How To Make a Highlight Video

How To Make a Highlight Video

Today we are learning how to make a highlight
video.Whats going on? Little dap! Its Anthony DeNicola, former college player,
coach and consultant with SACC. Today Im a guest coach with Online Soccer
Academy and happy to help you improve! SACC stands for student athlete coaching and
consulting. We teach players how to get recruited. Learn more and book a consulting session at Today we are learning how to make a highlight
video. If you cant play a coach doesnt care if you
can write a perfect email or you have perfect grades or you are an eagle scout and can light
a fire with two twigs in the middle of a snowstorm in the Rockies. Dont get me wrong those things are nice and
I wish I had Eagle Scout skills but things only matter to a college coach if you can
play. A picture may say a thousand words, but a
video says if you are legit. Learn how to make a great highlight video
so a coach can see you are legit. Key Points! Key Point One. Dont Hire, Make.Hiring a highlight video company
can cost a small fortune. This is how it typically goes. A company will charge you money to film a
weekend of games. A weekend… Thats not a lot of time to get the clips you
need. Yes, there are some good highlight video companies
out there, but instead invest that money into making your own video. Buy a nice camera and tripod. If you cant afford it I understand. Try getting a job to help cover the expenses. Or film on a phone, but get at least get a
tripod for it so its not shaky. Whatever you do dont film on your Grandmas
10 year old flip phone! Nana! Its not 1999! And seriously you dont have to turn your phone
off when you arent using it! Key Point Two. Film Lots of Footage. Film all your games. Like all of them. I know this is time consuming, but you want
to choose from as much footage as possible when creating a highlight video. What you dont want to do is just use okay
clips because thats all you got from filming only a few games. Politely ask a family member to film for you. Key Point Three. Choose an Editing Software. Use a computer to edit your highlight video. The easiest editing softwares to use are probably
iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. A more advanced software is something like
Final Cut Pro. Dont use some random app from the google play
store thats going to have watermarks on it and is poor quality. Key Point Four – The Format, Short and Sweet. A good format for a great highlight video
is to open with your best action clip, then continue with two to four minutes of individual
10-15 second action clips and end with a contact information screen. Key Point Five. Your Best Action Clip. Think about it. When you watch a youtube video if you are
bored in the first 10 seconds you probably stop watching. Same applies for a coach. DO NOT be boring. Put your best action clip first. If you are an attacking player thats a great
goal. If you are a defender thats a beast mode slide
tackle. Set the hook, then let them enjoy the show! Key Point Six. Edit Action Clips. Continue your video with two to four minutes
of ten to fifteen second individual action clips. Your better clips should be towards the early
part of your video. DO NOT, put bad clips in. Just you kicking the ball with no purpose
is a bad clip. Dont even use it as filler. Each clip should be about 10 to 15 seconds. Start the clip with moving action, then pause
it. Have an arrow or a shadow appear to alert
the coach where you are on the field. You know where you are, but they dont. Add something to show them. Making it easy for them to watch you makes
it easier for them to recruit you. Then un pause the clip, show the main point
of the clip and then cut a few seconds after. For example if you steal the ball on a slide
tackle and immediately get up and make a simple pass out of the back that is a great action
clip. Dont bore the coach by continuing the clip
for 10 more seconds of you just jogging and adjusting your shorts. To be clear you should have a few seconds
of action leading up to main point of your clip and a few seconds of action after the
main point of your clip. A coach wants to see a little build up and
they want to see what you do after you make a play. Key Point Seven. Contact Information. End your video with specific information on
screen for you. Like your full name, height, weight, date
of birth, position, team, number, and contact info. This information should also be included in
the video description. The point of your highlight video is to get
coaches interested in you. Make sure they have all your information so
they can easily contact you! Key Point Eight. Keep It Simple. Coaches spend countless hours looking through
highlight videos for potential prospects. Keep it short, simple, and effective. Dont spend time trying to make your video
flashy with distracting music or fancy cutaways and spinning in and out transitions. Key Point Nine. DO NOT USE BAD LANGUAGE. Choose your music wisely. Dont have bad language in your song of choice. Key Point Ten. Storage. Buy an external hard drive and backup your
footage. You dont want to loose all your footage and
finalized highlight videos. Be safe and back it up. Key Point Eleven. Hosting. The easiest place to host your video is on
youtube. Create a channel that is something like
not Once your video is on youtube it can be embedded
in other places like your college recruiting profile. Exercise to Practice
An exercise to practice on your own is editing simple highlight clips. Take a few game clips or just clips of you
at the field training and practicing editing. Get comfortable with your editing software. Pro Tip! Take the time to learn how to edit on your
editing software. Watch tutorials, read through user tips and
study game highlights from the pros. Notice how long each clip is and how quick
it cuts to a new clip before a viewer gets bored. Second Pro Tip! Read this book. Not all of it applies to highlight videos,
but it will help you a lot. All of the Online Soccer Academy editors have
to read it as part of their training for OSA. Whats Wrong! If your video isnt good be honest with yourself
and decide if its your game, the filming style or the editing style. If its the editing style start over. If its the game footage, dont use it. Film more. A highlight video is you marketing yourself. In the business world just because you are
marketing doesnt mean you are creating sales. Same applies for highlight videos. Just because you have a highlight video doesnt
mean you will be recruited. Make sure you have a good one! Dont settle for less! Bonus Tip! Film yourself training! In your highlight video include action shots
of you in training. Or you in shooting practice or a clip or two
of you hitting a goal kick to half field. Second Bonus Tip! You can have more than one highlight video. So keep gathering footage and keep releasing
more videos. Instead of one 6 minute video, have two three
minute videos. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video! It was fun being a guest OSA Coach! Say little dap in the comments and let me
know what you thought! At SACC we teach players how to get recruited. Learn more and book a consulting session at My name is Anthony DeNicola and remember if
you Believe in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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