hello friend it’s Boris legend Iran’s a time for a new tutorial on my channel because a patch changed a lot when it comes to finishing and our dare mistimed finish shots or gum now it’s time for a new metal finishing in FIFA 19 the driven shot and three all digit to really effective with driven shot techniques in front of a goal that really will improve your efficiency let’s get into it driven shots in FIFA 19 work a bit differently than in FIFA 18 the recombination was easier and the consistency was higher there are ways in FIFA 19 to make the driven shot just as consistent as last year as we can tell from pro tournaments this is a finishing technique to go here we have the matchup in a major semi-final with the German megabit I guess the wonderkid text and guess what almost all goals of this matchup came from the exactly same technique the timed driven shot let’s dive into it before we go any further let’s get into the basics so a driven shot in FIFA 19 is performed by holding down l1 and r1 at the same time while you press the shooting button now there are four keys here to massively improve your driven shot the first one is to simply not use too much power around three bars is absolutely perfect if you power up the driven shell too much it will get a higher error margin here you can see how my opponent scores from a regular driven shot with pretty low power while we try maximum power even time but we don’t manage to hit the target all because we’re using too much power the second key is to find a little bit of an angle a driven shot just running straight towards the goal has a higher error margin than if you’re slightly angled towards the goal the third key is if possible to slow down just before the shot if we take a driven shot running in full-speed it will be more inconsistent than if you are just jogging here you can see from the same game example 1 using the driven shot in full speed and example 2 driver shot jogging speed and we have a goal now the fourth key is optional but it will take your driven shots to a new level green timing the shots this will give extra power and accuracy to the short it might sound tricky to some but it is easier done than said just go to skill games Brown shooting and practice 15 to 20 minutes each day to master the time driven shots rule of thumb is to have about 1 second between the first and the second press on the shot button but as you master this pattern you will notice the magic of muscle memory animate comes to all types of time shots you rather press later than earlier if you press too early it will turn yellow which massively will decrease the shot accuracy while if you press late it will turn white which doesn’t affect the short quality at all the difference between a regular and time driven shot is big the time version can be performed successfully from a much bigger angle and you don’t have to use as much power you can basically just tap the shot button and time it and they will still get crazy power this saves you time in tight opportunities here we have our example from the latest major final where the Portuguese player to you misses a great driven opportunity because this shot wasn’t timed while text on the other hand from a very difficult angle uses lower power times it and there you go the difference can decide games right so we just go here to skill games this is where I practice my timed driven shots and just shooting and the best exercise is shooting bronze so when it comes to the driven shot it is the air and all one button you can see here how we’re gonna practice in this skill games and it’s just just have to go here a couple of minutes every day and just trying to find this feeling of the green time shelter you see how powerful it is we don’t even have to use much power even if you’re over time it will turn white and we’ll still be able to score goals just trying to find here a small angle and just the shooting here across the goal towards the for post even though a near post finish here also works good it’s all about finding this small angle timing it and you can see here just practice practice yellow timing won’t be as good of course but it has the green time magic here that is super effective in FIFA 19 and especially you can see here it is more consistent if you’re shooting towards simply the far post so yes we’re just trying to slow down the speed a little bit and just do like this for post across the goal it is more consistent you can just see here this magic of course sometimes it will fail you won’t score every single shot but if you just practice here in skill use to try to find this green timing and also finding the small angle for the shot and no matter what you do the shot will get sick power if you manage to find this green bar just want to you can see here where the green timing 1/2 a bit the too late we have to do it faster one two and it’s just about it’s not about counting it’s about finding this muscle memory here I can just talk and do this simultaneously it all comes from practicing a lot in this skill games arena now here comes some bonus content who said that dear old Finnish shots or Gong there is a way in FIFA 19 to outs more to game mechanics and make the impossible possible it is far from as good as in FIFA 18 the still worth to have in your FIFA 19 repertoire as you can see from these examples we find easy goals towards the near poles with this finishing technique okay so driven finish shots it is simple just do a final shot with the or one button and tap l1 in the middle of the motion just like this you can see here we get this small tab on l1 in the middle of the motion so just a finish shot and just have the l1 button here in the middle of the motion you can see it’s not the super consistent even though if you manage to find this right power on the shop you will still be able to score a lot of nice goals and scoring maybe from angles that you wouldn’t do usually even though here it is a poor display but very can see how we get the right power on the shot and it looks really unsalable for the key because the year once again looks super nice and hold all one the financial pattern throughout the whole motion don’t release it until the ball has left the players feet so all wrong tap the l1 button you can use you can see a pretty high power and it looks absolutely fantastic [Music] the sweet spot for the driven financial this seems to be around three bars of power just as for the regular driven shot it gives a lot of power and has good accuracy what if you use maximum power a shot will be very inconsistent and sometimes even get slower velocity than a three bar version here you can see how we use the driven finish short consistently towards the near post but also with the classical theory for post finish what about timing well the driven finish shots are not worth the time since the latest patch the time finish shots are extremely inconsistent and the same goes for the driven timed finis version the risk is simply way too high versus the reward so stick with the own time variation when it comes to the driven finish shot all right there you go lads – great end game mate finishing techniques and just the practice the go to scale games and add this to your muscle memory and this will really improve your shot accuracy in front of the goal but that’s it for today guys if you enjoyed this tutorial make sure to drop a like thank you so much for watching as always you know the next time [Music] [Music] you


  1. bad game fifa19.shit game fifa19 not fun fifa19 An ugly game fifa19 .. an annoying game fifa19 and more and more if I was not polite I would continue more

  2. F2Tekkz – Shoots directly at a crowd of defenders
    EA – "Don't worry bud, we need you to keep getting kids to buy FIFA Points"

  3. Hey boras, during the previous cup i noticed players like mo auba doing first time finesse driven shots, can you tell how to do that effectively?

