compared to you people who can't play shut the fuck up

  14. thats the point…im an american and italian citizen and what i've noticed is that first italian explain soccer…and thats good! americans explain soccer….and that sucks! second americans explain football…and thats good! italians that know they suck in football and dont give $h!t, just dont say anything…you see the diffrence?

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  16. Do these guys have any idea what the fuck there talking about? I mean the header at 1:28 just says it all. Fucking idiots these 2.

  17. first of all thats a bad videos. this white folks seem like the type of guys ill embarresed playing in the MASL. Second of all the posture on how he show how to kick the ball was terrible. He probally hasnt play soccer beyong middle school level

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