How I made £2,848.66 with Football Index ?? (2019)

How I made £2,848.66 with Football Index ?? (2019)

Hi guys Max here from Betslayer in this
video I’m going to tell you exactly how I made two thousand eight hundred and
forty eight pounds and sixty six pence with football index in 2018 Hi guys so on this channel we’re all
about making a side income through low risk betting strategies and so I’m
always on the lookout for the next great thing to utilize to make some more
profits and that’s how I came across a football index so firstly you’ll learn
everything you need to know about football index and how to get started how
not to overthink it and how to mitigate basically all risk at least at least for
the first seven days and firstly like and subscribe to this video I may do
more on this topic and it will really help me do more videos to do that now. So
the first thing to note is football index is legit you can check out the
Trustpilot reviews and see what people are saying it launched in 2015 it’s the
world’s first football stock market where you can buy sell and trade
footballers with real money, think of it as a mix between fantasy football and
the stock market you are betting on the value of that player going up over time
it’s it’s a mix I would say between fantasy football and betfair. And unlike
stock market trading where people don’t really have a clue about the stocks and you’re basically guessing many people have great knowledge about
football that they do not put to use and even just being slightly ahead of the herd
or having a little bit of knowledge pays big dividends in football index
especially because getting in early getting in now will mean that you make
profits anyway because as more people come onto the platform the price of the
players go up and football index have just signed big advertising deals with
sky and got big journalists like Guillem Balague from Spain onto the
platform so it’s only going to get better and better and also the best
thing about football index is you on a bad day you don’t lose your bet you lose
a couple of pennies of players value and that’s why it’s a great alternative to
just normal betting it’s also worth noting football index have
no control over the price of any player it’s simply due to market demand so our
strategy with football index is normally to buy no sell high but there’s also
other ways to know so let’s go straight into it how do you make money so to know
how to make money we also need to know what affects player’s prices so number
one just normal fluctuations as mentioned earlier the more in demand the
player becomes the more his price will increase the fluctuations in players
prices provide a great opportunity to profit either long term or short term
you know we want to buy low sell high to maximize our profits and that’s
why it’s good to get in early because as more people come onto the platform it
drives the price of the most popular players up so if we get in because
football index is in its infancy it’s it’s really going to kick on over the
next couple of years so why could a price go up of a player maybe they want
to you know leave the club which leads to more media mentions which which
means more media dividends which we’ll go over next maybe he’s on a great run
of form and you know has won performance buzz a couple of times again we’ll
mention that and why could price go down you know maybe lack of form maybe he’s
been injured suspended maybe he signed a new contract so there will be no
transfer rumors and media mentioned so media buzz is based mainly on uk-based
networks and attribute points to players based on the mentioned in articles like
transfers or articles on young talent it is worth noting that squad players cannot
get media buzz, now squad players are the lower priced players okay and
they can’t get media buzz but if their price goes up enough they can get promoted
into the top 200 players which are eligible for media buzz and and
everything so it’s worth noting also that dividends from media buzz
performance buzz they get credited at around midnight of that day’s matches
they automatically get added here’s some details about how much you can expect to
make from that and with media buzz that the reason the price of UK players may
be a little bit higher because they’re mainly uk-based media outlets so there’s
more media buzz available for the likes of Harry Kane etc also make sure you buy
your players before 2 p.m. for the next day’s games otherwise you won’t get
credited so performance buzz monitors the footballing performance and players
across the top leagues, so Premier League La Liga Bundesliga Serie
A Ligue One Champions League and Europa League and football index has their own
scoring matrix which basically will will rank the top players based on if there
are defender tackles and things like that or scores and assists so it’s also
worth noting that match days are split into three categories with different
dividend rates depending on the number of matches taking place
the table below displays the dividend for each share for both match days and
non match days and also recently only a couple of weeks ago they’ve added inplay dividend so for the first 30 days of your share is owned you get dividends
if a player scores assists or keeps a clean sheet etc so that’s a really
exciting thing and the best thing about football Index it’s really expanding how you can make money and everything like that
and it’s and it’s really just getting better and better so selling is the main
way you’re going to make your profits on football index you make dividends you know
I’ve made lots of dividends but I make most of my money when I sell my players so
there’s two ways to sell, market sell and instant sell and so football index
makes money from taking a commission on the total sales so for example with you
sell 30 pounds worth of Neymar you’ve got a factor in the 2% fee that the
football index take so the difference between the buying price and the sale
price is known as the spread and market sell allows you to set a reserve price
and place shares in a queue and it depends on how them in demand the player
is so you might be in a queue with 300 people 3,000 and it depends on how
quickly people going to buy it so if you were to join the queue you could sell
them at the blue price and if you want an instant sell you to sell them at the
red price and the difference is the spread so your instant sell allows you
to immediately cash out your position on player shares for an increased
percentage of commission so I’m sure you’re wondering what are the
turquoise lines on the player charts no these represent the highs and lows of a
player’s price for that day so the bigger the line the bigger the
volatility maybe it’s a good thing maybe he’s zoomed up because he scored a couple
of goals or got lots of worthy media attention and it’s up to you to kind of
interpret this graph and this is a good way to see where the players going so
how do you know which players to buy I wouldn’t overthink this I think it’s
similar to fantasy football maybe you want to pick Heung Min Son because
you think he’s in Forem he’s underpriced and he’s only going to get
better maybe it’s a new player who’s come into to the team like Holding of Arsenal and
or maybe you want a long-term strategy and putting somebody like the center
back for Tottenham you just come in Juan Foyth it depends on your strategy you
can have a long-term strategy you want to build up media dividends and and
performance buzz and and sort of bank up a bank on the price of football index in
the whole going up which it does or you maybe have a short-term strategy and you
want to just have that seven days risk-free on football index so if you
click through my link and this really does make it risk-free and really makes
it this is a really really great deal if you sign up through the link in the
description and deposit 20 pounds you get 30 pounds extra so that’s a really
great way to keep on the investment in football index with confidence this is
only going to be around for the next less than 30 days I believe and all you
got to do is deposit that 20 pounds or more make sure you buy all your players
then email Football index and then they will credit you the extra 30 pounds so
super great also the best way to use football index in my opinion is the
mobile app you can quickly see which players are trending browse the
marketplace buy and sell players and check the top media buzz and performance
buzz players and you can also analyze market performance so football index I’m
sure can feel slightly overwhelming and confusing at first but if you if you
check out a also just don’t overthink and think of
it like fantasy football and jump straight in, especially the deposit bonus
you’ll get stuck in in no time and it’s a really fun great way to bet so really
excited for you guys to check it out and leave a comment below saying which
football player will be the number one and your first pick on football index
I’d love to hear it and any questions leave leave a comment and I’ll get back
to you