  4. Hey, my channel is quite small but growing fast. I've been watching your videos for a while now and taken a lot of things from them 🙂

  5. Innan patchen kom har jag alltid spelat mig fram till mål och spelat ut motståndaren, även när alla sköt långskott. Men jag KAN inte göra mål längre??

  6. How do you get it so it lights up green or red above your players head? I have it turned on in settings as still doesn’t show me..

  7. Still waiting for La croqueta tutorial. C’mon mate your tutorials are self-explaining. So waiting…..

  8. Low driven shots and low driven finesse shots have been around since the game came out so you making a video about it now doesn't make it new

  9. Boras good Video but stop licking EA’s ass. You use to criticise EA and gameplay.
    This game has nothing to do with skills and you are silent

  10. Hey boras , thanks for everything but I have a question : what is the settings of the controller, is it classic ?

  11. Just finished a game where I hit the inside of the post 4 times and then lost on pens where he saved every single one I took.

  12. Boras tell me please where did you get that cable from ? It increases gameplay ? N do I need to get a gaming a monitor to decrease delay ?

  13. Bro you're the best when comes to giving tutorial . Love the way you explain for different scenarios. Straight to training mode now.

  14. @BorasLegend can you help me with my current situation. I run an RTG account which was at 1200 skill points with a very standard or average player then I invested more time and tried to build a better team but from last 7 to 8 days or I should say latest patch I am losing matches here and there and everywhere and currently my skill rating is just above 400. Right now I am playing with better players than before I also purchased Icon Raul also Mbappe and add various skill moves also low driven shots to my play but still loosing or draw. I am facing treble button lag and sometimes my UCL moment Manolas bullied by Rashford like he is a paper, I tried various formation including your formation and custom tactics and many other meta but nothing is working even my favorite 4-2-3-1 also not working, can you suggest me what to do right now?

  15. Great content!! Almost didn’t watch the video since I thought I knew about the driven shot already, but hey you gave lots of new inspiration – great!

  16. How to finish after patch: get a card with decent finishing, rather than shitty sweaty cards. I still rarely miss finesse shots (I don’t even time them) with Owen and Butragueño. I only do driven shots against people who think moving their keeper actually helps. If I see you move your keeper I’ll just go to the opposite corner with a driven.

  17. Easier d0ne then said? Wait its easier to do it then just say it. But my thought process is corrupt anyway so I dont know if I make sense lol

  18. Tell me how to penetrate the auto block against the ai, sigh..

    Especially against high rated defender
    Van dijk, campbell, ferdinand,

    My forward cant even touch a ball

  19. I sold this game two days after purchase . I was glad I haven’t given away my 18 Hoo boy it would have been a huge mess

  20. Just want to say next time don't use ronaldo use a mediocre player in finishing because simply ronaldo's finishing is ridiculous

  21. Finishing is random in FIFA19, but timing low drivens give you the best chance it seems.
    There's your guide, but that wouldn't get you JUST over that 10 minute mark, would it?

  22. Bro, im from argentina. I see your videos for a long time… and now, with your videos of fifa 19, is so effective!!!! I have a good results after your videos. Thank you so much and keep doing this tutorials??

  23. how do people even master timed finishing. I stopped using it in January online I cant seem to ever time it correctly unless its an offline match and if I have it on but don't use it in game I kinda feel like my shots are nerfed compared to if I leave it off. There should be a training mode where you can activate button delay and random speed up lag to master timed finishing for online gaming lol

  24. A question about timed finishing when doing a first time shot. Without timed finishing, you can press the shoot button long before ball arrives and wait for the shoot animation. So, with the timed finishing, do you do the same thing, then tap the shoot button right before contact with the ball, or, do you do the tap-tap as the ball arrives? I suppose either will work, but trying to time the second tap differently, depending on the speed of the pass seems to be very challenging.

  25. Ok this is something different but why are the defenders so quick for my opponents. All my quickest players in career almost always get outpaced by slower defenders

  26. i have played many years with R1 and R2 switch, it is hard to switch back.
    my sprinting button is R1 .

    do you know why the indicator is not enabled on my console?
    i have no way to know if my shot is timed or not. no yellow red, green or white indicator.

  27. Who ever made up this timed finishing needs hanging u don't have to be a detective to know who did chinese and Indian fucked it up 2018 was perfect till they got there fuck hands on it I want a fucking refund u fuckin wankers scum when u about to score it just doesn't happens 9 times out of ten can't England make there own fucking games go kill ur self

  28. Boraslegend "you won't score every time"

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