How Much Money Olympic Athletes Really Make

How Much Money Olympic Athletes Really Make

The wealth of Olympic athletes runs the spectrum
from those with next to nothing to professional stars making millions. From medal bonuses to brand endorsements,
it’s time to find out how much money Olympic athletes really make… Track And Field Olympians If you’re a track and field star, you’re earning
peanuts, unless you’re Usain Bolt. The record-breaking Olympian reportedly earned
$20.3 million in prize money and bonuses between 2015 and 2016. But not everyone’s so lucky. According to a 2012 report from CNN, half
of its top ten ranked US track and field athletes made under $15,000 annually off the sport,
including sponsorship, grants, and prize money. Cinderella story Gabby Douglas may have secured millions in
endorsement deals following the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. But before then, life was hard for her family. According to The Washington Post, Douglas’
mother, Natalie Hawkins, had to go on disability and couldn’t pay the family’s water bill in
2009. Hawkins couldn’t accompany her daughter to
Tokyo in 2011 to watch her win gold at the World Championships, and she reportedly filed
for bankruptcy months before the London Games in 2012 after struggling to pay for Gabby’s
training. Fortunately, Douglas’ Olympic glory turned
things around. She entered the Games below the poverty line,
but she was one of the fortunate Olympians to emerge as a millionaire thanks to endorsements. Selling Yourself U.S. shot put silver medalist Adam Nelson
lacked sponsors and struggled financially after the 2004 Athens Games, so he got creative. Nelson sold himself on eBay. According to The Washington Post, he offered
“what amounts to a short-term sponsorship…promising the winning bidder that he will wear its company
logo for one month and will make one appearance on the company’s behalf.” And it worked. Nelson inked a $12,000 deal with a tech company
to advertise Rex, The Talking Bottle, an aid for patients who have trouble reading medicine
labels. Strongest Woman In America Sarah Robles is hailed as the strongest woman
in America, and she earned a seventh place finish in weightlifting’s top weight class
at the 2012 Olympics. But her path to the London Games wasn’t easy. According to Buzzfeed, Robles trained for
the Olympics by supplementing her $400 monthly stipend from USA Weightlifting with visits
to food banks, donations from friends and family, and what she called “prayers and pity.” Endorsements for women in her sport are rare. Fellow Olympic weightlifting medalist Cheryl
Haworth told Buzzfeed: “Maybe one or two percent of athletes can
actually make a living off it. It’s a sacrifice that not everyone is willing
to make…Sarah’s ability to get through those tough times really sets her apart.” Robles returned to the Olympic Games in 2016
and earned a bronze medal. Medal Bonuses Many countries actually pay Olympians for
medal wins. While the U.S. government doesn’t pay athletes
for Olympic hardware, a non-profit called the United States Olympic Committee does. The committee reportedly paid $25,000 for
gold, $15,000 for silver, and $10,000 for bronze medals in 2016, according to Forbes. In fact, the government comes in afterwards
and taxes those bonuses. In 2012, CNBC said Italy offered the world’s
highest payout, giving $182,400 for each gold. Russia gives a $135,000 golden bonus, and
France gives $65,200. And Great Britain? Nothing. Not so Great after all, huh Britain? Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to tell us which Olympic
athlete inspires you the most!

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  1. Note: Usian repotedly made around $200k only from racing and the $20M on Sponsorship. So, you have to be the best of the best of the best to ever be in the millions…

  2. And also, Brexitville is broke asf just cos they spent over $300M EVERY YEAR. Gosh for a population of 60M, that is a lot

  3. the uk national lottery sponsors the athletes and that is fine, but paying them for winning a medal when representing their country no no no, footballers who rake in thousands of pounds a week, should when representing their country play just for the honour ( sorry you tube can't correct the word honour we gave you a language if you want to muck about with it that's down to you) anyway if the uk did pay gold/silver/bronze bonuses, as we have won so many medals there would be a run on the pound

  4. Justin Gatlin inspires me. with all of the obstacles and negative publicity, he still finds strength to go for his goals.

  5. it's a shame
    this athletes work hard for years and should be rewarded
    they carry their countries name so proud.. and some are ridicule for the simplest mistake
    These countries should do better….

  6. Unless you're Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps the hard training everyday just isn't worth it, I feel sorry for the athletes that train hard 24,7 and then come last in their respective sports!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh black Olympic athletes are gaining popularity! Let's glance in their pockets & see how much money they really make! Everyone needs to know there business!

    Where was the video when athletes weren't so popular?

  8. play popular sports which have big leagues.. athletics or other such sports get popular once every 4 yrs during the Olympics.

