How India held Qatar to a famous draw in the FIFA World Cup qualifier?

How India held Qatar to a famous draw in the FIFA World Cup qualifier?

Hey Guys, You can see the excitement What a result it was last night. I still think that I am in a dream A draw against Qatar – Arguably the best team of Asia Playing away in Doha, holding them for a draw has changed the scenario of the qualification campaign for India and Oman Yes Oman as well What a performance it was from the boys Gave everything they had. You could see that Gurpreet got emotional after the game And by Sunil Chhetri’s tweet, you could sense how happy he was Have a lot of things to talk about Let’s not waste our time and get started The importance of this historic draw against Qatar The draw India played in Qatar – What really is the importance of that? Many people must have told you but I will still point it out that it’s a win for India The potential gain from this draw will be good for the future Look at the record of Qatar in 2019 AFC Asian Champions, Qatar FIFA Ranking is 62 and India is on 103 Maybe you won’t bother with the difference but India is just in the top 15 or 20 teams in Asia But if you look at the result of Qatar in 2019 you will see that they won every game against the Asian team before playing India And now you will think that they must have played lower-ranked teams but no let me tell you their results in 2019 against Asian Teams Beat Lebanon 2-0 Beat North Korea 6-0 Beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 Beat Iraq 1-0 defeated South Korea 1-0 thrashed UAE 4-0 defeated Japan 3-1 then in the previous game they beat Afghanistan 6-0 And you know the result after that. Qatar did not beat India as India held Qatar for a 0-0 draw. You will see that Japan South Korea UAE Iraq Saudi Arabia North Korea Lebanon are not just any other low ranked teams in Asia. Japan and South Korea are regular FIFA World Cup playing nations and even they failed to keep a clean sheet against Qatar. India became the first team in 2019 to keep a clean sheet against Qatar And if you are still not proud of these numbers, we will show you another stat In 2019, only four teams have kept a clean sheet against Qatar Just focus on the names of the four teams Brazil Argentina Colombia India Only India kept a clean sheet against Qatar from Asia Qatar went to play the Copa America 2019 after the Asia Cup in the summer They really played well there Qatar is preparing for the World Cup 2022 which has been going on since the past 8 years
It isn’t like they have started just now If you will look at the qualifiers India lost to Oman in the first game everybody was expecting that we will lose both the games against Qatar that was the reason we needed a win against Oman And we have earned a draw against Qatar in their own backyard It’s a huge victory For the overall team, coaching staff and the players for how they played The playing XI the substitutes Basically each and everything of the game In the first half I thought that India was playing overly defensive But we will talk about it in detail in the tactics part Let’s go to the next part Let’s talk about the impact it has on the qualifiers that we are playing The draw really worked as a relief after losing against Oman even when we were 1-0 up at half time And the situation is in our favour Of course, it is not completely in our favour Hopefully, things which should happen in football like this out-of-the-box performance by India should not happen against Qatar Qatar should beat Oman in both the games India should beat Bangladesh and Afghanistan in all of the four games if you consider that Oman too beats Bangladesh and Afghanistan in their four games then in the game in Oman in November Oman vs India That will be the must-win game for India We have to win the game in Oman If India wins that game And beat Bangladesh and Afghanistan in all the other games 12+3+1=16 points will the tally of India India will qualify for the next round of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Only if Qatar does not lose a single point against Oman There are a lot of conditions but this happens in qualifiers like these There are other ways as well but to simplify we have to win every game of the group Especially against Afghanistan and Bangladesh we are not saying we have to do something in the game against Qatar at home and we are considering it a bye but we have to beat Oman in their home The game in November is very crucial Hopefully, I think Oman will play that game for a draw because it will be sufficient for them but India has to go for a kill but also have to make sure that we don’t repeat our horrors from Guwahati The overall scenario is that the point we earned in Doha if we beat Bangladesh and Afghanistan along with beating Oman in November Qatar does not lose a single point against Oman then India will have 16 points which will take India into the next round of FIFA World Cup qualifiers It will be the biggest achievement for India in modern time Apart from that India will qualify directly for AFC Asian Cup 2023 The draw plays a huge role here Despite one point, it has changed everything Let’s talk about the tactical side in the next part how India earned the one crucial point after irritating Qatar We are already celebrating the draw but let’s see how did it happen It looked simple to defend but India did what a layman might not understand