How to Draw a Sports Car: The Bugatti Divo

Hi Tom here with this week’s Circle Line Art School video: How to Draw a Bugatti Divo, in this drawing I’ll show you one
way to draw a Bugatti Divo using a pencil, a pen and some gray marker pens,
at the end, for this sort of sketch it’s best, I think, to start with confident
curves, confident curved lines to get the general flow of the lines of the car, not
just the outline of the car but the lines that flow across the body of the
car, so if you use a pencil first, I think, you can draw more lines than you need,
you can choose which lines you want to make into pen lines later on… for this drawing I’m trying to make the
lines have a natural flow, so that the way that they are shown shows the energy
in the car design itself, the lines don’t need to join up or be too precise, it’s
more important, I think, that they show the flow of the vehicle, the flow of the
design, once you have the basic flow of lines, of the car, then we can add some
pen lines in the same way that we drew the lines with pencil, and then later on in
this video we can add some shading, using grey mark pens, if you haven’t got grey
marker pens you could just use a pencil, but maybe block in the shading in quite
a confidence sketch like way, so we’re not trying to hide the marks of tone,
we’re trying to show them as blocks and maybe just using a light tone and a dark
tone, rather than a lot of graded tones, the drawing will also have a simpler, a
more metallic feel, if you just use one or two tones, a mid-tone in the dark tone… thank you very much for watching this
video, I post a new video drawing every Saturday, I hope you like this video and
find it useful for your own drawings, please join Circle Line Art School to keep up
to date with all of my drawing tutorials

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