How It Works: New Carriers Gameplay | World of Warships

How It Works: New Carriers Gameplay | World of Warships

Update 0.8.0 brought changes to the gameplay of aircraft
carriers in World of Warships. In this episode
of How it Works, we’ll review the new features that
have been introduced into the game. How It Works:
Reworked Aircraft Carriers Let’s start with aircraft. Now, there are three types available:
torpedo bombers, dive bombers, and newcomers to our game—attack
aircraft—armed with unguided rockets. To launch a squadron, simply press 1,
2, or 3 to select the desired squadron, then press the same key once
again to give the order to take off. “1” launches attack aircraft,
“2” launches torpedo bombers, and “3” launches dive bombers. Let’s start with
the torpedo bombers. We have reworked the
method of controlling aircraft: as of now, players control only one
squadron at a time in a third-person view. After taking off, planes automatically
accelerate to their cruising speed. You can temporarily increase or decrease
this by pressing W or S, accordingly. When affecting the speed in this manner,
planes consume “Engine Boost”— a scale that can be found in the left
side of the squadron’s combat interface. Press A or D to turn left or right,
or alternatively turn using the mouse. To look around you, press
and hold the right mouse button. Once the Engine Boost
is completely spent, you need to either wait
for it to restore automatically, or activate the
“Engine Cooling” consumable. You can increase the
cruising speed of your aircraft by installing the “Flight
Control Modification 2” upgrade and learning the
“Improved Engines” Commander skill. The action time of
Engine Boost can be extended by mounting the “Aircraft
Engine Modification 1″ upgrade and learning the “Improved
Engine Boost” Commander skill. The “Last Gasp” Commander
skill completely restores the Engine Boost of the last attack flight
of the aircraft carrier’s planes. The gray triangle of the torpedo
bombers’ sights will help you in aiming. Click the left mouse button
to begin a target run. An attacking flight consisting of several
aircraft will detach from the squadron— their number depending on
the tier and nation of your ship. Now, they’re under
your direct control. When a target run begins, the sight
will be yellow, and a special timer will inform you about the planes’
readiness to carry out an attack. When your aircraft
are ready to attack, the sight will become green
and a new timer will start— this represents the time window
that you have to launch your torpedoes. You can adjust your aim
and use Engine Boost, but remember that
moving left or right will slow down the
aiming of the torpedo sight. You can reduce the aiming time by learning the
“Sight Stabilization” Commander skill. Click the left mouse button
again to launch your torpedoes. If you don’t do this
before the timer runs out, the attacking flight will
automatically rejoin the squadron. You can increase the
time provided for an attack by installing the “Torpedo
Bombers Modification 1” upgrade. Remember that a torpedo needs some
time to arm after hitting the water. If you attack a target when it’s
in the yellow part of the sight’s cone, the torpedo won’t
arm or do any damage. The aircraft remaining in the
squadron follow the attacking flight. Having launched torpedoes, the planes from the attacking flight
automatically return to their carrier. In the meantime, you can continue engaging the target
with other aircraft from the squadron. Once the last flight has
expended its ammunition, you will be returned
to the aircraft carrier, where you can
select a new squadron. Now, let’s review attack
aircraft and dive bombers. Attack aircraft are armed
with unguided rockets. Dive bombers can carry two bomb types:
high-explosive and armor-piercing. The damage mechanics
of both high-explosive bombs and the rockets of attack aircraft are similar to those of
artillery high-explosive shells. Note that the “Demolition
Expert” Commander skill also increases the chances
of setting the enemy on fire with the high-explosive
aviation ammunition. Armor-piercing bombs have mechanics
similar to armor-piercing shells. We’ve already given you a detailed
breakdown of this ammunition type in one of the previous
episodes of “How it Works.” The sights of both squadron
types look like an oblong ellipse. Click the left mouse button
when you’re ready to attack. The attacking flight
of dive bombers will first soar upwards and
then dive towards the target. When the ellipse becomes green, you can drop your bombs
by clicking the left mouse button. Don’t forget about the timer that shows you how much time
you have to carry out your attack. As for attack aircraft, a flight
detaches from the squadron and approaches its target before
launching rockets at short range, without diving. It’s worth noting that
you can increase the time that attack aircraft have to attack by mounting the “Attack
Aircraft Modification 1” upgrade. If your aircraft carry
armor-piercing bombs, the angle at which the bombs penetrate
their target plays an important role. To avoid ricochets and non-penetrations,
try dropping bombs at different angles at various points along
the aircraft diving trajectory. While steering your aircraft, you can switch back to controlling
your carrier at any time. To do so, you simply
need to press “F”. The squadron in the air at that moment
will automatically return to the carrier. You can also control your aircraft carrier
with the help of the Tactical Map. To do this, press “M” and plot the
course you want your ship to follow. When doing this, the squadron
remains under your control. In the next episode
of “How it Works”, we’ll tell you all about the
mechanics of anti-aircraft defenses, new consumables,
and fighter planes. Until next time,
good luck in battle!

