How Many Female Athletes Get the Sports Illustrated Cover?

How Many Female Athletes Get the Sports Illustrated Cover?

sports illustrated was studied by the
department sociology at the university of louisville and uh… how do you want to look at how
often female athletes are featured on the cover and what they found was well
usually when you see a woman on the front cover that side it’s a model not a female athletes so
here’s what they found ad they researchers found that of the seven
hundred sixteen as site it issues published between two thousand twenty
eleven and mere thirty five of them had covers featuring female
athletes that’s only four point nine percent that’s crazy so i would not get a chance so it’s yet so it’s it’s obviously a
very low number but the question is who do you blame for this do you blame the
people at sports illustrated then or do you blame society society
that has no interest in reading an article on illustrate nato
issue that has a cover fifty knoxville you have to assume that there are
studying analytics for like how each one cells if they find over course of ten
years or whatever the ones who were not selling as well than the probably the last and we have we have data that earlier on
in the history of of s side they were more common non like twice as common at
one point back in the fifties and sixties and maybe those themselves well
yeah so between nineteen fifty four in nineteen sixty five when they were featured on twelve point
six percent of s_i_ covers but that was before the magazine i began focusing primarily on corporate
sports like basketball football and baseball he could have you can hardly
gift will be needed a lot of people don’t watch the end of the n_b_a_ or
something like that and there’s no real women’s approval to football but they still want to college sports is
as volleyball submit that golf tennis lots of sports they have their email toward well-known
female uh… outfits i don’t know why they
would be more common yeah i feel like um… every single female athlete that was
featured on the cover of s i was like he was like an accord probably be harlingen
identity through player yet true i had the the uh… the waves
as if i don’t know but i have to study the men on their they tend to be more
attractive male athletes as well what you want something visually appealing
today denied that that guns and yeah yet catholic church that the more important question we have still buying sports illustrated refine magazines generally but yeah i guess the faster online
m_i_t_ widely sports or something like that don’t waste time magazine my
boyfriend loves car magazines like the one in eight million car magazines i
could see that and that’s mostly for the the the important models and stuff like
that i guess uh… i think i like some of the motorcycle magazines they use to
read mousecloner magazine series hope not

98 Replies to “How Many Female Athletes Get the Sports Illustrated Cover?”

  1. Actually, no no no, you're absolutely wrong. It IS valid for some Christians to say that "so-and-so is not a real Christian." How are you to know? You look at concrete, universally accepted definitions (like in dictionaries). In every group, EVERY group, there are extremists. Realize that. There's also usually special names for them. Like, ya know, "extremists" or "feminazis" or "female supremacists."

  2. Wow, can I live in your world where being a woman is better than being a man?! Are you fucking insane?

    Women make up MORE than HALF the population fuckhead. That's why it's pretty fucking horrible when:

    A. Female politicians are rare and become even more rare the higher up you go (governors, president, etc)
    B. Women own FAR less land than men
    C. Women outperform men in grades yet get lower paying jobs

    You dumbass. Or are percentages and numbers too complicated for you?

  3. Lol, you are a dumbass.

    First off, muscle mass is not the end all to athleticism. I have known many women who are superior athletes compared to huge men because they have better coordination and better training.

    You really know very little about athletics if you really think that men and women can be compared and one can be deemed inferior. Also, you know very little about entertainment.

  4. No I completely agree. I don't think it's right for crazy bitches to hit people either. Don't act like that's a part of my agenda. But we're getting off topic and you're grasping at straws to bring down feminism, aren't you?

  5. Ahh, actually, finding jobs is more about connections. If you have a bro that knows a bro that knows a bro you will find a job.

    However, many women are lacking in those connections. Just something that you should consider when pondering why the workforce is so favorable towards men.

  6. Hum…

    Judging from your post some woman has screamed in your face and you are pissed off that you didn't have the right to hit her.

  7. The problem is that dictionary definitions aren't universally accepted and change over time. Some dictionaries say that atheists are immoral for example when the people they're writing about wouldn't agree. Yeah, there are extremists, but you have to at least admit that feminism can go farther than equality unless adherents to that ideology take a strong stand.

