How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR (Live Streaming Setup Tour)

How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR  (Live Streaming Setup Tour)

– So what is the best live streaming setup for YouTube Live and Facebook if you want your content to stand out and really have a higher
quality than most of the stuff that you see out there? In this video, I’m gonna be
breaking down all of the gear that I’ve been using lately, coming up. Hey, what’s up, Sean
here with THiNK Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video, and on this channel, we do a
lot of tips and strategy videos as well as tech gear
reviews just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing, and hey, at any point during the video, I’m gonna list out all
of the various pieces of this live streaming setup in the YouTube description below, as well as any of the accessories
or things that I forgot. So check those out at any time. Let’s jump into the video. So one thing is for sure. You need to be live streaming. I hope that you already have been because right now live video is on fire. It’s one of the best ways
to build your influence and ultimately your income
and your impact as well using platforms like
YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or even other platforms like Periscope and these other live
streaming opportunities. But how do you create content
that’s really distinct and stands out from what
everybody else is putting out? In this video, I’m gonna be
breaking down a premium setup. Like this is no joke,
it’s not a budget setup, but on a practical sense,
I want to say upfront, you can get started with what you have. Keep in mind that you can
always go live from your phone. Like most smartphones can
produce awesome live video and then secondly, the budget
setup that I used for years consisted of this Logitech webcam. This is the HD Pro C920. It’s about a $60 here in the U.S. webcam and you could any kind
of USB mic like this. Just plug it into your
laptop or a computer. This is a Blue Snowball. It’s $50. And so you can live stream
and then using free software like OBS or a Google Hangouts,
you can start live streaming with some decent quality right away without breaking the bank,
and I did that for years. That was basically my setup. However, I recently just upgraded
to like the killer setup, like this thing is lethal, but it’s quite, it’s a lot more expensive as well. So let’s dive into my new setup. Okay, so let’s break down
this live streaming setup piece by piece, starting with the camera. Yes, I’ve been live
streaming on a Panasonic GH5. Now, before you say anything,
is that camera overkill for live streaming? Yes, we didn’t get it just for live. We also got it for slow motion, for some short film type
content or social media content that we’ll be creating, but
the main thing that it uses on a day to day basis is
this, is for live streaming, and I got it for a
couple different reasons. One, I wanted to have a distinct look and so a lot of the cameras that people recommend are camcorders. Most camcorders can’t have
like a real wide look to them and so I kind of wanted
a more YouTuber vibe while streaming live, and
you could probably imagine why that would be cool, right? You’d probably want similar things, like being able to stream off a DSLR, in this case, a mirrorless camera. So that’s the first piece,
and that body comes in at $2,000 here in the U.S.
and then the lens I have is the 12 to 32, super crispy lens, and at 12, it’s nice and wide but you can also zoom in,
and I love the ability to be able to have different focal lengths by just being able to reach
up right above my monitor here and do that. That’s another $1,000. So already we’re at a
$3,000 setup to start. And one piece of kit
that I would recommend is the continuous power
solution for the Panasonic GH5, and it actually comes in two pieces. You actually buy the battery piece, and there’s a little rubber
door that opens on the GH5 to let you plug the wire in, and then you also buy
the power supply piece, and it’s really expensive
if you buy the OEM stuff from Panasonic. I think together it was another $150. Now there is an aftermarket
one, but for me, I was like, “Man, I’m already
spending a lot of money “to buy a camera that’s this nice. “I don’t want to go cheap
on the continuous power “that I’m gonna be using
for years to come,” and so this allows it to, you
don’t need change batteries, it’s just continuously powered. Whenever I want to just flip it on or off, the power is just always
plugged in to the wall. Okay, the second piece
of gear for this setup is the USB microphone, and for that, we have the Rode NT-USB. Now I have a whole video out about this. I’ll link it up on the YouTube card as well as in the description below, but I wanted a good
solution for the desk here and the boom arm was pretty important because one of my goals for
this live streaming setup was that it would be quick
and easy to just flip on and flip off. So in the past, I would actually
