How to Change Interior Cabin Air Filter on Range Rover Sport

How to Change Interior Cabin Air Filter on Range Rover Sport

hello and welcome everyone to easy steps today I’m going to be showing you my Range Rover Sport and how to change your interior cabin air filter which is located on the passenger side behind the
glovebox and to gain access we’re going to open the bottom glove box there are
two clip hinges one on this side and one also on the other side so you’re going
to just grab both of on so you’re going to squeeze both in and when you do that
here’s the tab and when we squeeze they both go in together that is the whole
cavity where this tab locks into and when we squeeze it it unlocks and comes
right out and the same on the other side the cabin air filter is right on top of
our blower motor right here to open the cover there’s a tab on the right side
I’m going to push it in and pull the cover right out and then slide out and
it comes out just like that and there’s our cabin air filter as you
can see the air flow is the arrows are downward so the new air filter I’m going
to put it in the same way take this out push it down and slide the filter out this is my old cabin air filter lookout
dirty and filthy this is let’s replace it with the new wood as you see the
airflow arrows have to be pointing downward select that and now I’m going
to slide the new air filter in after their filters in you’re going to push it
and lift it up just like that the left tab into the slot and these two tabs are
going to go in the empty space once you have that pushed in now I’m going to
align this tab and give it a push and as you heard that snap it is now locked in
place now you just lift up the glovebox and push it right in and close it and
that’s how simple and easy it is to change your cabin air filter and
eliminate the bad smell inside your car now your cars went to smell fresh and
new and you’re going to be breathing cleanly and if this videos helped you
all please don’t forget to Like share and subscribe button thank you

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this video. I've asked someone working at a workshop and he said there is no air filter in cabin ! But I didn't believe him.

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