How To Pack Your Scuba Diving Equipment #ScubaDive #ScubaDiving

How To Pack Your Scuba Diving Equipment #ScubaDive #ScubaDiving

In my opinion, the worst thing that can
happen before you even get in the water is getting to a dive site,
gearing up and then finding out you’ve left an important piece of best diving gear at
home, like your fins or your mask. To stop problems like that occurring, I
personally use this dive box which I got for about AU$39 from my local auto parts
store. There’s a specific way I load my gear into the box, because it then
becomes a gear check routine and I can’t leave anything behind. The other reason
for loading the gear this way is because when it comes to gearing up, everything
comes out the box in the order it’s going to be used. The acronym I use is
FILO and it stands for first in, last out. And first in for me is always my fins,
followed by my mask and snorkel, my dive boots, my gloves, other items that might
be tethered to my wrist like this muck stick, my wetsuit, my regs and console and wrist computer and finally my BCD. There is an important piece of gear that never goes in your dive box and that’s the lead. Whether it’s integrated pouches or a
dive belt, you never want that much lead weight resting on top of your expensive
dive gear. Many beginner divers assume the first thing you do is put your
wetsuit on, but that’s a bad idea especially if you’re diving in tropical
zones, because you’re gonna overheat very quickly while you’re putting the rest of your gear together at the dive site. The first thing I do is strap my BCD to the
dive tank, next I attach my regs and console. If you are using integrated
weight pouches now is the time you put them in the BCD. With the majority of
your gear assembled and checked you can now put your wetsuit on. Before you weigh yourself down with a BCD and tank or even your weight belt, you should equip
sundry items like wrist computers if you have one and gloves if you like to wear
them. When you’re finally ready to get into the water it’s time to put the
heavy stuff on like your weight belt and then the BCD with the tank and integrated
weight pouches if you have them. Final things to pick up are your mask
and snorkel, fins and sundry items that might be tethered to your wrists. Certain
jurisdictions also require a diver to be equipped with a surface marker, a whistle,
a dive knife, a torch and a snorkel and whether it’s required or not I always
carry these items. This video is not intended to circumvent any professional
instruction, it is simply to share the method that I use to make sure I’ve got best full face snorkel mask
all my dive equipment when I arrive at a dive site. If you found this video
useful I’d appreciate it if you give me a thumbs up down below, it really does
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