How to improve your finishing | Learn to score more goals

How to improve your finishing | Learn to score more goals

this is Tyler Tyler is a big boy but also very very good goalkeeper which means that I have an incredibly tough time actually scoring on him just watch this now obviously I need to improve my finishing and for that I brought some help I called up my pro baller buddy will John now well he’s very good at scoring goals thanks for coming by the way and he’s gonna teach us how to improve our finishing exactly we got five points on how to score more goals the point of one when you’re going to work on your finishing make sure that you put yourself in game situations that’s the only way to know that you’re actually going to improve point number two put yourself under pressure that includes training with your weak foot and training with your back to goal in the game you’re not gonna have a whole lot of time to ball away so you have to become extremely efficient at it and you do that in training point-three now to talk about the actual shooting we need to have a good setup and that means not having the ball right up under you you got to take a good first touch you got to tap the ball out a little bit in front of you and that’s gonna give you a good chance of school all right guys point number four now that we’ve got that good set up we want to check the goalies positioning so if we take that little touch here we see the ties on the near post maybe that means we want to go far post if we catch Tyler out of his line a little bit maybe we look to chip him but no matter what see where the goalie is and look to react to that power emplacement now that we’ve got all that good information we want to see if we replace it bend it around him or strike it with power so what we do take a good touch setup check with the goalies at strike it in the alright guys so to sum it all up always trained in game situations put yourself under pressure have a nice setup check the goal is positioning and then choose between power and placement alright guys so that’s five points on how to improve your finishing but most importantly train train train and exactly you should listen to will because he has actually scored a lot of goals in his time as a footballer how many 1252 goals no he hasn’t yes I have but irregardless he has scored a lot so keep the five tips in mind and also if you want to see more of will John stuff don’t subscribe to his channel by clicking the bubble over there he’s also gonna be a lot on our channel doing more collaborations if you want to see those make sure to subscribe by clicking the green bubble up here now you’re at it check out the other cool videos we’ve already made with him by clicking down here leave us a thumbs up if you had a good time and spread the word by sharing the video with your friends and with that son signing off yeah

100 Replies to “How to improve your finishing | Learn to score more goals”

  1. Let's all show some love to Will John for teaching us his ? skills – go give him a follow guys!

  2. The problem with me is that when I take a shot my it soars wayyy over the bar, I'm never able to hit the ball without it rising and just Missing the target, or I just don't get power on it, do I need to watch my body position or what because I've never had this problem ever but now I can't shake it ?

  3. Dude, there are 1000s of videos in youtube about how to do this and do that…and I am always looking for videos to reinforce my coaching tips since my boys can't remember everything we tell them and work on. I appreciate people who know what they are doing and can help me send visual training for my boys. I appreciate you and your videos. I just subscribed. Many thanks!

  4. I only subscribed because it was of soccer,one of the videos Will John did tricked me,it said it was of soccer,but they were just playing.?

  5. I shoot really good when the ball is still or I have time, but for some reason recently iv had trouble shooting in a really fast moving position or a getting too rushed and skying it

  6. Well, the problem is out of this distance I also score every time??‍♂️?‍♂️
    But it‘s still a nice viedeo?

  7. all i used to do was tun with the ball and just pass it to my teammates and they score.
    now i only think of “just shoot just shoot” every time i’m running the ball and even if i miss i know that if i just shoot, it’ll eventually go in.

  8. I get really nervous when trying to finish it so i just shot it. I don't look I just do it.
    1.Someone is passing the ball to me
    2.I take a quick look at the goal keeper
    3.I get kick the ball as soon as i can reach it.
    (sometimes this works well for me and I get some sick finishes :))

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