How to Play Indoor Soccer : Juggling Skills for Indoor Soccer

How to Play Indoor Soccer : Juggling Skills for Indoor Soccer

In this clip we are going to talk about juggling,
and the importance of juggling. Now rarely will you see somebody go from one end of the
field to the other saying they are juggling a soccer ball. It really never happens. But
what juggling does for you is it improves your touch. A lot of times a ball will come
out of the air and if you’re able to lift your leg up or your knee or your head and
able to give it touch to where then your next touch will be playing it to your feet or passing
it. It’s very important because you don’t have a lot of time to react and a lot of time
to mess around with the soccer ball. Defense will be on you really quickly. So what juggling
does is it improves your touch. If you just continue to juggle and practice time and time
again: touch, touch, touch, touch, that will help come game time where a ball is in the
air you are able to touch that ball straight to your foot to where you can make a pass
or maybe take a shot. Now like coach, I really like my kids to practice juggling. And what
I want you to do is try to set yourself a standard. You know, if you’re good at it,
you know, try to improve: try to work with different feet, try to incorporate your thighs,
your chest, your head. When you can juggle with any part of your body, of course except
your arms. But you know, if you’re not good and say ten is your record maybe next time
tries to get fifteen; try to get twenty. You know, just try to improve and get a better
touch with the soccer ball and juggling is going to help you do that every single time.

21 Replies to “How to Play Indoor Soccer : Juggling Skills for Indoor Soccer”

  1. The clip was pretty useless. Before actually ''teaching others'', you should learn how to juggle properly yourself.

    Hopefully, you don't take this the wrong way.

  2. funny, for any beginners, who might actually want to learn something, please notice: this guy obviously is a bad comedian and does not know how to spell soccer – please just don't listen 🙂

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