How Jordan’s Olympic medal turned Ahmad Abughaush into an icon | The Power of One

How Jordan’s Olympic medal turned Ahmad Abughaush into an icon | The Power of One

ORIGINAL SERIES) Ahmad’s triumph was
his determination. He wanted that medal
and he won it. When he intends to do
something, he gets it. I can’t talk what I feel,
but it’s really amazing. Ahmad made us win the
first Olympic medal for Jordan and
made us go through the doors
of history. This is the
first medal in Jordan. Ahmad is an example
for me because even in a difficult moments
he got that medal. My family
support me to do taekwondo. Since we won the medal,
Jordan is well known in the world,
everyone knows us. People know how to locate
Jordan in a world map. Great moments
for Jordan here. Taekwondo greatly
influences the temper of the refugee kids
in this camp. Many people see me
now as an idol and it is a very big
responsibility. It’s not easy
because all your actions must be
exemplary. The first ever Olympic
champion in Jordan. (THE POWER OF ONE) (JORDAN
JORDAN) The day Ahmad won
the medal it was very special because
for the first time a young Jordan wins
an Olympic gold medal. As soon as I arrived
at Azraq’s refugee camp in Jordan, all associations
helped us with the accommodation,
with the job seeking and with our
everyday needs. Winning that Olympic
medal was incredible. We worked hard and for a long
time to win it. (WAEL FAWWAZ AL FARAJ
YOUNG TAEKWONDO ATHLETE) Now is time for us to
compete as Abughaush. One day I will achieve
a victory for my country and I will raise Jordan’s
flag just as Ahmmad did. (HALA MALKAWI
now as an idol and it is a very big
responsibility. It’s not easy…
because all your actions must be exemplary. Olympic title and
double World Champion… And Abughaush from Jordan,
20 years old… This is the quarter-finals
against the Korean athlete, this combat was quite
hard, he had been the world champion
for the last two years. With this hit, I made
3 points and overtook the counter and I saw
really near my victory in this combat. Wow! This is amazing!
It really is tremendous stuff. It is all about attack
and counterattack. In this moment I was
very happy. I knew that the rest of combats
would be much easier because I just beated
the best athlete in the category. The man from Jordan,
expansive, electric and into the semi-final. For him, I am not
just his coach, and for me he is
like my little brother. (FARIS ALI ALASSAF
AHMAD’S COACH) This is what made us
achieve our goals and win that
incredible medal. The truth is that I try
to protect him from everything. Since he was a kid,
you could see that in sports, he was
smarter and more skilful than his
fellow classmates. We could see that
he could be the one winning the first Olympic
medal for Jordan. Ahmad and his medal
are a role model for the young Jordanians
and now the athletes have a dream and a goal…
to become like him. If he made it… Why can’t I achieve
this victory too? The Arab world says
that Jordan is the country of “nashama”, which in
Arab means “country that has no
problem with no-one.” Jordan is a country
of peace and hospitality Abughaush won the
golden medal at the Olympic Games and made
a very Jordanian proud. He attracted the attention
of all Jordanians and now him and his medal
have become as a new flag for Jordan. It is a huge
honour. I was a great success
for Jordan and the Arab world. After Abughaush’s medal,
more kids have signed up to practice taekwondo. We welcome in
our country many refugees and
we still are strong, we are united.
All together we make Jordan.
We are all Jordan. (AZRAQ REFUGEE CAMP
JORDAN) To the young generations
pursuing success in any sport I always tell them that
“if your dream is possible, you will make it happen”. (AHMAD ABUGHAUSH
GOLD MEDALLIST RIO 2016) They told me that there were
other athletes before me that did not make it,
but I believe that with determination you can
achieve whatever you want. Azraq’s refugee camp
was built for people fleeing the Syrian
Civil War. They not only need
food and accommodation they also need
psychological assistance, and taekwondo is
the best way to heal mind and body. Taekwondo greatly
influences the temper of the refugee kids in
COACH OF UNHCR PROGRAMME The International Taekwondo
Federation along with the United Nations
developed a programme to train refugee kids,
and we have perceived a change in their
temper. These kids have greatly changed. They are stronger
and more relaxed. My family support me… to do taekwondo 100%. The biggest challenge
we find here in Azraq is that we do
not have a club to represent
in competitions or the best resources
to train ourselves. When Ahmad was a kid he was restless,
he was never still. (FARIDEH ABDELHAMID
AHMAD’S MOTHER) And honestly,
it did bothered me a bit. God willing, Ahmad
will become a hero for younger people
and future generations. Ahmad is really loved
in the neighbourhood and surrounding areas. The neighbours really like
AHMAD’S FATHER) ..and they respect him.
After winning the medal he had a bigger
responsibility for someone of his age.
He is just 21 years old, and for me it’s like
he is 30… since, thanks to
God, he accepts these responsibilities
in good faith. I am studying at the
university, although I am falling behind
due to the preparation for the championships. Abughaush’s achievements
have been extremely important for Jordan. Ahmad is a role
model to follow as he is in possession
of Jordan’s unique Olympic medal. Me too, I want to be
a champion just like him. He cleared the way
and showed us the path to become
champions. When you see that
he is a world champion and that he made it
after overcoming all obstacles it makes
you think that nothing is impossible. Ahmad become an
example to follow for all university
students in Jordan thanks to the medal. Now, they all think that
if he made it and he showed us it is
possible to win a medal at the Olympic Games or
Worlds Championships we can also achieve
great successes in any other disciplines
at the world level. At the University of Jordan,
Ahmad Abaughaush is an extra incentive
for everyone not only in the
world of taekwondo. We are ready to achieve
AT UNIVERSITY OF JORDAN) such as the bronze
medal we got at last World University