which included a tactical switch we talked about in the preview Can India play a back five defence against the four-man attack of Qatar? On paper, it was not a back five defence but thought the game India has a back five formation Surprising? Maybe you might have noticed but first let’s talk about the playing XI of the both the teams You can look at the screen, India started 4-5-1 I was surprised with Mandar Rao Dessai coming in for Subashish Bose Nikhil Poojary for Ashique Kuruniyan Sahal for Brandon Fernandes Manvir Singh for Sunil Chhetri A lot of them were forced changes We heard before the game that Sunil Chhetri had fever, Ashique had a niggle Thapa had a niggle Coach had also mentioned that the squad was not fully fit As of now we do not have any information that which were tactical changes and which were forced changes But personally was surprised by the inclusion of Poojary and Mandar Bose is a very good defender when the playing XI was revealed many people messaged me that was India playing a back three with Rahul Bheke,Sandesh and Adil as centre backs with Udanta or Poojary and Mandar on wings At first, I thought it was possible but then I realized it was not We started 4-5-1 but we will discuss how it changed to 5-4-1 But before that, lets talk about Qatar’s playing XI There were surprises as well And before the game, news came out that Akram was forced to leave from the squad over disciplinary issues Because of that, Qatar changed it’s formation, they started playing 4-3-3 and the other huge tactical change they did was Yusuf and Al-Haydoz You must remember that in the preview we showed Al-Haydoz on the right – their main playmaker and Yusuf on the left Both of them switched their wings but the role stayed the same Yusuf stayed on the wing along with the line and Al-Haydoz kept in cutting in to shoot This is how both the teams set their playing XI Let’s talk about India How India defend against Qatar How did they form the back five You will see India started Mandar & Rahul Bheke as Left Back & Right Back And both of them came close to their nearest centre backs You can see on the screen how close they were Nikhil Poojary throughout the game played as a left wing-back as Mandar Rao Dessai used to tuck in as the third centre back and Nikhil was going into LB or LWB position You can see on the screen how India switched formations Nikhil and Udanta are getting highlight Udanta did went into defensive position as compare to Nikhil Mandar Rao came very close to Adil Khan We will explain it better with the help of screenshot Rowlin Borges came very deep to help the defense He did not left any gap in between Rowlin helped India to maintian that shape Other than that, Sahal and Thapa Both worked as a pair in defense and attack Firts 45 minutes India did not done much in the attack We shoudl talk about Manvir singh as he played role of defensive forward very well When ever India got the ball , he tried his best to hold the ball to brought wingers into the game And another important point is that he replaced Chhetri Which will never be as easy as it looks Now lets see when India won the ball more in the second half Udanta Kuman, there were lots of talks regarding his place in the team but as i said in the preview that his pace is assest for the team as best defenders in the world struggled against pace The left back, who was the Asian Player of the Year in 2018 is Qatar’s fastest player And Udanta didn’t allow him the freedom to move forward with his counter attacking runs. When ever India got the ball, Udanta left as a Rajadhani Express With him Sahal, Thapa join the attack and Manvir played important role Nikhil did not went into attacing third like others but he played his role well Udanat exploit space on the right wing It was very important as it helped India to limit Qatar from their left side You can see in which territory Udanta & Nikhil Operated Nikhil played most of the game as a second left back for India He did not contribute much in the attack but he shielded Mandar against Yusuf and Ro-Ro Yusuf was hunging the by line for Qatar and their right back Ro-Ro was coming inside Nikhil helped his team to deal with this threat Now you can see Manvir Singh as he played Defensive forward role very well Sahal was at his best in the second half as he controlled the match in midfield You can see in which territory Sahal operated Thapa played his role of senior partner very well In the first half he lead the pressing part very well This is how India played their game in attack and defensive part even after bringing subs in, India used same tactics Now you can see when we put both squad on tactical pitch Now you can see Yusuf was hunging his byline There was a top scorer of Asia, about which there were lots of talk in the media before the game Adil and Sandesh need to check their pockets after the game to find him But Ali was Qatar best player in the attacking third after Ali Haydos But he did not get anything to do during the match You can see how Nikhil came on defensive position to help Mandar Qatar right back no 2 Ro-Ro was coming inside instead of going out because Yusuf was strecthing the defense other than that Indian midfield 3 Broges, Sahal, Thapa They went ahead, behind together Udanta did not dropeed deep as compare to Nikhil made himself available for the counter attack because of it Hassan was kept check by his counter attack threat