  9. if some of these athletes don't make enough money to live,why is the American government taxing every penny they make,these athletes work hard to represent the country.Tjey bring glory and honor.Why tax the valued of the medals they have earned? Stupidity.

  10. Simone inspires me the most,by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yeah the British athletes don't get bonuses because they are all paid massive amounts from national lottery funding.

  12. then some people are angry when someone switches nationality for his own benefits… ofcoz I will also do that because if my country doesn't know my worth and another country is willing to recognize my worth i will switch real quick.. people don't understand how hard athletics is..its not football where you are signing contracts … its about individual performance…

  13. How the British Olympic system works is that yes your medal is your reward and you represent your country for the love of your sport and the honour of representing your country.

    That being said, the National Lottery gives huge sums to UK Sport who "earmark" potential medalist and provides athlete grants to enable them to pursue their sport as their full time job and plows money into training facilities and sporting venues. The better your sport does at a games, the bigger share of the money you get, hence our huge continuing success in cycling, rowing and gymnastics. Seriously we have 4 world class velodromes in the UK! However this has meant that sports like handball and basketball have had all their money cut as its not seen as a realistic hope for success. It's brutal, but it allows us to support an athlete from a teenager through their career.

  14. Any product/s sports people endorse, they cost more than their competition. Jordan has endorsed Haynes underwear for years, and the brand cost more than Fruit of the Loom. I buy the cheaper of the two

  15. they should take that money that they gave to those overpaid basketball and football players and share it in another sports athletes should stick together

  16. We saw how you give Gabby Douglas family history concerning her poverty stricken mother and cunningly continued.

  17. You mentioned Italy paid the highest bonus for Gold. Please check what Singapore's Joseph Schooling is up for. you will be surprised.

  18. Should be noted that British athletes do not need to give $11,000 to charities to get out of the Olympic country as well !!

  19. British athletes get funding from the national lottery so they can earn a decent wage and train full time. more successful sports get better funding. I'd say it works when you look at how well GB did in Rio.

  20. Most Olympic athletes come from government funded programs

    Or a league where they get payed for in their countries,

    Americans is usually well off whites or blacks who struggle to get by til, they get some sponsors.

  21. Report on much money they make, but no,,white people must find a way to denegrade blacks,,who the fuck wants to know about Gabby mother water bill..
    White people is really fucking sick!!

  22. Shocking that all suffering to pass great food, working out and training just for little in the bank , maybe is why the drug trade and human trafficking is huge hit .

  23. I think you'll find the fact that Britain not giving out medal bonuses makes us even more great, the athletes are competing for pride.

  24. Great Britain gives NOTHING…I mean Mo Farah gets nothing from Great Britain? I am better off with my 9 to 5 job. Thanks

  25. Some Indian state govt gave around a couple of dollars or so for the silver and bronze medalists(just two girls), national awards, and a govt job!!

  26. America has no problem sending Israel 3 billion dollars every year but cannot pay their own athletes! What a shame!

  27. The federal government does not  financially support the US Olympic Team like most other countries do. The US Olympic athletes have to hopefully get sponsorships and private donations, etc. IMHO, Gabby's  sponsorships will decline because of her salty attitude during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

  28. how much of these athletes' daily expenses are paid for by the athletes and how much is covered by the U.S. Olympic Committee?

  29. Gabby Douglass is bae, Imagine her doing front flips and shit on you in bed <3
    Seriously though why can't we give more money to at least medal winners. I suppose in light of social media, younger athletes will be able to make an actual living for their efforts.

  30. I think with Britain though, athletes who are at Olympic level get paid quite a lot PA anyway, and I think if they win gold their yearly income raises, so they don't get a bonus but there is monetary reward

  31. You have to be an exceptional athlete to make a fortune but you can still be a shitty CEO and still make a fortune

  32. I never understood why schools push joining a sport so bad, if in the long run playing a sport doesn't do anything for you if you don't make it big

  33. They are the hardest working people out here and deserve way more and the lazy reality stars do much of nothing and get millions smh

  34. All bullshit. You don’t have a chance to get to this level if you’re from a poor family. It’s all just posing as “poor” kids.

  35. i hope to go into archery for team canada in the future and i told my mom that i couldn’t care less about what i get as a prize

  36. If those countries like the United States, and Britain does not give their athletes no form of money. To compensate them, they only looking for when they make any money to taxed them.
    I would never want to represent them at all then if they are the richest country in the world, and refused to helped their athletes. I would never compete for them, I would to compete for a country who would pay me.
    They are only looking to taxed you on any money you won from the game, liked record breaking. It is really sad to learned how the United States treating their athletes, it is very serious situations that.

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