How Magnus Carlsen checkmated Bill Gates in 9 moves

How Magnus Carlsen checkmated Bill Gates in 9 moves

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. Ever since Magnus
Carlsen became World Champion in November of 2013, he’s had the opportunity to meet
several celebrities. And one of the most recent ones being with Mr. Microsoft himself, Bill
Gates. And they got to play a game with one another. It was a form of speed chess/bullet
chess, where Bill Gates had 2 minutes to complete the entire game, and Magnus Carlsen only had
30 seconds. Here’s how the game went. Bill Gates opened with e4. Knight c6 by Carlsen,
the Nimzovich Defense. Knight f3, development. d5 challenging the center, and now bishop
d3. This is slightly awkward. Something like knight c3 where you’re not obstructing the
pawn would be better. Now comes knight f6, pawn takes, queen takes, knight c3 attacks
the queen. Carlsen gets out of the way with queen h5. Gates castles, bishop g4. This is
an annoying pin. Best move here is to break it immediately with bishop e2, but comes h3
and if Carlsen wants to get an advantage he could always capture and damage the white
pawn structure, followed by queenside castle. But after h3, Carlsen plays knight e5, basically
looking for tricks as he pointed out after the game. This move is actually a losing move
and Gates is actually the one who is winning in this position. But there’s much more of
a factor in this game isn’t there? Time is certainly…gets the best of everybody, and
it’s not the easiest to cope with that sort of pressure. Now in the game we had pawn takes,
and now after knight on f takes g4 again at this point white is winning but makes a terrible
move. Because after knight takes knight, queen h2 is checkmate, and that’s it the game’s
over after just these 9 moves. The better move would have been to play rook e1, so that
after knight takes you could take with the queen. And after this check, now the square
f1 is vacated. And you could give a couple more checks, but the white king is able to
run away and before you know it, it could actually be white who’s giving black some
problems with these checks on b5. But as it turns in this game, it just took 9 moves.
Far less than the allotted time in this game–2 minutes versus 30 seconds. It did end however
after knight takes knight, queen h2 and Carlsen ends up winning. So a very cool game to see.
It’s nice to see that he’s getting to see all of these different celebrities and promoting
the game at the same time. And if you’d like to check out the video itself, check in the
description. I’ll provide a link there, and I hope you enjoy it. That’s all for now. Take
care, bye.

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  1. Well Bill Gates isnt a pro chess player? Lol why does this have so many views? DUH. Of course he beat him

  2. Was there money on the side ??????? Bill can afford to loose a billion while making a total fool of himself.

  3. Curious, what would have been the "right move" for Bill Gates to make in that situation? Seems to me the game was over when he took the bishop.

  4. So no one else considered the possibility that Gates graciously let Magnus mate him, rather than steal his moment with such an overwhelming advantage?

  5. just goes to show another billionaire who shouldnt be.. should be Carlsen.. chess leaders should be making world decisions

  6. Legend has it, the moment Carlsen checkmated Gates, Gates's face turned blue and displayed the words in white "An error has occurred and Windows will be shut down".

  7. You guys do realize that this is a speed chess right? If Bill Gates had more time to observe then he definitely wouldn't have lost like that. Please think a little bit.

  8. When I was playing chess, after a friend who was rated over 2000 showed me how to "Tear down the fort" which Bill Gates built a variation of in the described game, I always loved seeing novice players try and build the "fort" that Magnus obliterated.
    Why on earth any player would want to tie up so many of their pieces like the fort does is beyond me.

  9. Gates is a genius in the art of make a lot of money but he's not a genius in the art of play chess, for him it's just a hobby, in other way, for Magnus, chess is his life.

  10. My brother-in-law is probably no where near Magnus. But holy fuck does it feel like he is that good. Humiliation in the face of modesty is a jarring emotion when he tells the onlookers what I'm about to do and how many moves left I have until I lose. And he is right almost 100% of the time.

  11. Why have a silly fast game where a blunder ruins it?
    If I was lucky enough to play Magnus Carlsen I'd
    want plenty of time to make each move.

  12. Soo much ignorance in the comments section. Credit to Magnus for winning. Enough about who earned the most money, wth. Not everyones dream job gets them tons of bucks but you definitively shouldnt look down on them when someone with more money comes along. Bill Gates is a legendary entrepreneur no one denies it! So don't belittle Magnus he is an incredible chess player! and that shouldn't be taken from him.

  13. Magnus did not make a mistake because of time, he knew Bill Gates would take the bishop and not take the knight. If you watch the actual match you will see he made that move intentionally.

  14. Bill has never claimed to be a chess prodigy. He agreed to play a master at his game for fun. I think the big lesson here is no one can be the best in every field.. it isn’t possible.

  15. Interesting vid. But about the original event, bill gates is very smart, that doesn't mean he's good at chess. I don't understand why they organized this.

  16. Gates blundered his very first move. If your opponent is the world champ but only has 30 seconds, you should open with d4 and aim for a closed game. (Not that you'd have a chance of winning, but at least you'll last out a good deal longer.)

  17. What a dumb move by someone who's supposed to be smart. I mean… Didn't he know he was gonna play the champion of the world? I mean all he had to do was just so a little research on openings, even if he doesn't play chess well like a grandmaster, he could of at least played the time advantage.

  18. Whats the point of playing speed chess if the quality of play is affected? Don't both the players and the observers want to see and play the best chess they can? Unless one player is clearly superior to another (and I dont know Gates level) I can see time limitations to handicap the better player… But why is time necessary between two evenly matched players? Speed Chess is like watching a hot dog eating contest… just because you can eat 18 hot dogs in 2 minutes, why would you want to?

    5 seconds between moves doesn't allow for strategies to develop. I think you tend to get the same game or a simplified game.
    Yes, there should be some time limit between moves (maybe 5 or 8 minutes) but I think the faster you make players move the quality of play begins to diminish at some point. I get that its an exercise for the brain but lets see the best chess both players are capable of.

  19. It's mate for white in a few moves if the king runs like shown, queen takes b7 rook cant be defended as it ends in mate with the Bishop checking in b5, pretty much a won position no matter what gates is a novice clearly magnus is crazy good but it's like matching a lion to a mouse for both either in business or chess

  20. it's actually so helpful to watch a GM pick apart an average player (or whatever you want to call Gates). I've watched it 10 times and it's so tragically relatable. (obv a newb) I know this video is like 5 years old but this game is timeless and you channel is amazing. cheers

  21. Not that I’d ever call Bill Gates dumb, but this is not his strength. He should get revenge by challenging Carlsen to progream something.

  22. I should know the answer to this, but what program are you using to display the game in the video? I use Chessbase Reader 17 and SCID, but it doesn’t look like either of those to me. Perhaps an older version? Thanks in advance for the answer, I’m new to chess analysis.

  23. Gates will succor himself with more sterilization and genocide of societies to ease the pain of embarrassment.

  24. I love how al the openings and subsequent plays all have such special names, I don't know a damn thing about chess beside the basic rulings, but it somehow just makes it so entertaining to watch xD

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