carry a stand in and out but I realized I just want to
be able to sit down, you know, turn the camera on, open up the software, and just get going, just
get creating content. This setup is gonna be
used for years to come, so I’m probably gonna
create over 1,000 videos and live streams just from this setup, so I wanted it to be right. I wanted it to be fast,
I wanted it to be solid, and this was a great mic for that. I can move it to all kinds
of different locations depending on where I’m
sitting or positioned. Good audio quality, super
easy to use, a solid choice. All right, the next piece of this kit is this RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod. Now I love this tripod. It’s actually kind of hard
to search around on B&H and Amazon to find a
solid tripod like this but specifically I wanted
this to be able to go behind the computer monitor, and
so that’s a great tripod. Maybe you wouldn’t want to
use it for something else. It’s kind of a cool find and that comes in at $30 here in the U.S. Okay, now we’ve got our
mic, we’ve got our camera, we’ve got our tabletop tripod,
we’ve got continuous power going into the camera, and
now we need to plug this in to our capture card,
so you need an HDMI cable, but here’s a power tip
for this particular setup. I have these little L brackets, and these are actually
adaptors from Cable Matters, and these are in at eight
bucks for a two-pack, but it’s huge because as you can see, it keeps the HDMI cable, allowing you to still see the LCD screen, which is something I liked. I didn’t want to monitor
myself on the actual feed that I could see on my computer. I also wanted to be able to see the screen and tap adjustments for
the camera and whatnot. So that gets the HDMI
cable out of the way, so that’s a huge power tip
if you’re using a camera with a flip screen and
you want to use the HDMI. Okay, so then next up,
we have the HDMI cable and that goes over to
our PC, and inside the PC is a Blackmagic Intensity
Pro 4K capture card. So yes, I’m actually
been HD streaming mostly because I don’t really want to put out 4K, but I did want to future-proof my setup and so the GH5 can push out that 4K signal with a full-sized HDMI output and the card could also take 4K content, and so I’ve already tested it. On a day-to-day basis, I’m
not really streaming in 4K but that is what’s nice about this is that it is ultimately a 4K setup and so that Blackmagic
capture card comes in at $190 here in the U.S. at the
time I’m making this video. It’s been super solid, no
dependability issues or anything, and so if you have a PC, and that allows you to put PCI cards in it or PCI Express, you know, any capture card if it has good reviews should
work, but in this case, it’s the Intensity Pro and
it’s been working great. Okay, so that brings us to the PC. So this is a custom PC build
from Computer Upgrade Kings. So you can kind of go there,
you can start with the case, and a kind of a baseline of components and add other pieces if you want. This is 64 gigabytes of RAM, i7 processor with four gigahertz speed, so it’s a very good computer. Now this PC itself came in
around $2,100 here in the U.S. and I actually have a
whole video out about it. It’s probably a lot cheaper now because it’s maybe six months old but I’ll link that up on the YouTube card in the description below if you want to actually see
the details about this PC. I also like Computer Upgrade Kings because you can get some
high-performance machines for a little bit more of a budget price than you would pay elsewhere
and you can do customization to them, but that is sort of one of the most important
things for live streaming. You just want to make sure you
have enough processing power. You wouldn’t need to like
completely obliterate the specs. Like this is kind of overkill, but if you do want to stream 4K, you don’t want to be right on the edge. You want to have a lot of processing power to be able to handle multitasking
and things like that. Okay, so the camera through
HDMI plugs in that capture card into a PC which does
all the work, but now, let’s talk about the software. And so there’s a couple
of different softwares for live streaming. I used OBS for a while,
which is a free software. It had a lot of issues
with syncing of the audio and the video on this setup. Now one thing that could
kind of solve that problem if maybe you’re working
on live streaming things is that I thought about
just putting a shotgun mic on the GH5. That way the audio could
come off the camera as well as the video and
just stream right from that. That definitely would have been a solution with some simpler software, but I definitely wanted
to use a separate USB mic. There were some syncing issues and the solution to that was vMix. That’s what I’ve been using the most, and so vMix, in fact, a lot
of this setup was influenced by David and Luria from
Live Streaming Pros. I’ll actually link to them
in the description below. They helped me pick out all this gear and really sent me down this path. They’re the experts when
