How To Overcome Fear and Anxiety In Sports – Craig Sigl

How To Overcome Fear and Anxiety In Sports – Craig Sigl

How To Overcome Fear and Anxiety In Sports The reaction that we’re dealing with is
the fear reaction or commonly called in the sports world: performance anxiety. You hear it all the time I am sure – they
are scared to death. How many coaches see their athletes do wonderful
in practice, but can’t bring it to competition. They melt down in competition – right? This is one of the most common issues in sports. The first thing you all need to understand,
while working with these kids is how insecure kids are. They are still trying to figure out who they
are, where they belong and their long-term program. They are looking for approval from everybody
and they’ve got a million things going on. As coaches, you will be better off assuming
these kids are insecure when you’re dealing with them. Then once they have learned some mental toughness,
then you can push them. My advice though is to assume they are insecure
and it is important to over emphasize encouragement. I probably don’t need to tell most of you
this, but it’s an important thing to remember. What is their number one stress in life? Acceptance! Fitting in. If you can remember that and keep that in
your mind with everything you say, then you will say the right thing. This is important to remember when you’re
working with athletes in groups and doubly important when you’re talking to girls and
women. Girls come out of the womb with programming
of community and it is very important to them. I ask athletes all the time, “Why do you
play your sport?” And almost all the girls will say, “My team. My sisterhood. Community.” Men need to understand this – that’s how
you can motivate them and get them all on board. This is also what creates their fears too. We will go more into that in the next video.

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  1. hey man , i was looking for videos to help me with my nervousness on darts , when i am training , i know i am one of the best , but in the importand matches ……… i get very nervous, and i lose from people that are not as good as me .. i am constantly thinking that it is embarrassing if i loose from that person , and then shit hits the van … i really need someone helping me with that problem 

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