  8. How am I to know what you stand for. It sounds like you're opposed to the more extremist form, but it's quite common for women to support violence against men while the opposite is considered one of the worst crimes.

  9. Well let me put it this way, if a guy fucks with you, I think you have the right to defend yourself. It's not allowed with women, though.

  10. Grasping. At. Straws. And what dictionaries are YOU reading? You…you should reexamine your local book store, that's all I'm gonna say.

  11. They only get lower paying jobs in the upper echelons of society. Most lower class men have hard low-paying labor jobs, while women get cushy admin assistance positions and waitresses that get big tips. Women outperform men in grades because they're encouraged by their moms and teachers to try more than males.

  12. Wait, did I say chess? Pretty sure I said chess boxing, which is a sport.

    All of those games require intelligence and you saying they don't doesn't actually mean anything.

    Sports isn't just physicality. It can require intelligence as well. There are some sports that simply require strength and those are the ones we focus on more because they favour men, but I wasn't talking about those.

  13. But that probably has a lot to do with how genders are socially conditioned in this day and age. If this was Sparta or Greece, hell yes women would be interested in sports.

  14. Actually the MRA arose in the 70s not only as a rebellion against feminism but as a way for men to reinforce traditional gender roles and the traditional family.

    THIS WHOLE TIME we have been talking about the name feminism and how the name applies to only women. But every other human rights movement also focuses on the group of people they want to defend. They still want equal rights for everyone but they are working on rights for a specific group of people.

  15. why would you want to watch women do something that men do better. Name a sport that women do better then men

  16. You claim that despite the reality of things, just look at any issue to with mens rights. Everytime there are feminists trying to block them.

    Just look at what happened when a group that don't label themselves as feminists but do fight for both sides were having a men's rights lecture in toronto. Feminists protested, even pulling a fire alarm to stop lecture in it's tracks and wasting fire department time.

  17. Or we have leading feminists advocating male genocide like Feminitheist with her International castration day (among other things),? Eve Bit first with her plea for all men to die. Mary Daily with her ideal of the male population being reduced to a manageable 20%, Valarie Solanas with her manifesto, her open urge and attempts the kill men and her theory that men are not people but and damaged female chromosomes. and good old Andrea Dworkin, another proud promoter of killing men, shall i go on?

  18. That is clearly not what he is saying. Although it does sound like she definitely would need to be restrained and possibly B-slapped pimp style! Lol

    Now, Take a DEEP breath honey.
    Tell me about your father, uncle, or whoever the guy is that hurt you……………….? Maybe I can help you. You don't have to hate men any more!

  19. MRAs have also done similar things and tried to silence feminists. An enormous portion of MRAs are misogynists. MRAs have also disrupted feminist events. One masculist group harassed women at a battered women's shelter. MRAs have issued bomb threats, slashed tires, mailed excrement-filled packages and threatened politicians and their children. Go to the Wikipedia article for masculism and look at the heading "Criticisms and responses" if you don't believe me.

  20. I'm done arguing with misogynistic fools who daydream of the day that the law says they can slap a woman. Seriously, you guys are sick and pathetic.

    And stop projecting yourself onto me. Obviously you had horrible failed relationships with women that make you so quick to discredit anything any woman says. I would feel sorry for you if you weren't such a complete dick to all around you.

    Have fun thinking you are the king of the world. You're not. If you were, you wouldn't fear women so much.

  21. You really shouldn't be so quick to jump on the "I hate women" bandwagon and trying to make it claim that women now have the upper hand.

    You know, cause your black. Kind of makes you a hypocrite when affirmative action is still in place and all you have to do is show a glimmer of intelligence to get hired.

    But no, it's cool. I don't mind trying to get a government job only to have them tell me to "not even try cause I'm not black".

  22. Hell, there were 35 too many women on SI covers, these feminist studies are total bullshit.. Want to read about female athletes, there's magazines that do that, buy them.