When ever India got ball Udanta used his pace to counter attacj You can see the highlighted space which was used by him On our left side defense both Nikhil and Mandar did well against duo of Yusuf and Ro-ro Hatim who replaced Akram & operated as a advance Midfielder did not had much impact on the game because of Udanta counter threat India kept Hassan quiet When ever India won the ball Manvir, Udanta, Thapa and Sahal created main furcum of the attack Nikhil did not went ahead much compare to others Qatar majority chances came from their left side of the attack Their tactical switch in the playng worked well for them Al Haydos troubled Rahul Bheke a lot their most of the chances were created by Al Haydos Al Haydo cut inside from left side to take shots, cross etc With which MOM Gurpreet dealt well with it This is how game was played tactically the back 5 which we discussed in the preview It was not traditional back 5 but tweak version of it as India did not played extra Center back in form of Anas but there was a back 5 throughput the game For better understaning of these tactics, lets see some situation from the match This is screenshot from 5th minute you can clearly see the back 5 of Rahul, Sandesh, Adil, Mandar and in the same line you can see Nikhil There are midfield 4 of Udanta, Rowlin, Thapa and Sahal. Manvir ahead of them This is how India created back 5 through the game Brandon played same role as of Nikhil after coming in It was not traditional back 5 but tweak version of it Which helped India to nullified Qatar front 4 This is another example in which Mandar is asking to Nikhil to fall back on his traditional left back positon I am going inside to help Adil, you cover my position As Yusuf was strechting their right wingh This is anothe incident when India got the ball When ever India got the ball players switched their shape in the attacking shape Which was different from the past as team did not tried to clear the ball but tried to play from the back When ever India got the ball team switched their shape very well You can see Mandar is on traditional left back position and Nikhil is in forward line Rowlin have the ball, if you check India’s shape it is 4 back, midfield 3 and attack 3 This was brave effort from the team Even after defending most of the part but India did well when they got chance to attack Another example from 27th minute of the match India back 5 is clearly visible in this example also there are 4 in the midfield Qatar most of the attack happened from their left side ( India’s right side of defense) as India had two left back in the form of Nikhil and Mandar another reason bheind that was Udanta as he was bit attacking compared to other players This is from 81st minute of the match Thapa had the ball in the Qatar half, Indian players very clamly kept the possession Confidence was clearly visible among Indian players because of which Qatari players got frustated as Qatar unable to play the game in midfield which forced them to use wing more and play on Gurpreet Strength and even big players in the world will not able to score goals on Gupreet Strength This show how India finished the game India won the ball in the 93rd minute and indian players moving towards attack instead of clearing it This is how India played throughout the game and back 5 tactical switch worked in the favour of Blue Tigers Which we highlighted in the preview It was not traditional back but it was tweak version of it but it was very effective back 5 which was the main reason of this historic draw You have just seen how India tactically Played out a draw against Qatar Let’s move on to discuss about the 6 factors That played an important role in the result I would rather say these were the key factors in India’s ‘win’ against Qatar This result is as good as a win for us. The first factor is obviously Gurpreet Singh Sandhu The skipper, Arjuna Awardee, first Indian to play in the UEFA Europa League and The first Indian to captain a top side in a European division. A lot of questions were raised regarding his performance and selection. People in the live streaming even asked me whether we need to allow the other goalkeepers a chance. But like I always insist, mistakes can happen from anyone but Gurpreet is a big game player He showed against Qatar how he succeeded against all odds In absence of Sunil Chhetri, he led the team as a captain The opposition took a staggering 27 shots on goal! 27 shots! Out of those, 11 were on target and 11 were saved by Gurpreet Not from close range, long range, corner , crosses Gurpreet was at his best as he didn’t allow a single shot to hit the back of the net. This performance of his reminds me of that excellent display by Subrata Pal in 2011 against Australia and South Korea. Subrata was instrumental that time and yet India failed to keep a clean sheet. Unlike then, Gurpreet is a major reason behind India keeping a clean sheet against Qatar. Not to forget, Adil Khan and Sandesh Jhingan, our bearded warriors were equally instrumental. I’ve mentioned this in the previous videos that the centre-backs need to play it close to have a better communication between themselves. They showed how they are continuously improving in their communication between themselves in each game. The duo managed to stave off all the aerial balls from the opposition And at the same time also managed to communicate well with