How the Rio 2016 Olympic Cauldron was Made | Viva! – Behind the Scenes Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony

How the Rio 2016 Olympic Cauldron was Made | Viva! – Behind the Scenes Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony

THE CAULDRON) Back in the US, I live on
a remote island called Orcas Island.
And I have ten acres of land. I have a very large shop. I then manipulate the metal
into whatever shapes they are, using a variety of tools. I primarily like to work
in stainless steel because it’s so permanent. I went to work as usual
and opened up my e-mail. There’s an e-mail asking if
I wanted to design the cauldron for the upcoming Games. Needless to say, I was…
I was very excited. So, the day before
I left Rio last fall, I submitted an idea that I thought was the most
like a sun. And their reaction was
immediate and positive and… And that’s what we have now. I have actually made
a lot of sculptures that are powered by motors. Generally, though,
mine are wind powered. Incorporating the flame is more
or less the same as incorporating natural light
from the sun, so we settled on a design where the flame is
separate from the sun but in front of it and the
light from the flame gets reflected on the discs, the mirror-like services
of the sculpture. Feels like I’ve
been here before, because I spent a lot of
time modelling the stadium. It looks like home to me. I just hope everyone enjoys it
and experiences a moment of grace and silence
inside themselves, you know, and wonderment at the joy of
being alive and at the Games. I hope people after the Games
are inspired to try things that they didn’t think
possible. I hope that it brings people
together and people can start appreciating each other no
matter what country they’re in or what race they are,
what religion they’re in. I hope it just brings mankind
closer together.

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  1. Eu não conhecia o Rio Centro e fui para lá tem 2 semanas, e lá está a pira olímpica na praça beirando a área militar no Rio de Janeiro… Não pude estar no evento, mas me encantei em ver este monumento incrível no Rio…

  2. I want to go to the olympics for javelin or the heptathlon. it would be the best opportunity in a lifetime.

  3. Nossa com certeza foi lindo de se ver a pira olímpica naquela noite no estádio do Rio de Janeiro a cerimônia também não ficou a desejar,claro que não foi tão grande quanto às sua última,mas isso não importa Mas sim foi inovador com iniciativa de se criar um parque florestal das sementes plantadas aí vivos pelos atletas e não podemos deixar de lado o aquecimento global e outras coisas boas que o nosso país tem a oferecer para o mundo O importante que foi épico para nós brasileiros

  4. A melhor pira olímpica de toda história, acho que vai ser difícil Tóquio superar. Vamos aguardar até 2020.

  5. It was the awesomeness cauldron as like as the opening ceremony!! I hope that someday anyone or the official label can available the soundtrack that played at this moment and that opera after when the fireworks began, unfortunately all labels released on youtube Beijing 2008 and London 2012 songs that played at the ceremony and nothing 'bout Rio. =/

  6. Não perca o making of completo da Abertura do Rio 2016:

    Don't miss the full Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony Behind-the-Scenes:

  7. Since 1976, every Olympic Stadium torch lighting procedure has been fantastic, but this one stands out as the most Iconic! That sculpture is definitely 10/10! A true piece of interpretation of the sun! Congratulations to the designer & Rio Brazil! ?❤????????✋???

  8. Before the Rio Olympics I have never seen Anthony Howe kinetic-now I have seen quite a few- I am enthralled & mersmerized by the fluid energy all his sculptures generate- genius indeed.

  9. Went to Rio hoping to see it, visit the big cauldron. There is only a small one left downtown Rio. Where is the big one?

  10. that honestly took my breath away when I saw it, and still does.  Truly an Olympic moment I will never forget

  11. Fiquei triste em saber que a pira voltou a seu idealizador mesmo depois do Brasil gastar dinheiro público pra comprar ela. Hoje ela poderia estar em um Museu Olímpico como todas as piras de outros países,lamentável.

  12. So we know the outdoor cauldron is still standing, but what happened to the cauldron used for the ceremonies? I hope it wasn't destroyed. It's very beautiful.

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