How to Play Indoor Soccer : Red Cards in Indoor Soccer

In this clip we are going to talk about one
of Tom’s favorite subjects that?s Red Cards. A Red Card is given to a player for a number
of different reasons. It could be for fighting, an extremely hard foul, arguing with the officials,
or even swearing out on the field. Red Cards the result of a Red Card is that you will
be you’ll have to sit out that game and possibly future games. It’s up to the discretion of
the indoor facility. Sometimes they will have you sit out a couple games, other times they
will have you explain yourself to the people running the indoor facility exactly what happened,
but usually a stricter punishment after your one game is given to a player who receives
a Red Card. Another thing with Red Cards is are that they are very rare and they don’t
happen very often because usually the referee will try his best to keep the game in hand
because if the game does get out of hand, the Red Card does come out and when that does
happen, your team will be without you for the rest of the match. And they will also
be penalized for and play without a player for five minutes. Another random way that
you can achieve a Red Card for yourself is if you blatantly stop a goal with your hands.
Now this is when the opponent is for sure going to score a goal and you deliberately
use your hand to stop that from happening. And even though that’s not a malicious play
and maybe someone was not injured you definitely altered the outcome of the game and you will
be ejected.

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