it comes to live streaming, but they recommended vMix
and it’s been amazing. It’s been relatively easy to use, and I’ve had no audio-syncing issues. Everything looks great. I’ve had no crashing issues, and so I’ve really been
falling in love with it. And what’s pretty cool about vMix is you actually can do
a 60-day trial free. I’m actually still in my trial period, and then if you only stream HD, it can be as cheap as like 60 bucks, but if you want to push it to 4K or have a lot of extra features, it can go up to like 300 bucks or even 700 but what’s cool is just
a simple version of it is pretty affordable. Okay, so that covers the software, but one question you might have is how do you actually turn that software on so that the feed goes live
to Facebook or YouTube? And vMix actually has some
tutorials that walk you through step by step how to set those
up, so I’ll link to those in the description below. Okay, next up is a light source. Now, if you’re gonna
be going live streaming from a setup like this
on a continual basis, you’re definitely gonna want to invest in some static lighting
that’s just really easy to just like reach up, flip the switch, and you’re good to go. So this is actually kind
of like a Beauty Dish from DVeStore. It’s about a $300 light. I like it, but I think
you can get, you know, research a lot of different lighting. Obviously your space is gonna matter. It’s probably important to note
that this is a larger desk, so you can see there’s space here but then there’s another foot
and a half that gives us space to put a little lighting stand back there as well as the, you know,
tripod and the camera and things like that, but definitely include
some sort of a light source for your pro live streaming setup. All right, next up is dual monitors. Let me flip this off. And this is actually pretty
important for live streaming and here’s why. Because I use live
streaming most for teaching, whereas I’m on camera
but then I like to show like a presentation, I
like to have one monitor dedicated to the screen
that I’m sharing, and so, what I found with live streaming, when you’ve got your software, and then you’re also trying
to see people’s comments and then maybe you also have your slides and things like that, I found that dual monitors
is pretty essential, and you can pretty much
use any kind of monitors but I put, I usually put vMix right here, I’ve got my PowerPoint right there, and then I usually will open
up YouTube comments down here over here, so that’s kind of
my dashboard that I work from and then whatever’s over here
is, I could put on screen. So I could just show different
slides from PowerPoint or I could show off an internet site and walk people through YouTube analytics or anything that I might be teaching. And then finally, this isn’t really part of the hardware side of things but just kind of a tip
in live streaming process is as I said, I like to teach
the most on live streaming. So a lot of times I’m creating slide decks and for me, I use PowerPoint, but one of my favorite
resources is actually called GraphicRiver and Envato Market. So you could just go to GraphicRiver and I’ll link it up in
the description below and you could go to the presentations and they’ve got Google
Slides, Keynote templates, and PowerPoint templates, and
what I’ve found is one way to level up kind of the
branding, the quality, the vibe of a presentation is
just spending 10 or 15 bucks to buy a presentation
that looks really clean and really pro, and then
just add all my information in there first, and so, basically, it does the heavy lifting for you. You can research different color schemes and all kind of things like that, and so I’ve found that that
puts a little bit extra in the stream quality if you
just design some nice slides to go along with it. All right, so that pretty
much covers the gear side of the setup, but you know,
one of the big challenges with live streaming is not
just the production value but it’s also coming up with the content and holding people’s attention. So if you actually want
to see my best tips on how to get more views
and grow your audience using live streaming and live video, I’ll link to a training video about that on the YouTube card and
in the description below. Question of the day. What are you currently
live streaming with? Let me know in the comment section below, and also let me know if you
have any questions or feedback about this setup. I would love to connect with
you in the comment section. So thanks for checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this, and if you want to check out
my video with my best tips for getting more views
and growing your audience with live streaming, you can
click or tap right there. If you want to check out
another THiNK Media video, just click or tap right there. Until next time, THiNK Media
is bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

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