so you’re going to football training or maybe even a match but what should you actually pack in your football bag well today my friends we’re giving you the ultimate packing list so you won’t forget anything important and by the way this is this summer edition we’re gonna do a winter one when it gets colder looking at the most basic and essential stuff you will of course need a decent sized bag then of course you’re gonna need a pair of football boots and if you can only afford one pair the general rule of thumb is to get an FTP but if you want to know how to properly choose your football boots we’ve made a video that you can watch by clicking the small I in the corner of your screen of course you will also need a pair of shin pads and wioletta shin pads on the market will generally do I tend to go with either my G form pluses or my c64 Karpin shin pads that are light they don’t slide around and they protect me very well then you’re gonna wanna wear a bit of clothes now normally I usually bring first of all of course a t-shirt then I also bring some shorts of course and then I also bring a long-sleeve shirt for when it is a bit colder out there and naturally I also bring a pair of football socks now I do tend to prefer the night is striking when I play and also really like my Nike grip socks both for training and matches and it kind of makes sense that the most expensive tea is also the nicest and the most premium and the most comfortable but thankfully all modern football training gear is generally pretty good these days lastly I also always make sure that I bring a towel and a water bottle and maybe you also should think about bringing an actual pair of clean underwear I mean what’s the point of killing it on the pinch only to be walking around with smelly I’m at of course if you are training by yourself make sure to also get a football and a pump [Music] then if you have a little bit of extra room in your budget I would always make sure to bring all those extra little things that are super nice to have and makes your life a whole lot easier and much more comfortable and the first thing I would do is to make sure that I have an additional pair of football boots for a different playing surface I always bring my AG boots to compliment my FG pair if I all of a sudden need to walk up and hit the artificial pitches on top of that I always bring a bit of PST premier sock tape to make sure that my socks and my shin pads especially always stay in place no matter how much heat there is in the match I always also bring a little bit of blister tape just in case I’m really unlucky with my boots and of course since I’m getting old a bit of muscle gel in case my body really starts to hurt now if you’re one of those people that I gave an advice to bring fresh underwear and you did you don’t really want it to smell like dirty boots bring a boot back seriously it’s a very good advice now also if you happen to think the feet are really really creepy they brochu out hard consider getting yourself a pair of flip-flops for the dressing room and especially for the showers and thank me later and lastly if you’re one of those people that tend to get issues with their groins getting a pair of compression shorts is a potential lifesaver and with that let’s add it to the bag lastly I brought some of the stuff that you don’t necessarily strictly need to play football but that is extremely convenient to have if you want to be the packing master and first up I brought some of my favorite headphones because while listening to music is essential to some people as a pregame ritual I just happen to like to listen to a few banging tunes to get hyped for the match and if you need to close out the world and focus it is pretty wicked to bring door so look into getting some ankle or leg dots like the nike hyper strong stuff if you tend to get chopped down a lot and for the game afterwards when you’re chilling you’re recovering getting some actual recovery tights it’s also a very good idea now before the match to make sure you’re full of energy I would get a few pregame snacks you can get bananas you could go Jamie body style with a Red Bull whatever you prefer and lastly if you want a vinyl close to like myself debt sunscreen looking like a lobster grease the cool ultimately if you are the packing border this swag minista you should consider getting a third pair of boots with a third star configuration I go for an HD Pro pair simply because you should be prepared for everything fall is coming and just in case already hell breaks loose then just you know really nice to have in your back with that said let’s pack it all up so there you have a guys at the complete guide to packing your football back to the mats split into three different levels of how bad you actually needed in order to play football but tell me what’s actually in your football go back and do you think I’ve left something out that I should have put in my back let me know in the comment section right down below also don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss a single offer wicked football boot videos and stay tuned for the how to pack your back or winter edition don’t forget to leave me a like if you had a good time and without sad I’m signing off cheerio


  1. I jus where my boots, chin pads and skins. Then ride to training with my water bottle in the holder on my bike♥︎

  2. I just have football boots, football socks, vector x shin guards and Messi's Argentina Jersey

  3. The things that I have are:-
    1.a small bag
    2.a water bottle
    3.a pair of socks
    4.a pair of shin guards(optional )
    5.a pair of shoes

  4. 2 am and I’m here watching the master Netherlands soccer hand puppet master pack his bag and I’m like mmmmm ye oh nice muscle gel good idea what next?

  5. And also bring your pillows, bed, fan, refrigerator, table, water purifier, toothpaste, toothpicks, vegetables and your grandma’s old glasses………..

  6. I take a ball, soccer boots, shin pads, cones, water, goalkeeper gloves, and my socks plus the some extra set of clothes

  7. I've got in my bag 2 pair of boots, shin guard, the club trainers(if the weather is cold) and the club t-shirt, short, and a water bottle and a headset whit JACK ?

  8. I need gloves,boots,clothes t-shirt or sweatshirt,shorts and underwear,flip flops and shampoo. That's that

  9. My football bag

    Soccer cleats

    Away kit

    Track kit

    Shin guards


    Sport glasses case



  10. All I bring is:

    One pair of cleats (depends on where my team is training)

    2 Bottles of water

    Team ball

    Team training wear

    Soccer socks

    And shin guards of course

  11. this are the thing tha i will broufht in soccer matches:long sleeve,shorts,boots,shin gaurds,extra clothing, socks, jersey, tape etc.

  12. In my football bag
    The end=)))) I like wearing my football boots from house to the yard=))) i am a simple man=)))

  13. In my football bag

    1. Boots
    2.shin pads
    3. Water
    5.Training Long sleeve
    6.Training cloth of my club..

    Thats all…!

  14. My Bag pack:
    -Football boots
    -Jogging Shoes
    -Shin Pads
    -Extra Jersey
    -Some Money,Wrist support,Stockings, Lower
    & nothing else!

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