How to: Dress Your Child In Their Hockey Gear | Source For Sports

How to: Dress Your Child In Their Hockey Gear | Source For Sports

Congratulations! your son or daughter has chosen to play hockey, well you’re now hockey parent. There’s a few things are gonna need to learn how to do; number one you’re gonna have to learn
how to dress your child. We’re gonna start with the entire lower
half of the hockey equipment, that way our upper body is still gonna be free to
move properly and it’s a lot more comfortable for the child. your gonna have a lot less trouble with them being fidgety. Now I want to make sure that we get those skate liner socks on
properly. The best way to do it is to bunch them
up a little bit and then roll them onto the leg, and what we want to make sure is that, that heel is sitting in the right spot. If there any wrinkles in that sock, once you put that skate on it’s gonna be a little bit uncomfortable
and can actually cause blisters if it’s just not in the right spot. For the shin pads they are right and left specific, there’s a slight curvature to them. With everything with protective hockey
equipment, we want it to fit snugly so that it stays in place. So with the shin pad, the number one thing is we get the knee centered in the kneecap. Once you have the shin pads firmly in
place, what we’re going to want to do now is slide the hockey socks over top. You’re just gonna basically roll it up over top of the shin pad and when you do that, that’s gonna hold
the shin pad in place and when you get right to the top make sure it goes all the way up to about
halfway up the thigh and that’s going to attach to the jock short. It usually has
a little piece of velcro and that’s gonna keep that hockey sock from falling down during play. The next step, we’re gonna look at putting on the hockey pants. Once we have the shin pads and the socks on, sliding the hockey pants on isn’t too tough. Once they’ve stepped both legs in now we can just raise the pads up around their hips. You want to make sure that the belt sits on the very top of their hip bones. Tie the laces how you normally would in a simple bow, and then snug the belt around the hips. Once we have the pants in place we’re gonna have that child sit down one more time. Now comes probably the most important part of all the hockey equipment. We want to make sure those skates go on perfectly, so have them sit down, get them comfortable, so that you can work with their feet, and make sure they’re not going to be fidgeting around, so that your going be able to get that skate on straight and snug. Once we have the lower body done, with the completion of the skate tying, now we’re going to move to the upper
body. The first thing you wanna put on is that neck guard some on the neck guards have a bib, and when you put the shoulder pads on over top it’s gonna hold that down. We want to make sure that those straps
around the upper bicep aren’t too terribly tight because we want the elbow pad to be able to slide up inside that. They’re gonna feel a lot more
comfortable, less chance a bruising. The elbow pads will be slid onto the arms what we want to do is make sure that those straps that are on the elbow pad are fit quite snugly, so that, that elbow pad isn’t moving around on impact. That’s the area of the body that’s most exposed when the child is falling or falling into the boards. The jersey is the next step in the operation you want to make sure that, that jersey will
go over everything very smoothly we don’t wanna catch any velcro on anything. Placing the helmet on the child’s head is very important to be
done properly. This is probably the most important
piece of equipment to keep your child safe during hockey. So when we slide the face guard towards the child’s chin you want to make sure that their chin
rest nice and comfortably, but firmly against that chin cup. That’s very important, and then you want to make sure you do up both side straps to hold that face guard in place, and the chin strap. All helmets must have a chin strap, it is mandatory. The last step is grabbing your gloves and putting them on securely. You just want to make sure that when you slide the child’s hand into the glove that the figures go all the way to the
end and make sure that thumb is in there properly. Head safety is something we take very
seriously at Source for Sports, please come into any Source for Sports, no matter where you got your helmet and we’ll make sure that helmet fits them properly. If there are any issue with that helmet, we will help you out.

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  1. When you get into Peewee moms or dads are not a loud in the locker room & can not dress you so you would have too

  2. You did it WRONG
    You start with the cup then the socks then pants then skates then shin guards then chest then elbows then jersey then mouth guard then helmet and gloves and stick

  3. I am black and I am on a hockey team so this is how i get dress i am alps 14 so I put on the Shen pads socks pants tie my skates chest pad elbow pads jersey helmet gloves then stick

  4. same but imma goalie but I used to have player gear that i would sometimes go to practice with so I could still play games

  5. That girl is the most laziest child ever! I put on all of my hockey gear when I was her age? What is this logic!!!

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