How Henrik Kristoffersen Faced The Challenge At Kitzbühel, Austria

How Henrik Kristoffersen Faced The Challenge At Kitzbühel, Austria

welcome back to kids feel for the slalom it promises to be a fascinating race the weather is tough the corset is fascinating and the pressure of kitzbühel can buckle many a great skiers knees [Music] kids feel is the Superbowl of ski racing international races began here in 1931 while this Austrian venue has been a fixture on the World Cup since the circuits inception in 1967 [Music] in the previous episode Dominick Paris sword to victory the third time in his career this legendary down to follow that high-flying act the technical skiers will be seeking greatness on slaloms toughest track I think is the most difficult song hill on the World Cup circuit they raced 5060 years before we race now here and then if you have one kids school once you have definitely a name in the skiing history books marcel here sure Henrik Kristofferson and Alexei pintura are stamped into kids bills history here sure is a two-time champion in slop Kristofferson stood atop the slalom steps in 2016 and 2018 and pintero has triumphs two times in alpine combined and once in super combined features one of the most [Music] exhausting week for me ever because the effect on TV and everywhere it’s definitely not easy to ski here in history as an Austrian ski racer because home crowd is really pushing you hard and this can challenge you sometimes this is what we live for most fans are probably cheering for here sure yes but I live in Austria so I have a good relationship with Austrian people so there’s no hard feelings there two days before the slalom race enter Kristofferson trucks to entering a small ski resort 30 miles east of kitzbühel to practice and distance himself from the commotion we’re in today in Austria takes me about an hour to drive from Salzburg where I lived first time I was here was 67 years ago there’s kind of a tradition that people come here to train a lot and especially before kiss bill because it’s close to gets bill Henrik Kristofferson is a skiing prodigy becoming at 19 the youngest male medalist in the history of Olympic alpine ski last season he finished second to Marcel Hirscher in the overall World Cup standings has trained his focus on becoming the next dominant skier on tour in his climb toward the pinnacle of ski racing his professional and personal lives are necessarily intertwined exhibit a is 2016 moved to Austria since the majority of World Cup races occur in the European Alps it makes for an easy commute if you’re from Norway and they’re doing the PEC disciplines like you doing both solving GS which I’m doing and you’re fighting for race wins and overall whoops and everything you gotta try to make everything as smooth as possible and efficient as possible because if I wouldn’t live in Seoul Korea at the moment I would probably able to live in my suitcase 200 days a year now I can stay at home I can have a life and have a lot of more energy for walk of careering this season he has six podiums with three coming and sloths still his last win came a year ago and Kristofferson is still trailing Marcel here sure in his quest to become overall World Cup champion to help close that ground he studies video of his recent performances with Lars Kristofferson his father and coach it’s very important and very crucial for me to have my dad there he’s always been there he knows which buttons to push it’s not possible to separate the kind of ski parent and normal parent when you’re at home or when you’re on the hill I’m really grateful that he is willing to do this and what he’s been doing for me my entire life together with my mom and the rest of the family for sure about but it’s no time to stop and like you really think about it because it’s always the next the next the next she pushes the limits all the time and when is able to be on the right side of the limit and is really good it’s better to ski fast and do mistakes than to just ski slope so I think we’re in a good way and we just have to be great and so the nonstop search for Speed continues the push to uncover those elusive hundredths of a second that will propel him to new heights in slalom if you go out a hundred percent you’re going to risk a little bit if you want to win you asked to find the right balance that’s the difficult thing course is free okay little icy but not too icy some gates tourney some gates not that turning a little variation but I guess it’s looking okay out here equipment plays a vital role in the edge between success and failure assessing many variables Kristofferson is constantly testing boots and skis to find the ideal combination so I have six pairs plus two pairs on the warmup I skied only one run on each pair it’s important to try to find the right things and I think we figured out a little bit today if it’s gonna work out for kits bill or not we really never know because the conditions are changing all the time but at least for the conditions that were here and interact and when it’s gonna be similar as here I think we found something but I think the most important thing also it’s always to try to improve so as it was okay