  23. I blame women for not being as good as men in sports.

    Do male super models get paid the equivalent of their female counterparts? Lol not even 1/10

    Sorry at the highest level of sports men ARE far superior in 99% of sports. This is where the money is. Not a lot of people care about gymnastics, ballet etc.

  24. Having Feminism doesn't mean completely disregarding men at the same time. Why does it have to be mutually exclusive? And today, there are still lingering aspects of that unfair society (mostly in terms of societal attitudes). Sure, men also deal with their own unique gender issues, but generally, I'd say women have more. But regardless, like I said, you can have a focus on one group and then…also focus on the other group. There's men's rights groups out there, too, ya know.

  25. So I guess you don't know how to intelligently defend your argument using your own brain? I've been on that guy's channel before. He seriously blocked me because I posted a few comments effectively defending feminism and people were starting to agree with me. Doesn't that tell you something about a person? Gotta get rid of people with dangerous ideas. Block them instead of facing the truth.

  26. Ya, then feminist (and other groups) protest them when they meet and call them scum, bigots, and etc.

  27. Alright, the comparison may not be accurate. I give you that.
    Yeah, there is more interest in the male side of sports. But what is the point of this story? Is it sexist of me to not give a shit about female sports? Really?! I mean, REALLY?!
    Sexism still exists, I am aware of this. But non-issues like this only hurt the cause of real feminists.

  28. A little bit, yes. Men don't take as much interest in women's sports because they don't take women's sports seriously and often just don't take women seriously. Many men don't take an interest in 'women's' ANYTHING because it's women. Men would take more of an interest female athletes if the media took them seriously. I don't think women not being respected and taken seriously alongside their male peers in the same profession is a trivial issue at all.

  29. And no, you are not obliged to take an interest in women's sports. But the most pre-eminent sports magazine in the country ought to cover serious athletes seriously and not discriminate against or condescend to them because of their gender. As is, Sports Illustrated sends the message that women are of marginal interest to them if they aren't skinny 18 year olds in bikinis.

  30. Yes, because you definitely have to be an amazing physical specimen to watch sports, read about them and play them for fun.

  31. But we were talking about whether women were interested in sports. You seem to be changing the topic without addressing the issue.

  32. If a guy did it, he'd get fucked up. Women know they can abuse their gender privileges and get away with saying whatever they want.

  33. Masculine women are unappealing. Just because steroids makes it possible doesn't mean we have to approve.

  34. Overly muscular? Masculine? You guys act like these ladies are fucking body builders. So if a woman isn't built like a twig she's automatically man-like? I'd just assume that since some men don't take women seriously, and certainly not women in sports, they're just not interested. That's why the publication prefers female models to female athletes.

  35. SI doesn't put females on its cover because people aren't into female sports. Why would they put something/someone on their cover when it won't sell? They aren't going to put a men's soccer or rugby player on it for example (unless it's like David Beckham or Christiano Rinaldo) because those sports don't sell in the US.

  36. Unless we are talking about beach volleyball … Femal sports are boring. I'm not trying to be sexist here. Its just a fact. Ask any guy.

  37. Good point. Both – and it's fine. Why does everything that makes us different always have to be a bad thing, where one side is at fault…
    As always – It's about the money Lebowski. And the money is where our genetic instincts and desires are, which is where all the complex parts of our society meet in a simple evolutionary channel that can explain pretty much every aspect of our social behavior, if we really want to know about how much of a predictable animal we all are.

  38. Nope, but I still know more about them than you, strangely enough, since my argument doesn't entirely revolve around whether one is a jock or not.

  39. You were definitely talking about women being interested in sports. Not my fault that you have a faulty memory and that you are illiterate.

  40. Do you believe that women are equally pushed towards sports, and encouraged to not only play sports, but to indulge in its culture – and not ridiculed?

  41. no one watches female sports, the quality is sub par. if female sports were of higher quality and more fun to watch, people would.

  42. They put famous athletes on the cover that is easily recognized. I can literally only name 3 female athletes, while I can name dozens of males. This isn't a gender discrimination issue, ffs. No one really cares about women's leagues, watching unattractive women play really bad basketball? Yeah no.