championships. Plus, for women
in taekwondo, Ahmad is also
a role model for women in
other sport disciplines so they can
achieve their goals. He also had an
impact in individual categories such as
karate, where we already won various medals
after Abaughaush’s victory in Rio. In every course I teach
at the university, I always tell to
my students Ahmad’s story and
what we experienced in Rio. I will always be very
grateful for being there with him
when he won Jordan’s first
Olympic medal. The men’s 68kg
semi-final here. Abughaush straining
to the attack. This is the semifinals
combat against the Spanish athlete.
I figured that it would be easier than with
the Korean, although I was competing
against the current winner of the gold
Olympic medal in London 2012. He was a dangerous
rival, but for me he wasn’t so strong.
From the beginning of the combat I put
a lot of press and in the first 20
seconds of the combat I scored my first point. Well, he’s got
another three points! And he’s taking
it up to 12! I hugged my
coach because that moment was
incredible for me. We knew we just
ensured winning a medal. We reached
the finals. Abughaush! He’s entered the
Olympic Games final! What a tremendous
performance from start to finish!
Just perfect! I started doing
taekwondo because I like it and I think that
I have a future in it. (HALA MALKAWI YOUNG
TAEKWONDO ATHLETE) Taekwondo makes your
own ambition grow and it makes
you stronger. Before, my daughter
was very shy and taekwondo has given
her self-confidence. I feel how she
has grown, she has made some
progress since she practises taekwondo. I always wanted that
my children practised sports so they would
spend less time in the computer or in
social media, and taekwondo helps
them grow and it helps them develop
confidence in themselves. It helps them be
on the right track, in all aspects
of life. Ahmad became
world champion, and right after
he got injured. He got through two
difficult years but he was convinced he would
go back and win again. Ahmad’s triumph was
his determination. When he set a goal
he will reach it. That Olympic medal
was a dream for Jordan. Since the first time
the country participated in the Olympic Games
back in 1984 we dreamed
of winning an Olympic medal.
He wasn’t even born. It’s been a long time
since then, and Ahmad won that medal
at only 20 years old. I met Ahmad
nine years ago in 2008. Winning the medal
changed his life. He now has much
more responsibilities, everyone is
expecting him to win
more medals. My life also changed
after I met him. Now everyone knows us,
everyone knows Ahmad and Saddam,
Saddam and Ahmad. Always together. Ahmad is a role model
for me because he was determined to win
an Olympic medal, and he made it. But he remained a
humble person and he helps other people. It would make me
very happy if I could win a medal at the
Olympic Games in 2024 or at the World
Championships. — Does anyone have
a question for Ahmad? — What did you feel
when you won the Gold? — I was really happy.
I felt like when you study and you give your best
and at the end you win. I have been practicing
taekwondo for 15 years, and all my injuries and
exhaustion have been rewarded by God.
At the end you feel happiness
and a powerful feeling. — Were you afraid
before the combats? — That’s a very
good question. Yes, I felt the
pressure and some fear. If fear prevails before
the combat, you will lose. But if you control your
fears, you will win. When you practise
contact sports you need to
feel that fear, and over time you
learn to control it. You can arrive at
the combat confused, but never with fear. When Abughaush
won that medal in Rio, the next day we had
a training session at the refugee camp.
When the students came, they already knew
about Ahmad’s victory. It surprised me as
most of them do not even have electricity
or internet access. Winning that medal
was a huge motivation for the students,
and they ask me about Abughaush.
He will come and visit us one day. In the future I would
like to become a taekwondo coach. I teach small kids
and I tell them that practising taekwondo
is very beneficial because you exercise
and you learn to defend yourself. But I find it
quite difficult to transmit to
them everything that taekwondo
has given me. Ahmad Abughaush from
Jordan. Shoes to fill as they take the steps
into the arena. This is the first round
of the finals. We already knew we
had an Olympic medal. I would have relaxed,
but I was determined to win this combat. We know distance
is important and it’s the distance
from Abughaush, and he finds one… The score in this
combat was always very tied. The Jordanian.
A little push-kick scores there for
Ahmad Abughaush. He kept attacking me
to surmount the score. I seized an opportunity
in one of his attacks to hit him back
in the head and score four more points.
The score was 7-1, very favourable
to me. Will he be able to take
the Olympic Gold medal to match
his performance? The timers tick down! The combat is over
and I win the gold medal. It is the happiest
moment in my life. Big moments for
Jordan here. Their first ever Olympic
champion in taekwondo! There is no greater
feeling than this one, to see your flag
on top and hear the national anthem
in the Olympic Games. Seeing Jordan’s flag
on top of Russia, Spain and Korea
at the Olympic Games. It was incredible
what we lived. What can you say? Brilliant taekwondo,
and well deserved of that Olympic title. I honestly think
there has been many changes in the country.
People know more about sports, specially about
the individual disciplines such as taekwondo.
And that makes me very happy. Now
more people know what it means
to win a medal at the Olympic Games. If you have a dream and you work hard
every day, you will make it real. After Abughaush won
the gold medal in Rio 2016,
taekwondo has become a
very popular sport. And Abughaush
has become like a legend for
young Jordanians. For me Ahmad,
is a true champion. I love his focus! Hopefully, one day,
I will also win an Olympic medal. After Ahmad won
the gold medal, I felt much more
confident and eager to participate
in competitions. Ahmad won the
first Olympic medal for Jordan and
he made us cross the doors of history. (THE POWER OF ONE)

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