How to Apply Powder Foundation | Makeup Tutorials

How to Apply Powder Foundation | Makeup Tutorials

Hi, I am Patricia Longo andI am a professional
make up artist. I’ve worked with models form sports Illustrated
like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson to Alec Baldwin at 30 Rock. All those things that experts do that the
average person doesn’t know how to do we will learn how to do it on these videos. How to apply powder foundation is really up
to you it depends on how light you want to go or how heavy you want to go. If you want a light coverage, just sort of
a touch up on the foundation I recommend uysing a light brush that has very little ends. It’s very good for loose but you could also
dab it into you powder foundation and just touch it nice and softly and put it in the
spots that you have you flaws or if you want a full coverage use a heavier powder brush,
you would take powder brush and swirl it into the powder foundation and then go, dabbing,
dabbing as if you were putting on blush, but you would put blush all over your face and
you would do circular motions, but for heavy full coverage I recommend using the sponge
that it comes with. You dab it wet. Get it all wet in a bowl of water, you squeeze
out the excess water then you have a wet sponge you dab into the foundation powder in a circular
motion and as you apply it you’ll see if I apply it with the wet foundation sponge I
t comes on a lot heavier and then you apply it with full coverage. My overall recommendation with powder foundation
is start light and then with a wet sponge lightly go around in a circular motion and
dab it and then blend it and you will get enough coverage so you don’t look to cakey.

12 Replies to “How to Apply Powder Foundation | Makeup Tutorials”

  1. Omg she was so full of it! What was the point of even having a model there!? She hardly touched her face, and mainly focus on her own!

  2. Thanks!! I started using a bb powder because my skin is so oily, and I haven't a clue how to apply it lol 🙂 Awesome tips!

  3. Glad that at 01:31 in her 2 minutes video she finally started showing some foundation routine on face of the model who is sat there for a reason (despite having a ton of foundation caked on her face already).

  4. Powder foundation is my fast face go to product. Just use a brush and call it a day. Apply lightly or a bit heavier if needed. Wetting the entire sponge and digging around in your powder kind of makes a cakey face mess. Avoid this unless it is a three alarm, 911 and you find you are in need of a fully covered face RIGHT NOW!!Also, if you wet your sponge and do this……………Do not us a brush on this powder cake again until it has dried completely. Remember that cakey face mess?Well it is bad when that gets into the bristles of your brush!!Wash all brushes and sponges regularly to avoid bacteria build up.

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