How to Fix FIFA 14 Origin Connection Error

How to Fix FIFA 14 Origin Connection Error

Hey guys! If you are experiencing issues connecting
to the Origin servers using FIFA 14, do the steps shown in this video. Go to your wifi
settings, hold your finger on the network you’re using, tap on modify network. Now go
all the way down to the IP Settings and set it to Static. After that change both the DNS
1 and DNS 2 to the ones being shown on my device. DNS 1 should be and DNS 2
– I am sure FIFA 14 will work now! Thank you for watching and see you next time!

100 Replies to “How to Fix FIFA 14 Origin Connection Error”

  1. ho modificato il dns ma continua a dirmi origin non è disponibile riprova piu' tardi per favore aiutami

    I changed the dns and followed the steps … but it keeps telling me that origin is not available and I have to try more 'help me later … I've tried everything!

  2. i need some help i dont know if u can help me but when i start fifa 14 kick of or penalty football players are glitched or something and they look weird also the game doesnt even start and my game crashes maybe its bicose of mine tablet i hope you help me 🙁

  3. Can you please help me!Every match i play (ultimate team) when i finish the game dcs and i dont get coins or the win. Im using a SGS2

  4. Can someone help me I can't log in into football club or origin says that my email is wrong but it's perfectly fine

  5. i downloaded file fifa14.. everything is correct. game started but when i hit on purchase the y showing me ‘ error connecting to the store, please make sure you have installed the google play application, you are logged in to Google account and your network connection is available .. hack is not working 🙁 plees help

  6. I thing i can't help that,1st'go to setting and that you go to mobile network,if you use mobile network,n open you will see what app more use the network,and after that you just click fifa icon over than,n just click button below but your network must be strong,you can'try..

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I've been having this problem for days now and finally came across your video. All I've wanted to do on my day off was play Fifa14 FUT and now I can. God bless you sir. 

  8. when i play offline it is good but when i turn on my wifi fifa 14 (v1.3.6) stopped plz help anybody know the conclusion of my problem

  9. "Error connecting to the Store " this is the error I'm getting always. I tried your method but same error again. I have a cracked fifa 14. It was worked fine before. Any suggestions?

  10. GEUINE WORKED!!! Thanks bro,, i cracked it before, then reimstalled and got this error " 
    "Error connecting to the Store "

    Changed WIFI dns and now it worked!!! INDIA!!

  11. who is restated enough to do this fucking hell so many comments not work u are all retarded there is no proof so its fake u morons

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