100 Replies to “How It Works: New Carriers Gameplay | World of Warships”

  1. This is a shit change. The previous RTS method rewards skill much more and it's more intense to control multiple squadrons to play cat vs mouse with the enemy CV.

  2. It looks like more ppl use carriers now anyway. I guess that was the purpose.. A year ago I would only see a carrier in 1 of 10 games ..

  3. New CV player here. Where do I change the loadout of my dive bombers from HE to AP? That option doesn't seem to be available for me.

  4. If you put the removed carriers back in, will players who had these carriers get them back? Cause if not, I wasted several weeks on the Bogue.

  5. Bring back OLD CVs AND OLD CV GAME PLAY a.s.a.p! This new CV gameplay suxs…and makes me wanna UNINSTALL the whole game…

  6. I thought i'd watch the video to re-learn how it's done. 3 mins in I thought it's such a complex mess I'm not even going to watch any more of the video. How can you f**k up something that was OK SO BADLY??

  7. I’m confused. Are people mad about the way the carriers are controlled or that there is carriers in the game? I play on console so I was just looking at some differences between PC and console. I think the carriers are cool. It adds more realism.

  8. That Update broke the fun to play the game for me and they didn't even gave me something as return of removing my T5 japanese CV from my Port.

  9. Having been a player for 3 years, i just started to play CVs (waiting until the rework was issued, no sense in learning two systems old then new),  i understand the Tier issue to some degree.  My first thought was for WG to just code in that CVs can only play in +/- 1 of their tier.  In other words a T6 carrier can only play in T5-T7 games,   a T8 carrier can only play in T7-T9 games, and only T10 carriers would be limited to 2 Tiers (T9-T10).   Being T6 carrier in a T8 match is rather limiting the role of the carrier, of course you learn to adjust to that limited role but i am afraid it is a discouragement to players to play CVs in the current match making. Since T4 is the first level perhaps they can be limited to T4-T5 games.  If and when odd T carriers are reintroduced this system would make the matches more fair and ENCOURAGING. Just an observation and idea. I do like the interactive mode!

  10. I started playing this game again, and went, "Yeah okay, time to try a carrier again." I was completely befuddled by the new workings of the carriers but figured I was just missing that there was some way to control multiple squadrons as usual and I just didn't know how to switch out of manual control of squadrons. Nope, carriers are just boring and useless now. Cool.

  11. I never played this game But I'm learning a lot from this CHANNEL ?
    I hope I can get a gaming laptop soon!! I CAN'T can't wait to play this Game!?

  12. this new gameplay is for kids who cant handle 4 squadron at once, i prefer the old one.
    this should be in blitz ( mobile ) only, pc version have to be more challenging.

  13. I like the rework of CVs, I don't have to deal with the fighter bs at the beginning of the first tiers for them and I get to play what carriers were really men't for.

  14. I hate this new way so much so have given up using the Carriers. just use the all other ships Except Carriers now.

  15. This is terrible. HOLY **

    Battle taxi of dozens of aircraft with a crew of thousands:
    Can only control one flight at a time, and can only control THAT flight OR the boat. Not at the same time.

    Do my ship and aircrews just tag-team sleep schedules?????

    It looks pretty, but it's effectively junk. Please roll this back.

  16. This change sucked. The whole point of the old RTS system is because it was something different. Lots of micro management. New system is shyte

  17. I loved the gameplay of old CV I Will never play this again if they dont bring old gameplay of CV…

  18. The thing feels not right is why its decreasing the boost when im "decrease" the speed plane.
    Like hell decreasing speed plane using much energy like throttling up a plane.
    Thats what bothering me when playing CV

  19. New carrier gameplay is so BAD, I want old way. I stop play carrier because of new mode. I hate new carrier gameplay it is Just cinematic but unplayable.

  20. Just bought a CV, didn't play them for 1year. I totally regret it. Came to search some guide and this is just terrible. If I wanted to control planes I would get another game. How can you not get more squadrons on the air?! Old control method was just fine! So, as right now: Played carrier once > Found it terrible > Saw this guide > Selling CV.

  21. Never going to play this game again ;-;, just lost all my main ships and got a very very very veeeeeery shitty/not fun/OP play instead of that gorgeous RTS system of the CV

  22. Wow, these new mechanics suck… I mean, they are ok for some arcade modes, but I mainly played the game to carefully manage the aircrafts… Now you need to just fly and press a button 🙁 Bring the old ones back! Please, FIX THIS!!!!

