How To Get FREE Cable Tv Channels May 2019

okay in this video I figured out a way to catch high-def channels without buying a hi-def antenna so what I did was I took basically a piece of speaker wire as long as this the copper copper : I took it spot 5 foot I didn’t measure it but 5 6 foot I just hung it up there I took the end and strip the strip in and I’m gonna stick it into the hole of the end in channel port like that turn the TV along I’m already catching stuff but that’s where my previous scan make sure it’s on the air and it’ll scan already caught through channels earlier I had 11 let’s see if we can get that again no is the squar going into the hole of the antenna input I haven’t tried it outside yet but just just from that I’m getting each hand up so far and I’m not even halfway through the scan but in my area there’s only so many towers around but I’m definitely getting all the locals and the picture quality is really good I’ll show you in a minute it’s good for 11 eleven chains and I think they’re all hi-def but like one or two maybe that’s one change their quality is a little fuzzy but that’s from my phone that’s not one of the TV so next time up somebody hears the telephone pole and you ain’t got cable and you’re trying to watch the news at six o’clock or whenever you y’all watch the news get you a piece of wire by five foot just plug it into this whole antenna input and you got your local so you don’t have to go out and buy $50 hi-def antenna you can make one at home leave this video a thumbs up if you thought it was cool because I did I just I’m gonna start experimenting so and if you’re into this kind of stove experiment subscribe to my channel for future videos because I’ll be experienced

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