100 Replies to “How to bowl Carrom Ball ?(LIVE EXAMPLE INCLUDED) | Cricket Bowling Tips |”

  1. whole india understand hindi and you are like bum bum bum…. Falana dhikna upload in English or hindi not in southern language

  2. Bro doubt as leg spinner why Ashwin using carrom ball as u said in starting of video leg spinner don't need much only off spinner need

  3. bro neenga carrom ball podum bodhe leg spinner maari dha podringa so hand la irundhe pic pannala easy ah…

  4. A gud one bro.. But oru question.. Neenga maximum flight delivery dhan potinga.. Wicket kaana chances jaasthi dhan but still ella ball ume slot la vilara maari irundhuchu. Cricket aada theriyadhavan kuda slot la pota adipaan.. So even one bad delivery can get 6 runs.. Flight ilama pods mudiyadha?

  5. Bro i am from kerala.we can use carom ball by pushing the ball with ring finger also. I tried to turn it with my middle finger in my early used but i couldn't .because my hands was a little small at the time i tried it.so it become difficult for me to do.
    So guys who r learning to bowl a carrom ball can also push it with our ring finger if he feels some discomfort because of size of ball.

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