How to Play Indoor Soccer : Indoor Soccer Free Kicks

In this clip, we’re going to discuss free
kicks. Free kicks happen when there is an infraction, in the game, and it has to stop.
Basically an infraction, in the game, would be going out-of-bounds, hand ball or a foul.
The referee will take the ball, well after he blows his whistle, of course, takes the
ball, points which way he awards the kick, sets the ball down and the team, that is awarded
the kick, gets to take the free kick. Another reason, why you would get a free kick is,
if the opposing team had made a three line pass. The ball is then brought back down,
to the other side of the field, where the kick was made, and the opposing team will
then receive a free kick, from the line. This is an example of free kick after the ball
has gone three lines. When the ball goes off the net, you place the ball about a yard off
of the wall and the ball is placed directly where the ball went off the net. Now, if the
ball goes, off the back end of the goal, on each goal line, then it’s a goal kick and
you get to put the ball anywhere, in this box area, for a goal kick. And at corner kicks,
if the other team gets a corner kick against you, you put the ball in a corner, on a designated
dot, on the side of the goal.

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