step in the right direction my name Alexi pintero is also training at hinter joined by his support team coaching staff wife and dog [Music] the 27 year old Frenchman has earned 21 World Cup wins and three Olympic medals this season he has four podiums on his ledger and is assembling a career year in slop since he’s competing in both slalom and super-g in Kitzbuhel there’s extra concentration on aerodynamics resist weekend I’m not thinking about the result I sure I have to do I’m just thinking that I have to push my limits at the highest level that I can make and I can handle you have to take just the chances to push as hard as you can and ski as fast as you can you have also to think that maybe the others can be stronger than yourself one racer stands out when it comes to the talk of the town Marcel here shook the legendary skier is the center of attention everywhere he goes [Music] the 29 year old Austrian is the seven-time defending overall World Cup champion right in line he’s dominated again this season compiling nine wins four of them in slop to take a commanding advantage to earn the big globe for an unprecedented eighth consecutive season not Kapadia second one was maybe my best years run I’ve ever shown so far and in slalom it is maybe not the same as in she is right now but hopefully I can find there are some really fast turns as well [Music] a raucous crowd gathers in the finish area for the big draw ceremony happening the evening before the slalom competition in this environment it’s easy to see the ski racers as rockstars [Music] [Applause] but overnight seven inches of snow has fallen and shows no signs of letting up the development poses yet another challenge to a course that is naturally difficult to navigate it is so unusual normally you say okay this is not a ski slope it is fascinating terrain there are so many really hard and sharp URLs so every turn is different than the other one appeal sometimes very unique no doubt a little blizzard can’t keep 40,000 spirited spectators from sharing in the big event in round one Alexey pintura is the first racer on course working hard the Frenchman oh look at that bizarre break into the rhythm and almost applause 55:39 planto sets the early pace Marcel here sure starts Phil just getting thrown around a little not a strike on the racing line here she leaves himself on walks or two big surprise against Phil Vischer is the slowest so far Henrik Kristofferson is racer number seven the winner of this race last year just the disk push the skis of finding eight tenths off the pace he’s even further behind the inertia the 79 best skiers in the world might be racing today but the mountain is a beast ruthlessly making half of them into casualties of the course [Music] happily for the racers the second run offers a new and more conventional course deep in contention Kentaro currently sits in third the big surprise is that here sure is back in ninth and Kristofferson trails in eleventh those two need to throw caution to the wind in order to shrink the gap in run to the top 30 survivors from the first run ski in reverse order of their first run finish the math says Kristofferson is the 20th racer to start I think you can expect some fireworks here we expected to be honest and the legendary Marcel here sure managed to overcome his first run deficit and go even faster hold onto your seats because this will be all possible here’s a second run George is on track he’s beaten Kristofferson hey grace has left to go remarkable ste performance the next five racers cannot catch Marcel but the next in the start gate is his French rival Alexei pintura who has a 7/10 of a second advantage over here sure after the first run coal shovel kids remember he skied the first run clean smooth error-free and it looks to be the same game plan on the second Alexey speeds into second position with Marcel clinging to a narrow lead then pinterest french teammate 21 year old clemente Noah astounds as the one racer who overtakes the to conquer in Kitzbuhel Noel edges his name into the book of ski racing history and in doing so bumps Henrik Kristofferson off the podium and into fourth place if I would beat here sir then it could have been something good but when he’s too tense ahead then I was like yeah it’s probably not good enough as for Alexi he’s thrilled with the newfound speed he’s discovered this season Salim I feel much more confident than in the past it’s going much better too strong runs and it’s good for the future from here claim mono and had more than 7/10 out of the first run he has to make mistakes otherwise it is not possible so I’m happy to be seconds peeing on the podium is viewed especially here in kiss pool while kitzbühel has lived up to its legendary reputation as a World Cup location Marcel and Alexi have shown why their reputations as World Cup skiers also shine so bright [Music] on the next episode the men and women compete at the World Cup Finals where a celebration of skiing peaks with the awarding of crystal globes welcome back to kids feel for the slalom it promises to be a fascinating race the weather is tough the core set is fascinating

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