Mandar, Bheke, Udanta, Nikhil, Sahal, Thapa and Rowllin to keep a compact formation. Both played imortant role in this draw If you have watched Game of Thrones, you might relate that Gurpeet was The Wall So Adil and Sandesh were the castle of black hold the wall firm The partnership between the centre-back pair was absolutely fantastic in both the games. I think India have found themselves a centre-back partnership for a long term. We also have good options for back-up in Anas and Narender. Hopefully it will help India in the long term. The third important factor is Udanta Kumam – The Indian Flash Who was on the right song especially in the second half. The winger tirelessly used his pace for almost the entirety of the game. The opposition left back would have been baffled by his speed and determination The left back, who was the Asian Player of the Year in 2018 is Qatar’s fastest player And Udanta didn’t allow him the freedom to move forward with his counter attacking runs. Udanta, who is the fastest Indian player even went to the extent to Surpass Hassan on few occasions. Udanat Played big role The 4th factor might be ignored by many but is a crucial one. Manvir Singh After the game, I wished to give Manvir a 7.5 rating But then my team insisted that you cannot give a 7-pointer rating to a striker
Who hasn’t scored or delivered an assist. We need to give a 6-pointer. It was my personal opinion but we went ahead with team opinion He got 6.5 rating only Yet, for me it was a performance worth a 7.5 rating Manvir played a role of a defensive forward rather than a striker Which is not at all an easy task He fought hard against 4-5 Qatari defenders to keep the ball possession and Distribute it well towards the wingers And another important point is that he replaced Chhetri Which will never be as easy as it looks And Manvir is not even a regular starter for ISL side FC Goa He is a sporadic starter for the National Team, had his opportunity in the SAFF Championship Where he registered several goals for the country. This is an important factor that has emerged out of the game In my opinion, we need to try a combination between Chhetri and Manvir Manvir deserves huge credit for his performance against Qatar. Delivering a fabulous performance for the country at such a level, he deserves an applause. The 5th factor is about Sahal and Thapa combo It is also an important point as you will see a screenshot appearing in front of you Sahal is a CDM while Rowllin and Thapa are RCM and LCM respectively. Playing Brandon instead of Sahal in the last game against Oman was purely a tactical switch by the coach. In absence of Ashique, Sahal had to step up and what a defensive performance he delivered alongside Thapa! It was threatening to Qatar, the way they converted the game from defence to attack. Due to the presence of the duo in the midfield, Qatar were forced to operate from the flanks. Full credit goes to Sahal and Thapa and even to Brandon and Rai who came off the bench to perform equally well. Moving forward to the last and very important factor, the substitutions. It was something that went wrong in the last game and
was subsequently corrected in this game. Initially India used only two substitutes in this game but they were likewise substitutions without changing the shape. Brandon replaced Nikhil Poojary on the left wing while Vinit Rai replaced Sahal in the middle of the park. Had it been wrong substitutions like the last game, we would have definitely conceded a goal. But we used our substitutions very wisely. In the end, even Thapa was brought off and Narender stepped in his place. India did everything as we had discussed in our previous videos and In this way the team played out a historic draw against Qatar. Now that the pre season of ISL has begun, the players will return back to their respective clubs. India’s next fixture is against Bangladesh in October in Kolkata. The coach has expressed his wish to see more than 80,000 supporters to back the Blue Tigers. We are definitely the favourites to win against Bangladesh But at the same time we cannot underestimate anyone We shouldn’t make the same mistake as Oman and Qatar of underestimating their opponents Hopefully we play well against Bangladesh and that the players have a good pre seasonWith their clubs Hopefully Amrajit and Jeje return by that time and India become stronger in the latter stages of the qualifiers Till the time, we will keep you updated regarding the National Team, the ISL and the youth teams Just keep following our channel and if you are watching our video for the first time Subscribe to our channel Khel Now TV, Press the bell icon to receive notifications of our videos Apart from that, we post a live video on #IndianFootball every Friday Lots of interviews are coming up We will also be doing tactical pieces on ISL, let us know about your suggestions Also follow Khel Now Football on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to remain updated about #IndianFootball Hope you enjoyed this video as much as you enjoyed our previous ones I am extremely happy to know that our previous video crossed 30K views EA Sports has confirmed that ISL will feature in the popular gaming series of FIFA 20 A news that we had already revealed some time ago on our show #InsideIndianFootball Thank you very much for watching this video and keep watching Khel Now TV!

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