  43. Are you truly saying that if women were encouraged, they could potentially be stronger and faster and jump higher than men? I'm sorry, if that's the case, you're simply completely ignorant of the most basic biologic and human knowledge. The fact that men are physically superior is not a fucking social construct.
    I want to see the most incredible human feats athletically achieveable. For this, you almost invariably have to look at the male body. That's not sexism, that's goddamn science.

  44. I didn't say the BODY trashy, instead if your comment is the case then SI should show the woman ATHLETE too on the cover!!!!!!!

  45. It will. And the free market as it stands in America right now is made of the most mindless people ever!

  46. They need to put Lingerie Football League player on the cover, these women are in great shape, look great and are great athletes all in one.

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  49. You can as human being, women can join human race and fight along side men for equal rights for all

    But then there you go with the typical feminist line that you must be a feminist to care about womens rights. You wont get anywhere with that line

    MRA I give you, but it is a counter to feminism so lol
    As for the others, I give you LGBTQ, but then they are where women were before but are not now. DRM? The rest I dont even agree with as orgs, except AHA, which is all encompassing as it should be.

  50. I say I want rights for all, thats how I get my message across, that I care abotu children, disabled, etc… and assist in various ways actual orgs that fight for those rights
    But disabled people nor little people nor children are trying to demonise half the population, or say that I am against little peoples rights if I dont join the LPA, they arent saying there is another ideology trying to hold them down etc…

    Feminism is nothing like those groups
    Its most popular proponents are hatemongers

  51. Right. I'm bothered. My friend resides above me. I'm bothered because he just grew really good at obtaining a lot of women. The guy found the Master Attraction site by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). Now I hear him bringing girls back. He's continuously having ladies back and I hear it. It's yucky and I wish he had not found that site.

  52. God. I’m green with envy with regards to my friend. He’s actually been available always. By some cheat, he has got a model to love him in no time. How is that manageable? He told me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful told me that… I’ve not before seen him so positive. Kind of makes me frustrated.

  53. The only time a female should be on the cover is if she does something exceptional (like beating a male at tennis or boxing or the 100m sprint) or she could also be on the cover if she is gorgeous and half naked.
    Women's sport is dull, uncompetitive and relevant only to a minority of women who are interested.
    PS More males participate and consume sport than females, and I am willing to bet that females as consumers prefer male sport; therefore the covers should feature more males (except for those half naked hot females)

  54. Women's sports are not as popular and that's why they're not on the cover as much, not because sports fans or SI are sexist.  People have already dedicated themselves to their favorite sports teams so when they see women's sports their like, yeah, eh, whatever i'm just going to keep watching my favorite team.  It's the same reason why soccer is not popular in the US.  Other sports have already taken our appreciation away.  I wouldn't necessarily consider it an issue, it's just kind of the way it is.  Though i will say this, in a lot of men's heads when they think of women's sports they think of Victoria's secret models playing football and being totally sexualized, but that's not the reality, and i think in a lot of guys that's a turn off because they expect all women's athletes to look like WWE female wrestlers.

  55. the cover must have something that people will like the most , who watches sports mostly? men. who gets in the cover? men.

  56. I blame women for not participating in mens sports….I want equality!!! But I don't want to actually compete against men who will destroy me.

  57. what about the percentage of people who are pro-athletes? You can't just put women on the magazine because feminists wants it… Just take football (soccer) players in the world. There are according to fifa about 265 million people in the world who play football (on a team in a league). Out of this, there are 26 million females who play football. Meaning there are about 1% out of all football players, are female football players. That's like scientists who believe in global warming versus scientists who don't. Are you now saying we should give equal time in the media for "both sides"? Or scientists who believe in evolution and scientists who believe in intelligent design, so should both evolution and intelligent design get equal time in the classroom? If it's true for one thing, is should be true for everything.

  58. Introduce quotas. That is the answer. All magazines must be required to represent women in at least 50% of their covers. And minorities must be represented in proportion to the population, except for basketball, where it will be ok to have 95% of the basketball athletes featured being african american. TYT can right all the wrongs in the world, and this is an easy one to put right.

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