12 Replies to “How I made £2,848.66 with Football Index ?? (2019)”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if I come have some advice, I have being doing a lot of research regarding rules and I had read that if a player you’ve invested in leaves the ‘Top 200’ you lose your investment? Is this true? Or do you still maintain value in your shares and still have potential to make a profit through selling that player in the future when he returns to the ‘Top 100’?

  2. You should invest your Football Index winnings on a decent camera and a clip on microphone. Seriously. The information is excellent and communicated very well, but the presentation is very poor.

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  4. Some other elements to consider here would be useful I think:

    In order to quantify the rate of return it would be useful to know your starting balance at the start of 2018, £2.8k return on an initial £k investment is great, on £50k is far less impressive.

    Also while I agree that the market will likely increase its market cap as more people join, people joining should make themselves very aware of how to make money primarily from the bonuses/ dividends. While making money from the capital rises/fall of players is very possible, new players in particular should be wary of investing just because the entire market will rise. This could make the whole of FI feel like a pyramid scheme whereby new investors pay for the gains of older investors.I do not think this is the case, but it is something to bare in mind while investing

  5. Good video, nicely explained. I'm jumping on the ox as he's in light training and I can see him getting both media and performance buzz soon. Mid term strategy. What you reckon?

  6. Deposit £20 or more to get a £30 free bonus when you sign up through this link –

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