  23. Nothing here to tell me how to survive enemy AA. My Langley played 20 games in a row last night, my high score was 10xp. I scored 0 5 times. My average score was around 4xp. This is supposed to be FUN?
    My planes fly in and are wiped out instantly. Rocket planes fire, and the rockets scatter everywhere but where I was aiming. Torpedo planes drop ONE torpedo… which is utterly useless, and the squad can't turn and fire again because they're wiped out before they can go past the enemy and circle around. Bombers are wiped out before they get in range to drop bombs. I've tried dodging, but it has no effect. I've purchased upgrades to increase plane survivability to no avail.
    In short, the new carrier system has completely ruined the class. I used to rather enjoy the old system. I've nothing good to say about the new system at all.

  24. When aircraft carrier mains hear there having big update ?

    When it come out and they see it changed everything they got used to ???

  25. MAN, I wish War Thunder Naval have a system like this……….who I am kidding, Gaijin is too dumb to make a system as good as this. im thinking of playing World Of Warships and get the Zuikaku or Shokaku or both

  26. I feel like this whoukd have veen a choice the RTS of the carrier was exciting for me i wish that we could have both thr possibility of controlling all planes while being able to click a key to give you full control of a squadron i feel like this would have been a better option since you can have critical moments in where you can control the plane as 3rd person while possibly returning back to rts to coordinate a torpedo missle bomb attack

  27. Stupid idea from wargaming . CV play for good strategy , need smart .Not skill pilot . Stupid man go back play mario developer wargaming . World of war ship not for u

  28. I like controlling a squadron, but only 2 planes attacking at a time, by the time I get back to attack again I've lost the majority of my planes. Wish this was a extra feature. Ie RTS style is less accurate but you can cover more stuff and with planning out like before, could be accurate. And this, to make highly accurate hits, but you are out of the overall loop of the match.

  29. Further PROOF World of Warships owners don't understand or care about casual players in the lower tiers. With this update they have up to 3 carriers per team (that is 120 enemy planes) attacking ships in tier 4 and tier 5 that have little to no Anti Aircraft ability. Sure WOWS says 'Come play our game". Never mind when your puny low tier ship gets hammered by planes in the first 90 seconds of the game and killed. WOWS has made nothing but BAD decisions about game play and match making for the last 2 years. No wonder less people are playing it. Now days it takes more time to even get into a match, because player numbers have cratered in the North America servers. Evidently in Russia (where the company and owners are) their whole aim is to screw their players as hard as they can to FORCE them to move into the higher tiers. I guess in Russia game is made to play YOU…. or quite frankly the dicks at the top of this company are too busy swilling Vodka in their Dacha to care. I have played this game for 4 plus years, casually. And everything they have done has me LESS likely to spend one dime to do it. Indeed I have not spent a cent on this game in over a year, which just lets me spend money on buying better games. Their loss.

  30. WOWS has been screwed up for a LONG time… match making according to the weasels that run that effed up place = Bought a premium tier 5 ship? Every time you play you will be uprated into a tier 7 match… with battleships hammering away at you from 18 km away. Like playing Destroyers or Cruisers? Sorry in every match you have aircraft killing you before you can hardly get out of your own base. WOWS just took every other ship other than Carriers and battleships and nerfed them into being completely useless to play. Anyone with a brain will spend their money elsewhere, because in this game spending money has no value…. WOWS will just screw you in the next update.

  31. Thank you for ruining carriers. You know… it used to be fun doing coordinated attacks with several squadrons because you know… Carriers dont just send one squadron at a time… they work together.

    Also, why the hell do planes get shot to pieces within half a second of approaching an enemy ship?!? Carriers used to be my favorite, but you RUINED THEM!!
    Please, do not take this the wrong way, but if you take Hitler, Stalin and every child molester and serial killer in the world and rolled them into one person… that person would be a SAINT compared to the retard who came up with this Carrier rework.
    Not to sound harsh and don't take this the wrong way, but I hope he gets fired, loses his house and his wife leaves him.

  32. In January 2019, I uninstalled World of Warships, now I was planning to come back but when I see this video and the comments. I'm done with this game forever.

  33. If you gave up carriers or the game like this comment
    (i am not doing this for the likes I just want to see who gave up like me)

  34. What idiot thought it a good idea to force aircraft being controlled to return to the ship should I need to go back and control the ship? That has got to be the stupidest mechanic I have seen yet with this new game mode! Seriously, you can only dumb it down so much before it starts to be ridiculous and if someone is not capable of controlling a squadron and the carrier at the same time its doubtful they will have any fun with carriers. So it makes zero sense to ruin the experience for those of us that can multi task for the sake of making it lame enough for someone that should not be playing them in the first place! I guess it does fit nicely with this ignorant notion that we want it to be as arcade style as possible!

  35. I dunno man, only came back to this game recently and only now found out about this… I'm kinda disappointed to be honest. I enjoyed the RTS / birds eye view Aircraft Carrier gameplay. It was enjoyable to manage multiple squadrons at once attacking multiple ships and supporting teammates as they push.

  36. Stopped playing WOWS for like 2 years, while playing WoT, and now this is in game jeez i will reinstall hah. Lots of changes

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